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Your unofficial character guide for season 5 –

Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch in Bosch season 5 promo poster photo credit: Prime Video

Bosch retains viewers on their toes with an enormous array of characters and story strains.

Right here is your unofficial reference guide for the individuals you’ll encounter or hear about in season 5 on Amazon Prime’s unique collection Bosch.

It may be robust maintaining with such a complete forged of characters on Bosch. Typically, references are made to characters not on the collection. Sometimes, it’s just a newspaper article referring to something from the previous. Hopefully, this guide will assist you to navigate the various names and faces of Bosch.

Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch in Bosch season 5 promo poster photo credit: Prime VideoTitus Welliver as Harry Bosch in Bosch season 5 promo poster
photograph credit score: Prime Video

Please observe that any opinion characterizations are merely from my very own personal tackle the characters and not an endorsement from Michael Connelly or Amazon Prime. Additionally, take into account that this guide shouldn’t be spoiler-free.


1. Detective Harry Bosch

  • our protagonist who is a Detective 3 (D3) at Hollywood Division
  • long on justice, sometimes brief on mood
  • makes a couple of of his personal guidelines but respects process
  • private code is “Everyone counts, or no one counts”
  • mother murdered by former Police Commissioner Bradley Walker when Harry was a boy
  • grew up in foster care system after being taken from his mom, a prostitute, as a boy
  • served as Particular Forces in Afghanistan
  • goes undercover as “Dominic Reilly” in season 5

2. Maddie Bosch

  • Harry’s daughter and solely youngster with ex-wife Eleanor Wish
  • school scholar interning at the District Lawyer’s office for the summer time

3. Eleanor Wish

  • Deceased
  • Harry’s ex-wife and Maddie’s mom
  • former FBI profiler turned professional poker player, most just lately back aiding the FBI
  • died whereas beneath the supervision of FBI Special Agent Jay Griffin
  • murdered presumably by order of Shiwei Chen
  • Harry blames Griffin for her demise

four. Detective Jerry Edgar

  • Harry’s associate at Hollywood Division
  • divorced from however nonetheless close to Latonya Edgar
  • two sons, Jack and Joe
  • sharp dresser
  • loyal associate regardless of prior considerations about Harry in season 4
  • presently sniffing out dirty cops behind his CI’s murder

Bosch season 5 episode 1, Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) Photo credit: Aaron Epstein/Amazon Prime VideoBosch season 5 episode 1, Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) Photo credit: Aaron Epstein/Amazon Prime VideoBosch season 5 episode 1, Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector)
Photograph credit: Aaron Epstein/Amazon Prime Video

5. Latonya Edgar

  • ex-wife of Jerry Edgar
  • explored the thought of getting back with “J” however unable to reconcile risks of his job
  • very supportive of Jerry

6. Lt. Grace Billets

  • Detective Commander at Hollywood Division
  • Harry’s direct supervisor and his good friend
  • has been knowledgeable of doctored crime statistics
  • tasked with getting Barrel to comply with retirement
  • in a relationship with Cheryl Prescott
  • formerly involved in selling to Captain
  • served as interim Captain in season 4
  • one daughter Lisa, ex-husband John

7. Chief Irv Irving

  • Chief of Police
  • exploring a run for Mayor of Los Angeles
  • in a relationship with Jun Park
  • divorced from Connie Edgar after the homicide of their son George
  • son George murdered in the line of obligation while working undercover with soiled cops
  • recognized for his no-nonsense angle and searing glare
  • respects Bosch, however typically has to rein him in
  • Harry and Irving know secrets about one another

eight. Ida

  • Chief Irving’s longtime assistant

9. Wash

  • Chief Irving’s trusted driver

10. Jen Kowski

  • works within the Los Angeles Mayor’s workplace
  • has been Chief of Employees to Mayor Hector Ramos
  • now encouraging Chief Irving to run for mayor

Bosch season 5 episode 1 Crate (Gregory Scott Cummins) and Barrel (Troy Evans) Photo credit: Aaron Epstein/Amazon Prime VideoBosch season 5 episode 1 Crate (Gregory Scott Cummins) and Barrel (Troy Evans) Photo credit: Aaron Epstein/Amazon Prime Video

Bosch season 5 episode 1
Crate (Gregory Scott Cummins) and Barrel (Troy Evans)
Photograph credit: Aaron Epstein/Amazon Prime Video

11. Detective Johnson aka “Barrel”

  • half of the notorious “Crate and Barrel” partnership
  • of retirement age
  • has chosen to participate in DROP (Deferred Retirement Choice Plan)
  • nonetheless paying alimony to 3 ex-wives
  • strong detective but in addition supplies comic aid

12. Detective Moore aka “Crate”

  • half of the infamous “Crate and Barrel” partnership
  • strong detective but in addition supplies comic aid
  • all the time has a narrative to share
  • identified the Koreatown Killer with associate Barrel
  • lately uncovered some shady crime statistics at Hollywood

13. Detective Rondell Pierce

  • D1 in Murder at Hollywood Division
  • promoted from patrol in season 3
  • first companion Jimmy Robertson
  • present companion Christina Vega
  • recognized for his work ethic and integrity
  • carries/carried a trendy however utilitarian “murse” (man purse) till Billets tells him not in season 5

“Bosch: Season four” – Amy Aquino and Paul Calderón in Season 4 of Bosch.

14. Detective Jimmy Robertson

  • former companion and mentor to Detective Rondell Pierce
  • lately transferred to Newton Division as D3
  • carries a milk crate to take a seat on at crime scenes while learning the victim
  • close with bartender Shaz
  • investigates a murder in Newton that’s tied to a homicide in Hollywood
  • recognized for his signature swagger

15. Detective Christina Vega

  • just lately transferred to Hollywood Murder from Wilshire Robbery
  • D2
  • current companion of Detective Rondell Pierce
  • confident and succesful
  • admires Harry Bosch
  • resists handing her case over to RHD

16. John Mankiewiecz

  • Watch Commander at Hollywood Division
  • screens the heart beat of the precinct
  • good-natured with a clever humorousness
  • typically serves as a confidante and sounding board for his colleagues
  • doesn’t tolerate disrespect or subordination

photo courtesy of the Bosch season 5 campaign on epk.tvphoto courtesy of the Bosch season 5 campaign on epk.tvGregory Scott Cummins, Scott Klace and Amy Aquino in Bosch season 5
photograph credit: Aaron Epstein/Amazon Prime Video

17. Officer Ray Powers

  • patrol officer ceaselessly needled by Harry
  • t-bones Barrel’s car on the best way to a criminal offense scene in season 5
  • calls in the physique of Tony Allen present in trunk in season 2
  • calls within the Billy Meadows murder in season three
  • reprimanded for utilizing badge off obligation after consuming in season 4
  • has a popularity for being a bit of cowboy and not all the time respecting the detectives

18. Officer Julius Edgewood

  • presently partners with Officer Robson
  • entangled in a suspect officer concerned capturing in season 5
  • associate to rookie Officer Julia Brasher in season 1
  • reprimanded along with Powers in season four for using their badges whereas off obligation and beneath the affect

19. Lt. Don Thorne

  • Grace’s fellow Lieutenant at Hollywood Division
  • works with patrol
  • Captain Cooper’s sycophant
  • insubordinate to Grace when she was interim Captain in season four

“Bosch: Season 4” – Amy Aquino in Season 4 of Bosch

20. Captain Dennis Cooper

  • Presently captain at Hollywood Division
  • status for shirking duty and passing the robust calls to his lieutenants, particularly Billets

21. District Lawyer Roselyn Hines

  • new District Lawyer
  • deciding whether or not to file expenses within the officer involved capturing

22. Honey Chandler

  • high energy and high earning lawyer (thus the moniker “Money”)
  • prosecuted a case towards the LAPD that concerned Harry in season 1
  • defended Veronica Allen on homicide costs in seasons 2 and three
  • worked on the same aspect as Harry in season four as Special Grasp when lawyer Elias Howard was murdered
  • defends Harry in season 5 when his popularity known as into question over the Borders conviction
  • makes use of the loyal providers of investigator Hector Bonner

23. Hector Bonner

  • loyal investigator for Honey Chandler
  • defended by Honey Chandler when wrongfully accused of manslaughter
  • presumably chargeable for uncovering the history of Bosch’s mother throughout Harry’s trial in season 1
  • assumes Bosch doesn’t like him
  • surveillance professional
  • pretends to be a jail mate of Preston Borders to get the attention of Rita Tedesco
  • very tall with long hair

24. Preston Borders

  • at present serving life without parole at San Quentin for the rape and homicide of Danielle Skyler
  • convicted over twenty years ago
  • requesting a habeas listening to to guage “new” proof related to his conviction
  • working with attorneys Lance and Kathy Cronyn to have his conviction vacated
  • accuses Harry of planting proof in his house that resulted in his conviction
  • former rock singer, conceited

25. Rita Tedesco

  • secretly married to inmate Preston Borders for 16 years
  • courtroom reporter for Decide Sobel who sentenced Borders
  • reveals totally different sides of herself relying upon where she is and who she is with
  • accosted by investigator Hector Bonner pretending to be a former inmate that is aware of Preston
  • gets rattled by Hector and inadvertently reveals info to Hector
  • inexplicably dedicated to husband Preston Borders

26. Lance Cronyn

  • Borders’ lawyer
  • schemes to overturn Borders’ conviction by falsifying proof

27. Kathy Cronyn

  • actual property lawyer
  • former mistress, current spouse to Lance Cronyn
  • entangles Terry Spencer within the scheme to overturn Borders conviction by exploiting his monetary problems

28. Terry Spencer

  • property clerk
  • exploited by the Cronyns
  • planted false DNA when consolidating the Borders proof into one new field

29. Lucas John Olmer

  • prisoner on his deathbed with MRSA
  • signed a false confession to the Skyler murder for lawyer Lance Cronyn
  • DNA wiped from the pen he used to signal the written confession by handkerchief, which was planted in the Borders evidence box by Terry Spencer

30. Danielle Skyler

  • brutally raped and murdered by Preston Borders

31. Dinah Skyle Rousseau

  • Danielle’s youthful sister
  • very troubled by her sister’s case being re-investigated

32. Ryan Rodgers

  • Harry Bosch’s associate in the Skyler homicide case
  • pulls data for Bosch and agrees that they sent the best guy to prison
  • now retired

33. Anthony Servidone

  • patrol officer who picked up Borders originally regardless of fliers warning officers to not arrest him but
  • tells Bosch it was okay as a result of Irving (Lt. at the moment) referred to as it a detainment, not an arrest

34. Alberto Sanchez

  • Corrections Officer at California State Jail – Corcaran
  • witnessed Olmer signing the “confession” to the Skyler homicide
  • responds to Harry’s inquiries concerning the confession
  • confirmins that Cronyn wiped the pen with a handkerchief and placed it in a paper bag

35. Decide Sobel

  • decide overseeing Borders’ petition for a habeas hearing
  • utterly shocked to study that her longtime courtroom reporter has been married to a convicted killer for 16 years

36. Christina Henry

  • previously with the LAPD, now an investigator in the Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU)
  • dated Bosch whereas at LAPD
  • insists that Bosch planted proof to border Preston Borders
  • believes Bosch performed a task in her failing to get a promotion at LAPD

37. Ed Sung

  • Christina Henry’s companion at CIU
  • has a penchant for Hawaiian shirts and other informal apparel
  • supports his companion but doesn’t have her personal attachment to the case

photo courtesy of Bosch season 5 campaign on epk.tvphoto courtesy of Bosch season 5 campaign on epk.tvMason Dye and Madison Lintz in Bosch season 5
photograph credit score: Aaron Epstein/Amazon Prime Video

38. Tom Galligan

  • clerk in CIU aiding with the Borders’ conviction investigation
  • romantically in Maddie Bosch who can also be clerking on the District Lawyer’s office
  • asks Maddie out on a date by way of subpoena
  • originally from the Midwest
  • regularly provides Maddie his advice on how one can do issues more efficiently on the office

39. DDA Alex Kennedy

  • petitioning for a habeas hearing to overturn the Borders conviction
  • working with Christina Henry and Ed Sung

40. Lt. Bob Torres

  • good friend of Christina Henry
  • works at Newton Division
  • assists Christina by pulling the search warrant package deal for Borders’ condo

41. DDA Laura Tribe

  • prosecuting the case of sexual assualt victim Zazie Little
  • using Maddie’s assistance in the case

42. Zazie Little

  • sufferer of sexual assault
  • tells DDA Tribe to not anticipate her to cry on the stand saying she’s “all cried out.

43. Scott Anderson

  • reporter at the Los Angeles Time
  • debates whether or not crime is definitely down or not with Billets
  • asks Billets to touch upon the rumors about Hollywood Division being absorbed by West Bureau
  • writes article about new DNA evidence within the Skyler murder case
  • article also raises hypothesis about Harry planting evidence in the case
  • additionally talks to J. Edgar concerning the weapons recovered from a 2013 drug bust

44. Greg McCarty

  • Scott Anderson’s editor on the newspaper
  • chooses to use Bosch’s photograph in the article, which outs Harry to the drug runners while undercover

45. Jose Esquivel Sr.

  • pharmacist at family pharmacy
  • murdered by Hart and Stones per Walsh’s command
  • suspect of the quantity of prescriptions coming from the Garcia Ache Clinic
  • filed inquiry with Medical Board

46. Jose Esquivel Jr.

  • fellow pharmacist at the Esquivel Pharmacy and son to Jose Sr.
  • indignant together with his father for interfering with the capsule shill scheme
  • leaves for coffee and returns to seek out his father murdered
  • on the run from Walsh’s minions
  • finally found by Pierce and Vega and brought in for questioning

47. Charles Fagan

  • carjack and murder victim
  • Hart and Stones steal his automotive within the parking storage close to the Esquivel Pharmacy when their getaway driver is nowhere to be discovered
  • murdered in Newton the place Hart and Stones abandon the stolen car
  • murder is assigned to Detective Jimmy Robertson who finally connects his victim to the pharmacy murders being investigated by Hollywood

44. Dalton Walsh

  • runs a capsule mill out of Los Angeles and the Imperial Valley
  • makes use of capsule shills to acquire pretend prescriptions
  • flies shills between Los Angeles and Imperial Valley to scale back his publicity to the DEA and competing drug operations
  • formerly a pilot for CIA black ops in Central America
  • planning to cease dealing opioids and deal Fentanyl as an alternative
  • employs Hart, Stones, Cleek, Vardy, Carter, and a man who goes by “the Sheriff”

45. Hart

  • works for Dalton Walsh
  • kills Jose Esquivel Sr., Charles Fagan, Oscar Pineto, and getaway driver Cleek
  • is captured by Vega and Pierce on his strategy to homicide Jose Jr. at his cousin Rosie’s home in Bakersfield

46. Stones

  • works for Dalton Walsh
  • murders Jose Esquivel Sr. and getaway driver Cleek
  • tries to kill Harry (posing undercover as Dominic Reilly)
  • thrown out of the aircraft by Harry in self-defense

47. Cleek

  • automotive thief who works for Dalton Walsh
  • getaway driver for Stones and Hart
  • flees the scene when police arrive on the Esquivel Pharmacy
  • killed by Stones and Hart

48. Vardy

  • works for Dalton Walsh
  • processes Harry (Dominic) at the Garcia Clinic
  • threatens Harry (Dominic) for not instantly cooperating, punches Harry (Dominic) in the abdomen
  • virtually kills the stray canine at the camp before Harry (Dominic) intervenes

49. Carter

  • works for Dalton Walsh
  • typically drives the van carrying the capsule shills
  • stabbed and killed in self-defense by Harry on the aircraft

50. Sheriff

  • works for Dalton Walsh
  • seems to handle operations on the camp in Imperial Valley

photo courtesy of Bosch season 5 campaign on epk.tvphoto courtesy of Bosch season 5 campaign on epk.tvTitus Welliver and Jamie Anne Allman in Bosch season 5
photograph credit score: Aaron Epstein/Amazon Prime Video

51. Liz Clayton

  • one of many capsule shills
  • befriended by Harry
  • provides Harry (Dominic) a heads up about impending assault from capsule shill Trey
  • grieving the murder of her 14 yr previous daughter
  • taken by Harry to Charlie Firm to provoke rehab but refuses to stay

52. Trey

  • one of many capsule shills
  • jerk who tries to assault Harry in the midst of his first night time at the camp

53. Dr. Garcia

  • the front for the pain clinic Walsh makes use of to get phony prescriptions
  • physician who is complicit in Walsh’s capsule mill
  • writes pretend prescriptions for the capsule shills

54. Dr. Victor Hansen

  • doctor who works at the VA and tries to get Harry (Dominic) to attend group therapy to get well from opioid habit
  • also the doctor behind operations at the Garcia Pain Clinic
  • establishes the quid pro quo relationship with addicts that turns them into capsule shills for Walsh

55. Louis Degner

  • opioid addict, typically supplier and former medic in Iraq
  • befriends Harry (Dominic) and vouches for Dominic at the Garcia Ache Clinic
  • provides Harry (Dominic) some again story on Liz Clayton and the murder of her daughter

56. Charlie Hovan

  • DEA Agent who initially downplays Harry and J. Edgar’s investigation into the capsule mill
  • extra within the operation after learning Fentanyl was concerned
  • brings Harry the stray canine from the camp

57. Ray Scales

  • runs Charlie Company to assist veterans
  • takes in Liz Clayton after Harry and J. Edgar rescue her from a revolting physician exchanging medicine for her sexual favors

58. Oscar Pineto

  • Jose Jr.’s cousin who tries to help Junior evade Walsh’s minions
  • tortured and murdered by Hart at the storage where he labored to get details about Junior’s whereabouts

59. Rosie

  • sister to Oscar and cousin to Jose Jr.
  • Jose Jr. flees to her vacant house to cover from Walsh

60. Professor Eduardo Armando

  • good friend of the Esquivel household who assists Jose Jr. with making preparations for Jose Sr.’s funeral

61. Nellie

  • works on the Medical Board, sometimes undercover
  • assists Harry with preparations for going undercover as Dominic Reilly

62. Detective Marvin Webster

  • Detective who assists Jimmy Robertson with getting prints in and on the automotive deserted by Hart and Stones after the carjacking

63. Morgan Dotson

  • Peanut’s parole officer

64. Peanut (Nate Webster)

  • parolee who steals elements from the Charles Fagan’s car stolen and then abandoned by Hart and Stones
  • tries to sell a narrative about him and his good friend Beansie just leaning towards the car
  • provides description of Hart and Stones for composite drawings that finally result in the suspects

65. Beansie

  • Peanut’s good friend dragged into Peanut’s lie about simply leaning towards the deserted car

66. Rene Davila

  • assists J. Edgar with surveillance as Harry (Dominic) begins his undercover gig
  • is noticed by Stones, which leads to the choice to fly Dominic and the shills to Imperial Valley as an alternative of returning to the clinic

67. Daniel Arias

  • partners with Detective Marcos
  • asks J. Edgar for a meet together with his C.I. Gary Clever
  • supposedly investigating a drive by capturing at church, however suspicions run high when Gary is murdered

68. Ray Marcos

  • companions with Detective Arias
  • asks J. Edgar for a meet together with his C.I. Gary Sensible
  • supposedly investigating a drive by capturing at church, however suspicions run high when Gary is murdered

69. Gary Sensible

  • J. Edgar’s childhood good friend and Confidential Informant (C.I.)
  • was the lookout on a home invasion years ago with Crosley, Natrell and Jonas
  • his testimony landed Crosley, Natrell and Jonas in jail, all have since been launched
  • father is a veteran of RHD

70. Bo Jonas

  • just lately launched from prison
  • requested to satisfy with Arias and Marcos
  • refuses to determine men who killed Gary

71. Darius Natrell

  • one of the three males Gary turned in for the house invasion years in the past
  • lives with mother and pumps some critical iron

72. Rob Crosley

  • one of many three males Gary turned in for the home invasion years in the past
  • now pastor of a storefront church
  • hiding Bo Jonas

73. Dwight Clever

  • Gary’s dad
  • veteran of RHD

Detective Espinosa (Jacqueline Pinol) and Detective Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) in Bosch season 5 episode 3 photo credit: Aaron Epstein/Amazon Prime VideoDetective Espinosa (Jacqueline Pinol) and Detective Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) in Bosch season 5 episode 3 photo credit: Aaron Epstein/Amazon Prime VideoDetective Espinosa (Jacqueline Pinol) and Detective Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) in Bosch season 5 episode three
photograph credit: Aaron Epstein/Amazon Prime Video

74. Julie Espinosa

  • RHD detective working on case that could be tied to Pierce and Vega’s suitcase discovery
  • additionally investigating Gary Clever’s homicide

75. Brad Conniff

  • RHD detective working on case that could be tied to Pierce and Vega’s suitcase discovery

76. Jacques Avril

  • labored with a para-military group in Haiti sanctioned by U.S. Government
  • admits to father being “The Butcher of Petion-Ville” who killed Jerry’s uncle, Antoine Hector
  • now the owner of mulitple 7-11 franchises
  • entangled with Marcos and Arias

77. Ella Johnson

  • lives within the neighborhood where Gary was murdered
  • gardener
  • remembers J. Edgar from his youth
  • cooperates with Jerry but would not converse with Detective Espinosa

78. Mama Roux

  • runs a pawn shop
  • remembers J. Edgar “Jerome” from his youth
  • solutions Jerry’s questions about Jacques Avril

79. Robson

  • questionable conduct in the officer concerned capturing of Vasquez

80. Vasquez

  • shot repeatedly and killed by police when pulling something from his waistband after being informed

81. Capt. Sarah McCurdy

  • captain in Major Crimes
  • supplies video evidence of Robson having no less than one previous encounter with Vasquez
  • also offered social media intelligence about Desiree Zealy to Chief Irving in season four

82. Jun Park

  • in a relationship with Chief Irving since season three
  • encourages Irving to run for Mayor

83. Cheryl Prescott

  • Grace’s vital other
  • encourages Grace to make some noise concerning the doctored crime statistics

84. Reggie Woo

  • Maddie’s step-father in Hong Kong

85. Shiwei Chen

  • a part of a family of Chinese Nationals believed to be behind the homicide o Maddie’ mother, Eleanor
  • photograph of him seen when Maddie is taking a look at information about her mother’s murder

86. Koreatown Killer

  • committed a collection of crimes whereas bicycling around Koreatown
  • recognized by Crate and Barrel

87. Coltrane

  • Harry’s new dog, the stray from the camp

88. Shaz

  • bartender and acquaintance of Jimmy Robertson

89. Veronica Allen

  • makes a cameo at Honey Chandler’s office
  • additionally appeared in seasons 2 and 3
  • had her husband Tony Allen murdered in season 2
  • represented by Honey Chandler when accused of murdering a priest who refused to provide her cash from her husband’s mistress

90. Benny Kane

  • presently courting Latonya Edgar

91. Matthew Lott

  • Consultant from the PPL (Police Protecting League), the union for LAPD
  • pays a go to to Chief Irving after Irving speaks to Robson privately concerning the officer concerned capturing




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