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‘When Hope Calls’: Unraveling episode 1.07 ‘Surprise’

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Grace’s party is just not the one shock in Brookfield this week.

When Hope Calls returns with episode 7 titled ‘Shock’. Lillian is giving out invitations to Grace’s shock birthday celebration. Her plans virtually get derailed when Grace says she doesn’t need a get together and agrees to work late on the lodge that evening serving to with the Mendelson household social gathering.

Young Fred tries his hand at a few totally different jobs for his faculty undertaking. Gabriel makes progress on the whereabouts of the lacking theft money. Sam and Lillian work together to organize a particular present for Grace.

Lastly, Fred steals our hearts and a number of other scenes within the episode.

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Let’s take a better take a look at the occasions on the newest episode of When Hope Calls.


One thriller is shortly solved this week. Followers have been unhappy about Sam leaving the orphanage after being a suspect within the practice robbery despite his innocence. We all questioned if Sam was leaving town for good. This week we discover Sam in town with a new job in woodworking.

Gabriel continues to pursue the whereabouts of lacking bank officer Mike Sinclair and the bank teller Russell Meeks. The mountie receives a tip a few Meeks sighting in Benson Hills. Gabriel tracks the bank teller to a cabin and interrogates him. It seems that Meeks shouldn’t be behind the theft, however he does have vital intelligence to share with Gabriel about Sinclair’s unlawful practices.

Meeks discloses that Sinclair was altering the report books to cowl up cash that he stole from the financial institution. The teller additionally tells Gabriel that Sinclair was concerned with shady loan operations. We study that Sinclair invested in companies and then extorted growing amounts of income from the enterprise house owners. Might Sinclair be the investor behind the lodge? We all know that somebody is demanding extra income from Ronnie and that’s how he acquired a damaged nostril.

Finally, there’s another mystery. Can somebody inform me methods to get some pie from Pearl’s Bakery??

When Hope Calls, photo courtesy of crownmediapress.comPhotograph: Wendy Crewson Credit score: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood


Issues are awkward between Lillian and Grace as Lillian tries to organize a birthday celebration for Grace that her sister does not need. Lillian struggles to know why Grace does not need a get together.

There appears to be some jealousy brewing between Sam and Gabriel over Lillian’s attentions. Gabriel learns he isn’t the only one that Lillian invited to the get together. Gabriel tries to step closer to Lillian whereas she is working with Sam. Sam swiftly blocks Gabriel’s path with an extended piece of lumber.

Gabriel arrives late to the social gathering after looking for Russell Meeks. The mountie seems disillusioned when he spies Lillian and Sam by means of the window of Grace’s get together on the lodge. Sam and Lillian are standing collectively and smiling. Gabriel enters the social gathering and is greeted by Lillian who provides him a slice of cake. Now Sam seems to be on with reservation as Lillian and Gabriel take pleasure in a second together.

A mare on the Stewart ranch is about to deliver its foal. Tess is worried when her veterinarian son leaves to help one other household with their goat. Tess exhibits much more frustration when Chuck says he is additionally going to city and she or he assumes it’s to visit with Grace.

Chuck makes a blunder when he asks why Fred chose to shadow the job of server at the lodge. He asks why the boy would not purpose greater and need to shadow a physician or lawyer. Grace is harm on the suggestion that her job just isn’t necessary.

When Hope Calls, photo courtesy of crownmediapress.comWhen Hope Calls, photo courtesy of crownmediapress.comPhotograph: Greg Hovanessian Credit score: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood


There are such a lot of funny moments this week on When Hope Calls. Many involve little Fred.

Fred’s first selection of “try out a job for the day” is working with Grace at the lodge. The little fellow by chance breaks dishes and doesn’t understand that wiping cutlery on his pants just isn’t truly “cleansing” it. Everyone knows that Fred has a serious delicate spot for sweets. When he serves a female patron a slice of pie, he says “That’s good”. The lady then notices a chew has been taken out of her pie, so Fred’s comment was based mostly on his own taste check!

Gabriel needs to purchase Joe’s greatest chocolate on the store for Grace’s birthday. When he only has his second greatest chocolate in inventory, he presents it to Gabriel and begins to say he is positive Lillian will still like it, assuming the present is for Lillian. Gabriel stops him and virtually appears to blush.

We all know Ronnie is all concerning the bottom line. He makes some extent of clarifying with Fred that he won’t truly be paying him for aiding on the lodge that day. The joke’s on Ronnie, nevertheless, when Fred pays himself with the client’s pie. Finally, Ronnie lets Fred go from the serving job for the day, but Fred finds new “employment” at the Stewart ranch.

At first, Tess is grumpy about Fred coming to “work” at the ranch for the day. When she walks away, Fred asks Chuck. “What’s incorrect together with her?” Chuck mistakenly thinks Fred is speaking concerning the mare and explains that the horse is pregnant. Fred hilariously replies in shock, “Your mom is having a baby?”

When Hope Calls, photo courtesy of crownmediapress.comWhen Hope Calls, photo courtesy of crownmediapress.comPhotograph: Greg Hovanessian, Simon Webster Credit score: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood

Heat Fuzzies

Tess tries her greatest to resist little Fred’s charms but finally to no avail. Even when he opens the gate allowing the cattle to flee, she apologizes for fussing at him and exhibits him how one can assist right his mistake. She even provides him a horseback driving lesson and Chuck’s boyhood cowboy hat. The cute pair share a cool drink on the porch before Chuck takes him back to city for the get together. When Fred leaves his coat behind, Tess makes positive one of the ranch arms will return it to the orphanage the subsequent day.

Grace cries when she is stunned with the gathering at the lodge for her birthday. She is emotional but joyful at the display of affection for her.

Hearts are aflutter when Chuck presents Grace with a picnic basket for her birthday and suggests they go on one other picnic. Grace thanks him with a kiss on the cheek. The youngsters take pleasure in celebrating the romantic gesture.

Sam and Lilian successfully restore the wooden on Grace’s music field for her birthday. Grace had stored the childhood present from her mother and father together with her all those years as an orphan. Naturally, it had lots of put on and tear. Sam takes the restoration one step further and truly makes it play music once more.

When Hope Calls, photo courtesy of crownmediapress.comWhen Hope Calls, photo courtesy of crownmediapress.comPhotograph: Wendy Crewson, Simon Webster Credit score: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood

Lessons Discovered

There’s much knowledge to glean from episode 7 of When Hope Calls.

Lillian finally understands why Grace has hassle celebrating birthdays. As an orphan, birthdays have been a reminder of household she had lost. After she sees the Mendelsons celebrating the 50th anniversary of Ben’s mother and father, Grace learns that she will let herself have fun being together with her sister once more and all the youngsters and buddies who care so deeply for her.

Chuck sees the error of his ways concerning the remark to Grace about Fred selecting to be a server for the day. He later tells Fred that the server job is an “important” part of operating the lodge and that one in every of his favorite individuals is a waitress.

Sam makes a considerate remark concerning the two “totally different” sorts of wood that Lillian used to repair the music field. Lillian claims there was not sufficient of only one type of wooden. Sam explains that the variations within the totally different grains truly highlight each other. Might he also being talking about him and Lillian? Hmm . . .

Come again for extra heartwarming drama and adventure on When Hope Calls. New episodes can be found on Fridays via October 25th on Hallmark Films Now.

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