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Top 20 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Characters: 10th Anniversary Edition!

Top 20 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Characters: 10th Anniversary Edition!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood turns 10 years previous this yr! To commemorate the anime’s 10th yr anniversary, we now have listed the present’s prime 20 characters based mostly on their character and complexity, in addition to their contribution to the story.

Fullmetal Alchemist has a unbelievable array of characters, so having to restrict this listing to 20 characters was considerably of a problem as a result of not everybody might be included (sorry, Kimblee. Perhaps subsequent time).

20. Might Chang

Might is an lovable woman with an equally lovable pet; and we’re eternally grateful that she is just not your sometimes annoying youngster character coming to Jar-Jar Binks your story. Might Chang has the identical objective as Ling: she seeks the key of the Thinker’s Stone. Might finally ends up teaming up with Scar, humanizing somebody who had for probably the most half been thought-about one of many Elric Brothers’ most harmful antagonists.

Might’s contributions to the story are embedded in her interactions with others: she is vital to Scar’s change of imaginative and prescient, Marcoh would in all probability not have been so keen to assist the person who disfigured his face if Might had not been round, and her return to Central Command permits Envy to regain their true type. In a nutshell, Might has made each good and dangerous selections, however we don’t anticipate our characters to be good. The truth that Might understands what she is doing and is aware of when she has really made a mistake makes her human.

Greatest Second: When she comes to comprehend that the Edward Elric of her goals is a brief and cheesy boy with a really dangerous mood. Her response will stick in our minds for ages to return.

19. Van Hohenheim

Hohenheim was so near turning into a cliche. No, that’s unfair. He was by no means near turning into a cliche. We have been simply made consider that he was a cliche. This was a intelligent tactic since we have been proven Father with out figuring out that he was not Hohenheim in any respect. The cliche would have been that the heroes’ father was the villain, in fact; a tactic that has been accomplished with out considering after George Lucas utilized it so brilliantly within the unique Star Wars trilogy.

Above all, Hohenheim is a personality that decides to assist tens of millions as an alternative of some, exemplified as we study that the rationale he left his spouse and youngsters was to unfold souls contained inside him at numerous factors of Amestris. This can be a lengthy course of that requires lots of endurance, and one which has a huge effect on Father’s plans.

Regardless of Edward’s anger in the direction of his father, and Hohenheim’s general unusual demeanor when interacting together with his sons, he’s loving human; this shocks Edward after he witnessed his father crying during the last message his beloved spouse needed him to listen to.

Greatest Second: Hohenheim’s completely greatest moments are all within the flashbacks. Attending to know he was a Xerxes slave, and his interactions with the Dwarf within the flask are priceless to the story, answering a few of the most mouthwatering questions by way of the collection.

18. Maes Hughes

An early favourite. Maes Hughes exemplifies human kindness, being type of the Elric Brothers’ dorky parental determine as soon as they begin working for the army. He is also loves his spouse and daughter, named Gracia and Elicia respectively. That love, bordering in infatuation, turns into an amazing operating gag through the first arc.

He’s charming, loyal, and sensible. Actually, too sensible for his personal good. Earlier than the story continued to evolve, revealing all of Father’s plans, Hughes has already deciphered what was occurring. In fact, he’s unable to share this info with anybody (not even the viewers know at the moment) since he’s attacked by Lust after which murdered by Envy through the finish of the arc. His demise teaches the Elric Brothers simply how harmful their journey will grow to be, and it’s the primary cataclysm of the issues to return.

Greatest Second: His general demeanor throughout his daughter’s birthday celebration is hilarious. He passes from cute when witnessing (alongside Winry) simply how lovable his daughter is just too downright Soprano when intimidating some boys.

17. Gluttony

Gluttony is a child. Fairly actually. His demeanor is such that it’s unimaginable to catalog him as a real villain. He’s merely following the orders of his personal father, and the opposite Homunculus that deal with him. His bond with Lust could be very robust, resembling that of a protecting aged sister and her youthful brother.

He is likely one of the first Homunculus to be launched (alongside Lust), thus being a member of the unique three that have been thought-about the first antagonists through the first arcs. In truth, the best way he asks Lust for permission to eat different characters is completely terrifying, nonetheless sending chills down our spines (goodbye, Father Cornello’s corpse!).

After Lust dies, Gluttony needs to avenge her by consuming Mustang. That is once we see that Gluttony is a Faulty Portal of Fact, Father’s failed try at creating the actual one. Gluttony’s true type is grotesque, and it’s so puzzling to assume that when he swallows issues they are going to be ceaselessly misplaced in a dimension filled with completely nothing. Gluttony disappears from the story as soon as Father recreates a tiny one after seeing that his regenerative talents had been exhausted. Gluttony rememarges once more near the ultimate arc, having grown to his regular measurement and aiding and now aiding satisfaction.

Greatest Second: After Gluttony eats Envy, Ed, and Ling, which leaves him with no clue of what to do. As Gluttony talks with Al and agrees to take him to Father, we really see Gluttony’s innocence, and the way he can be like if he weren’t following anybody’s orders. That is the second once we understand simply how a lot we need to maintain Child Gluttony. Honorable Point out: Did anybody else maintain their hearts as Gluttony cried for Lust to assist him as Satisfaction devoured him?

16. Scar

Scar is the other of Mustang. Whereas Mustang seeks redemption after his position within the Ishval Civil Warfare, Scar seeks vengeance. This is the reason Scar is initially introduced as a villain, and somebody Edward and Al should always battle. The Ishvalan’s position through the preliminary arc is to terrorize Central Metropolis by murdering state alchemists that befell within the atrocious genocide. Monopoly Man look-alike Giolio Comanche and the a lot hated Shou Tucker are amongst his many victims. It additionally later revealed that Scar was the one who murdered Winry’s mother and father, setting him as a good greater antagonist.

Nevertheless, Fullmetal Alchemist is a collection of complicated storylines and three-dimensional characters. Because the story progresses, we study the rationale behind Scar’s hatred and start to sympathize with him. After teaming up with Might Chang, one of many few characters who by no means sees Scar as a harmful assassin, Scar’s character and story arc begin to change. His interactions with Edward, Winry, and fellow Ishvalan Miles significantly take a constructive impact on him.

Greatest Second: When Scar is about to kill Edward because the younger boy protects Winry, he remembers how his brother tried to guard him towards Kimblee. The distinction between the previous and the current permeate his consciousness, and he hesitates, thus unable to take Edward’s life.

15. Winry Rockbell

Winry is the Edward and Al’s longtime pal and Edward’s private automail engineer. Winry is usually oblivious of every part the Elric Brothers do as state alchemists and the looming hazard each citizen of Amestris, herself included, faces.

When she joins Edward and Al of their adventures, Winry isn’t a careless sidekick that deters the sibling’s journey. The truth is, she takes full duty to ensure that Edward and Al accomplish what they need. When she is shipped to Briggs as a hostage (unbeknown to her), and she or he learns of the Ed and Al’s plans in addition to what the enemies intend to do, she proposes to hitch the group. Throughout this arc, Winry’s fast considering present an distinctive plan that helps the group to flee from Kimblee.

Winry is a transparent reminder of the house Edward and Al misplaced, in addition to the innocence and luxury of the mundane life they don’t stay. Whereas not being an essential participant within the story, Winry’s emotional influence on Scar, Al, and Edward in notably, play an essential half in how these characters develop.

Greatest Second: When Winry encounters Scar a second time, however now has processed her feelings and the way she feels concerning the man who murdered her mother and father. Whereas she nonetheless can’t forgive him, she decides to reside by her mother and father’ instance and assist the person’s wounds.

14. Ling Yao

Now, the everlasting query: if Ling and Gluttony engaged in an consuming contest, who would win? Whereas Ling’s sudden lack of power and fast have to eat lots is the character’s operating gag, Ling is a really fascinating character. He has traveled all the best way from Xing to seek out the secrets and techniques of the Thinker’s Stone and thus grow to be an emperor. This objective is actually the identical as Might’s, however Ling’s path takes him someplace much more totally different and harmful, and his physique finally ends up turning into Greed’s container. Ling manages to remain there and work together with Greed, and occasionally is even capable of take over his physique.

Ling’s magic as a personality is all within the relationships he builds. The bond he has with Fu and Lan Fan can’t be ignored, notably the various situations the place we see how a lot he cares and worries about Lan Fan. Equally, he creates a robust bond with Greed, finally giving the Homunculus every little thing he ever needed.

Greatest Second: When Ling cries subsequent to Fu’s lifeless physique. His voice cracks, his tears circulate, and the ache of getting misplaced somebody so necessary to him resonates with all of us.

13. Greed

Greed is the fifth character to be launched as a Homunculus (Bradley was there from the start, however the nature of his being was revealed afterward). Greed continued to say and remind folks that he needs every part, thus making him a posh Homunculus that jumps forwards and backwards between being a part of the heroes and the villains. It’s not that he’s essentially impartial, he merely needs the perfect for him first. For that cause, he all the time considers what advantages greatest, which is likely one of the fundamental purpose he doesn’t aspect with Father.

Due to Greed’s nature, he can’t be thought-about a real antagonist; and his position within the collection doesn’t bloom till he has flashbacks of the life he had previous to possessing Ling’s physique. Ultimately, he sides with Ed to not be alone, and when he perishes thanks Ling and Ed for having given him the whole lot.

Greatest Second: When he rebels towards Father, carbonizing his arm and severely weakening him. It was all the time nice seeing Greed being the rebellious baby all the best way to the top.

12. Father

Father is an unimaginable villain. He’s decided to realize what he needs with out caring for something and anybody else. He annihilated the whole inhabitants of Xerxes to get his immortal physique, and thru struggle and genocide expanded the nation of Amestris so its inhabitants might be sacrificed as properly (and act that was technically profitable, however was later annoyed by the efforts of our heroes). Father can also be filled with character flaws or sins he decides to eliminate as he creates his Homunculus. These youngsters of his additionally matter little to him, as he exhibits no concern for any of them. Father additionally claims to need information and obtain perfection, and doesn’t comprehend how wanting these issues might be a nasty factor, therefore his very brief dialogue with Fact earlier than he’s taken away.

Father is, in fact, the most important antagonist and participant within the collection. His actions not solely form how the story strikes, but in addition how the story received there within the first place. Consequently, the ultimate and most decisive battle is towards him. His defeat is an important objective of the journey regardless of returning Al’s physique being talked about all through the present as what the Elric Brothers finally search. That is proven when Al refuses to get his physique again so he can battle Father. The Elric Brothers perceive that, despite the fact that they need their our bodies again, coping with Father’s menace is their primary precedence.

Greatest Second: When Father consumes God. This jaw-dropping second showcases simply how far Father will go to accumulate what he needs, and the truth that he needs a lot makes us marvel what can be subsequent on his listing.

11. Delight

The primary Homunculus Father created, but the final one to be launched. Delight is extremely harmful and terrifying. There’s principally no human who might pose a hazard to him. Being Selim Bradley provides a enjoyable juxtaposition between what appears as probably the most harmless character and probably the most harmful Homunculus.

Satisfaction can also be second-in-command, as proven when he provides orders and scolds his siblings. Once we first hear Satisfaction’s voice scolding King Bradley, we knew we have been coping with a horrifyingly highly effective Homunculus. Delight can also be merciless, not hesitating to eat Gluttony to accumulate his powers. He additionally eats Kimblee as if he have been doing him an honor, however the logic behind his reasoning is just lacking.

Greatest Second: When Delight introduces himself to Lieutenant Hawkeye and threatens her. After that interplay, nobody might blame poor Riza for being afraid of no matter lurked within the shadows of her personal condominium. Honorable Point out: Seeing Delight panic as Edward is about to destroy his container, reminiscences of his mother and pop being the final issues he can see.

10. Wrath

King Bradley is launched as a sort chief, although that quickly modifications as we see that he requested the military and state alchemist to obliterate the Ishvalans. Wrath understands what his position is, and can do the whole lot he can to make sure that Father’s plans are fulfilled. That is clearly exemplified once we discover that he might have prevented Lust’s demise, however since he knew it was not the proper time to point out his face as a Homunculus, determined to not intervene. King Bradley can also be extraordinarily harmful, being a really quick Homunculus and so skillsfull together with his sword he appears like a mix between a Sith and the T-1000 from Terminator.

Apparently, Bradley exhibits some complexity deep inside him. He does appear to like his spouse, having chosen her himself. That is just like Satisfaction’s realization of the way it felt wish to have an actual household, one thing Father had all the time craved and envied.

Greatest Second: Wrath has a number of fights which are astonishingly excited and fantastically animated. Such fights embrace these towards Scar, Ling and Lang Fan, and the way he costs Central Command and blows up the tank Briggs troopers had constructed. Nevertheless, his battle towards Greed/Ling, Fu, and the completely superb Buccaneer (whom we might have beloved to incorporate on this record had he had extra display time) was completely superb, and among the many greatest in anime historical past.

9. Lust

Lust was gone each on the proper time and method too quickly. We are saying on the proper time as a result of her dying was meticulously timed, however her character was so good and complex that we want she had endured all the best way to the top. I imply, is it actually truthful to lose on the finish of the second arc when Sloth is true there till the top? Positive, Sloth’s struggle towards Olivier, Izumi, Alex, and Sig is superb, however exchange Sloth with some other Homunculus and the battle would nonetheless have been terrific. When Lust is launched, we see that she is the one in command, telling Gluttony what to do (because it’s their mother-son/massive sister-younger brother relationship), and reprimanding Envy after the Maria Ross fiasco. It will have fascinating to see how her relationship was with Satisfaction since all the opposite Homunculus despised being with him.

Lust will get the gears operating through the first arc, ensuring that Father’s plan are set in movement. She additionally retains an in depth eye on Edward and Mustang, fearing for his or her security as potential human sacrifices when Scar is murdering state alchemists left and proper. Lust can also be, alongside Envy and Gluttony, a part of the unique trio of villains we see through the first arcs, and the one who does probably the most throughout that point. Lust is sensible, affected person, and merciless. She merely doesn’t hesitate to homicide somebody she not deems helpful and establishes no connections with the people she interacts.

Greatest Second: Her last phrases. After Lust is incinerated alive, she dies with delight, telling Mustang that being defeated by a person with eyes so chilly and missing hesitation was not such a nasty factor; after which she provides that she will’t wait to see those self same eyes clouded with agony. That line lingers all the best way to the top, when Mustang assaults Envy so viciously Riza and Edward find yourself intervening to guard the Homunculus and save Mustang from his personal wrath, and when Mustang finally ends up dropping his eyesight after he’s pressured to carry out a human transmutation. Lust’s final phrases are such a delicate and sensible foreshadowing that solely involves mild at then finish.

eight. Alex Louis Armstrong

Pricey, good-looking, lovely, humorous, and delicate Alex Louis Armstrong. What would have occurred to the primary arc of the story with out his exact comedian aid? Because the collection progressed and the story handled darker and extra complicated subjects, Main Armstrong’s position when serving to set the narrative turns into even clearer.

His position over the past arc additionally implements that impeccable comedic aid of his; and as he groups up together with his sister to struggle Sloth we get a few of the greatest motion sequences within the present, and a number of the biggest chemistry between two characters (the Armstrong siblings working collectively is extremely candy and empowering, and Main Armstrong teaming up with Sig Curtis due to their extremely physique is comedic gold).

Alex additionally has one thing that units him aside from all the opposite alchemists and army personnel who participated within the Ishval Civil Warfare: he didn’t full his duties. Whereas he was chargeable for some atrocious actions through the conflict, he finally determined is to disobey the orders of an oppressive regime that was conducting genocide. This determination may need hinder his army profession and affected his popularity, however his integrity remained intact.

Greatest Second: Main Armstrong really has some magnificent moments, and selecting one is especially troublesome (his battle with Scar, when he fights together with his sister, when he fights Sloth alongside Olivier Armstrong, Izumi Curtis, and Sig Curtis). Nevertheless, if we needed to go for just one second, it will be when Main Armstrong visits Edward on the hospital and finally ends up scaring (and maybe scarring) each Elric Brothers. Honorable Point out: When Common Armstrong tells his subordinates that their conduct is sort of suspicious.

7. Olivier Mira Armstrong

Olivier is a B-A-D-A-S-S. No buts. When her character is first introduce we come to discover a robust basic that’s so agency and simply that everybody serving her has put her on a pedestal. That degree of loyalty and respect exemplifies her robust and distinctive character and why she is amongst Fullmetal Alchemist’s greatest characters. It’s additionally very humorous seeing simply how totally different she is from her brother. It’s additionally value noting that when Common Armstrong talks about Edward’s peak (or shortness), Edward doesn’t react with rage as he does with everybody else all through the present. That’s how scary Olivier is.

Over the past arc, Common Armstrong performs an important and decisive position within the capital because the troopers from Briggs stage an assault utilizing a tank they fabricated inside her mansion (rightfully so after inheriting it). Armstrong additionally fights Sloth first by herself after which alongside her brother in what are some nail-biting scenes.

Greatest Second: As Roy’s forces begin attacking Central Metropolis, Common Armstrong mocks some high-ranked males in Central Command as a consequence of their false sense of safety. Afterwards, she reminds them that she isn’t like Roy Mustang, who’s been rigorously utilizing his alchemy to injure troopers with out inflicting casualties. In a cut up second, she shoots Lieutenant Gardner within the head, and thus reminding audiences that she is the one heroic character who won’t hesitate to kills her opponents. Honorable Point out: When Olivier kills Lieutenant Raven at Fort Briggs. Be trustworthy, that scene gave you goosebumps.

6. Alphonse Elric

Al’s character differs enormously from that of his brother. He’s kinder and much more optimistic. He’s fast to forgive, and at occasions acts like an armored Pinocchio that would simply be manipulated into doing issues that work towards his profit. Nevertheless, Al isn’t silly. This stability is completely proven when he sacrifices himself to trick and immobilize the very harmful Delight.

Al works alongside Ed, initially as some kind of aspect kick (Ed is the Fullmetal Alchemist, Al is an empty go well with of armor), however then is shortly proven to be an unbiased agent who shares the identical aim as his brother. As soon as Al can also be capable of carry out alchemy with out the necessity of a transmutation circle, he turns into much more highly effective and unbiased.

Al could be very protecting of these he loves, a trait that’s continuously proven all through the collection. He saves Riza and encourages her to maintain preventing, he makes use of himself as bait to render Delight ineffective throughout an important battle, he makes use of his empty go well with armor of a physique as a defend to guard Might from Father’s blast, and even tried to guard a chimera that moments earlier than was his enemy from dying by the hands of King Bradley.

Greatest Second: When Al’s soul sees his physique within the Gate and refused to take it again due to how frail it’s, understanding that a physique like that gained’t be capable of assist these he loves. That is the second Al has been ready for therefore lengthy. His quest coming to an finish proper in entrance of him, and but, he decides to go away for these he loves. Al is all the time true to himself.

5. Riza Hawkeye

Riza Hawkeye is loyal, quiet, sensible, and extremely harmful. One other instance of the right way to make robust and compelling feminine characters, that are fortunately ample in Fullmetal Alchemist. Lieutenant Hawkeye is probably the most helpful member of Mustang’s group, serving as his confidant and right-hand individual. Although her closeness with Mustang is such that the present performs with the thought of whether or not they have been romantically concerned or not, Riza and Mustang all the time maintain issues skilled, displaying that a robust relationship between two individuals doesn’t essentially need to be romantic.

Her position all through the collection turns into increasingly essential as she faces many challenges, which embrace preventing Gluttony, Lust, and Envy, and protecting her cool when Delight threatens her (who else wouldn’t be terrified about no matter lurks within the shadows after such encounter!). Nevertheless, her most necessary half occurs in the direction of the top of the final arc, when she confronts Colonel Mustang throughout his battle with Envy, thus saving the colonel from being consumed with rage; she later serves because the Mustang’s eyes when dealing with Father, once more showcasing how shut they’re.

Greatest Second: When Riza shoots Lust nonstop after the villain informs her that she has murdered Mustang. We by no means see the Lieutenant act like this, dropping what’s often a really managed facade and diligent conduct. The response exhibits the sheer uncooked emotion she felt upon listening to the information, and the way Mustang’s obvious dying causes her to surrender on the whole lot.

four. Izumi Curtis

When you ask her, she’s only a housewife. Izumi Curtis’s introduction as a easy housewife is as legendary as the various issues which were handed down the Armstrong line for generations. Alongside Main Armstrong, she’s the one different determine that really intimidated the Elric Brothers; and the truth that each Edward and Al know how you can struggle and use alchemy is attributed to her teachings.

Izumi is essential to the story not just for having been the Elric Brothers’ instructor, but in addition for the revelation that the infant she had transmuted hadn’t been hers. This information shakes her to the core, and releases her from the guilt and ache of getting misplaced her child two occasions. This info additionally serves the Elric Brothers properly because it confirms that that they had additionally did not convey again their mom.
To not point out her monumental position through the last arc. With out her, many main characters would have perished.

Izumi is robust, and never even as soon as loses an oz of her integrity (by no means even contemplating turning into a state alchemist). It’s no marvel she instructions a lot respect and admiration, specific from Ed and Al.

Greatest Second: When she introduces herself to the townspeople as she prevents a river from flooding. The scene is ideal, even displaying her vomit blood (an excellent second of surprising humor that turns into poignant as soon as we perceive the rationale behind it).

three. Envy

Envy is by far probably the most complicated Homunculus. Envy is sadist, merciless, humorous, proud, and jealous. The complete complexity of their character in unveiled all through the present, and it’s virtually like unwrapping a Christmas current ever so slowly. Envy is a part of the three first Homunculus we see, the basic trio of Lust, Gluttony, and Envy all of us adore. Nevertheless, because the collection progresses, we come to know that Envy was the one who pulled the set off (fairly actually) in the course of the Ishval Civil Conflict. Envy is extraordinarily previous, and their existence has been marked by instigating human conflicts that end in riots and genocide. To make issues worse, Envy takes excessive pleasure in seeing people endure, the feeling being their extasis.

Envy is genderless, and is ready to tackle any type they need. Envy’s true type is that of an unlimited lizard-like monster, and when underneath their unique type a small parasite. Their most popular type is that of a cute (his phrases), androgynous human.

In the course of the first arc, Envy is structural within the riots that almost destroyed the town of Reole, the destruction of the Fifth Laboratory, and murders Hughes. As their position turns into extra necessary, we come to study that Envy additionally helped begin the Ishval Civil Conflict by posing as an Amestrian soldier and capturing a child. Each time Envy reveals considered one of their actions, Ed exhibits shock and anger, which makes issues much more fascinating when Ed exhibits compassion for the Homunculus.

Greatest Second: When Envy tells Ling and Ed that they began the Ishval Civil Conflict. Seeing the flashback with the Amestrian soldier together with his pink Homunculus eyes and Envy’s signature malevous smile about to shoot a defenseless child is certainly some of the surprising scenes in the entire collection. Honorable Point out: When Envy has an absolute meltdown after Ed uncovers that they’re merely jealous of people. “Bye-bye, Edward Elric.”

2. Roy Mustang

The idealist State Alchemist Roy Mustang is among the strongest figures all through your complete collection. His stoic demeanor and sense of obligation all the time placing others, together with Edward, on edge. He additionally possesses a heated rivalry with Basic Armstrong, and a small and constant staff who follows him even when Mustang’s enemies cut up the group in order to maintain Mustang underneath management. Mustang is, alongside the Elric Brothers, one of many principal gamers within the story, and one whose actions come to outline some story arcs.

In the course of the first arc, Colonel Mustang he’s introduced as some type of chilly determine inside the army, although because the collection begins exploring his story and intentions, we get to see that he’s a calculating man who needs to ensure the nation and its authorities change; a great that grew inside him after participating within the Ishval Civil Conflict. His journey is one not solely of self-redemption and atonement, however one which seeks to vary Amestris itself.

Colonel Mustang can also be the one alchemist who is aware of flame alchemy, a particularly highly effective and harmful type that made him a hero through the Ishval Civil Conflict and the one state alchemist whose expertise the Homunculus really fearful about (as said by Delight). His fight capacity is such that Mustang defeated two highly effective Homunculus by himself.

Over the past arc, he helps orchestrate a coup d’etat and storms Central Metropolis and later Central Command. Right here Mustang exhibits each his larger belongings and his largest weaknesses, being virtually corrupted by rage when dealing with Envy. Finally, Mustang is ready to overcome these character flaws and face Father alongside different protagonists together with Lieutenant Hawkeye, who serves as his eyes after Fact took his sight.

Greatest Second: Throughout his struggle towards Envy, Colonel Armstrong exhibits a decided fury that corrupts him with such greatness that it turns into troublesome to separate good vs. evil. It’s a lovely portrayal of human rage, and the way even those that could be thought-about good can succumb to it. Honorable Point out: When Mustang is pressured to carry out human transmutation and Fact finally ends up taking his sight. This can be a good metaphor. Sure, kiddos, life is an unfair asshole.

1. Edward Elric

Edward is complicated. Very complicated. His innocence was to some extent extinguished after performing human transmutation to attempt to deliver again his mom, after which having to sacrifice his arm for a soul binding transmutation so he wouldn’t utterly lose his brother. Ed can come off as proud and cussed, to not point out short-tempered (notably when somebody talks about his peak). He doesn’t wish to be handled like a child, as proof of his interactions with Hughes and Main Armstrong. Nevertheless, he’s very intuitive and compassionate, having promised himself to by no means kill anybody and determining why others act the best way they do. It is because of this that Ed understands different complicated characters like Envy and Scar. Ed can also be not as optimistic as Al, and it takes him longer to forgive his father for leaving them.

It might be a waste of time to say that the titular character helps the story transfer ahead, however there, I stated it. Nevertheless, if we consider what number of tales circulate like rivers, utterly unaffected by the primary characters actions and selections, then it’s essential to state that Edward makes issues occur. He actively does issues that have an effect on what the antagonists do, culminating together with his battle towards Father.

Greatest Second: Being the middle determine of the collection, Ed has a number of sensible moments. Nevertheless, if we needed to decide one, it might be the primary time he sees Al contained in the Gate and guarantees him to return again for him someday. This second is filled with uncooked emotion, as Ed is coming nose to nose together with his brother’s physique for the primary time in years. To not point out that Al is wanting extraordinarily weak. Seeing Ed beg his brother to take his hand after which promise to return again for him is each devastating and reassuring, and provides us (the viewers) the last word understanding that the brother’s journey is greater than attainable. Honorable Point out: Once we see what’s inside Ed’s pocket watch. Heartbreaking.


So there you’ve gotten it! That’s our listing of the highest 20 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood characters based mostly on their character, complexity, and contribution to the story. As a result of we all know there are lots of FMA Brotherhood followers on the market, inform us: what are your favourite characters?

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