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The Fake Charge Against Julian Assange Proves That the US Government Has No Integrity

The Fake Charge Against Julian Assange Proves That the US Government Has No Integrity

Julian Assange is being framed on a false charge as a result of the US government in an effort to shield its own criminality is shifting to destroy the First Modification.

Let’s ensure that we perceive that Assange just isn’t charged with something related to Russia or Russiagate or even with breaking a regulation. Assange is charged with being in a conspiracy with Manning “to commit pc intrusion.” The cost is just not that Assange succeeded in hacking a government pc and acquiring categorised info. It merely says that Assange mentioned the likelihood with Manning and had an intention to hack a computer. More than likely, even this non-crime is an invention of prosecutors instructed to indict Assange within the absence of any evidence. It is all that they might provide you with.

It’s unattainable to respect the indictment. It is the product of evil, and the evil indictment is a direct assault on the First Amendment to the US Constitution. Those that have brought this false cost have violated their oath to guard the Constitution from enemies overseas and at residence. It is the enemies at residence that we have now to be involved about as it is these enemies who’ve energy over us.

If the US authorities had any evidence that Assange truly hacked a government pc, he can be charged with that. However as there isn’t any evidence of an actual crime, the corrupt American prosecutors and a stupid and manipulated grand jury rolled out the conspiracy charge. A conspiracy is when a few individuals deliberate a bank robbery however didn’t do it. It other phrases, they considered it and talked about it. Subsequently, a conspiracy existed although nothing actually happened. Prosecutors and courts have corrupted the actual regulation to the purpose that a person might be arrested for considering a criminal offense. In different phrases, “thought crimes” exist already. They’re referred to as “conspiracies.” Now that they have machines that they claim can read our minds, if you consider murdering someone, you could be arrested for “conspiracy to commit homicide.”

One other example is when two or more individuals speak about getting some narcotics and having a excessive night but as an alternative watch a film and go to bed. They could possibly be charged with “conspiracy to obtain illegal narcotics.” This is the kind of cost for which Assange faces extradition to Washington.

Why? The answer is that the felony, petty, and vindictive U.S. government needs to (1) get revenge on Assange for publishing documents leaked to him, allegedly by Manning—but we don’t have any proof of that either aside from a coerced admission from a tortured individual—that reveal US warfare crimes and deception of allies, and (2) to shut down the First Modification of the U.S. Constitution so that the government’s crimes can never once more be revealed by journalists. This is Washington’s approach of solving the whistleblower drawback.

The charge towards Assange has nothing to do with the leak of the emails that revealed how Hillary stole the Democratic presidential nomination from Bernie Sanders. Pc specialists corresponding to William Binney have proven that the Democratic emails have been downloaded on a thumb drive, not hacked over the internet. Probably the DNC employee who leaked the incriminating emails is the young man who was mysteriously shot down in the street in an unsolved murder that Hillary and the DNC most definitely don’t need solved.

The British government, a vassal of Washington, arrested Assange contained in the Ecuadoran embassy in London on the pretext that he was needed for skipping bail.

This arrest is the top results of the British, in compliance with Washington’s orders, seizing Assange in response to a request from a Swedish prosecutor who was put as much as renewing the investigation of Assange and requested Assange’s extradition to Sweden for questioning.

In response to regulation, extradition requires a formal charge or indictment towards the individual whose extradition is requested. It is outdoors the regulation to extradite individuals for questioning. The extradition request was doubly troubling as Assange while in Sweden had already been questioned by prosecutors who found that there was no case towards Assange. No expenses have been ever filed towards him, and the investigation was closed.

The presstitute media and crazed feminists have lied by means of their tooth for years that Assange used his political asylum to escape rape fees. Even non-prestitute media, comparable to Russian English language media, have repeated this disinformation.

There have been by no means any rape costs towards Assange. What happened is this. Two Swedish ladies took Assange into their beds of their houses and had consensual sex with him. No condom was used. The women or certainly one of them needed Assange to take a check so she could possibly be reassured that he had no illness that might be sexually transmitted. Assange foolishly refused. The lady went to the police to see if Assange might be coerced to take the check. Out of this got here the investigation that was closed without expenses. Assange was free to go away Sweden.

He foolishly went to the UK, Washington’s prime puppet state. As soon as there Washington prevailed on a feminine Swedish prosecutor to reopen questioning of Assange.

No real purpose was ever given for the female Swedish prosecutor to reopen the questioning. One attainable cause is Washington’s money. It was clear to Assange’s legal professionals that the extradition request was a trick to get him again in Swedish palms so that he might be handed over to Washington. Assange fought the extradition, however a corrupt British courtroom to adjust to Washington ruled that Assange might be extradited for questioning despite the fact that there have been no modifications towards him. This ruling shocked everybody who thought British judges had integrity.

Seeing what was coming, Assange sought and was granted political asylum by Ecuador and fled his British house arrest to the Ecuadoran embassy in London.

Ultimately the Swedish feminist prosecutor who attempted to reopen the investigation of Assange consented to query him in the embassy with the end result that she closed her investigation. This ended all excuses for the UK to carry Assange for Sweden. As there was no cost, Assange was not responsible of violating bail. With no cost there isn’t any bail. That is the method the regulation was earlier than the corrupted British courts pissed everywhere in the regulation and dishonored British justice.

The US and UK governments refused to honor Assange’s political asylum, just because the Soviet government refused to honor the political asylum that the USA gave to Hungarian Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty, who ended up dwelling in the US embassy in Hungary for 15 years. At the least the Soviets had extra integrity than to arrest the Cardinal contained in the US embassy. But the British are devoid of integrity. The only concern of the British authorities is to obey Washington. All of them hope for the sixty million kilos that is Tony Blair’s reward for supporting Washington’s Iraq invasion.

As both the US and UK governments are extra corrupt than the Soviet authorities was and refuse to abide by worldwide regulation, Assange was their prisoner in the embassy. He was protected there so long as Rafael Correa was president of Ecuador. However when Correa refused well-liked demand to let the Structure be changed so that he might serve one other time period, Washington received its creep put in, Lenin Moreno, who bought Assange to Washington for an IMF mortgage.

To make certain you understand, as you’ve been crammed with lies about Assange for almost a decade, he raped no one. He was by no means charged with raping anybody. He has broken no regulation. He is a journalist who did nothing however what the New York Occasions did when the paper revealed the leaked Pentagon Papers and revealed a few of the similar leaked paperwork for which Assange has been arrested for publishing. He is being framed up on a false nonsense cost because the US authorities in an effort to shield its personal criminality is shifting to destroy the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

They’ll achieve destroying the First Modification.

Who’s there to stop them?

Not presstitutes. They hate Julian Assange for displaying them up and doing the job of a journalist whereas they lie 24/7 as a propaganda ministry for the ruling establishment. If life have been based mostly on respiration integrity from the presstitute media, we might all be already lifeless.

Not the Republicans or the conservatives. Their patriotism causes them to hate Assange because “he embarrassed the U.S. government.” The Republicans are as senseless and unaware of their participation within the murder of the First Amendment as the presstitutes and Democrats. For example, Republican Senator Richard Burr, sent to the Senate by insouciant North Carolinians, expressed his complete brainwashing by alleging, ignorantly, that Assange and WikiLeaks have “effectively acted as an arm of the Russian intelligence providers for years.” The brainwashed Republican Senator from Nebraska, Ben Sasse, referred to as Assange “a depraved software of Vladimir Putin and the Russian intelligence providers” who “deserves to spend the remainder of his life in jail.”

This extraordinary degree of ignorance and pre-trial accusations by US Senators prejudice Assange’s trial so severely that if America had trustworthy judges the case can be dismissed on the grounds that an unbiased jury cannot be shaped.

Not the Democrats. The Hillary clique are having orgasms over the prospect that Assange will find yourself like Gaddafi. The brainwashed Democratic Senator from Virginia, Mark Warner, showed his complete ignorance of what is transpiring in front of his blind eyes when the idiot stated of Assange: “what he’s actually grow to be is a direct participant in Russian efforts to undermine the West and a dedicated confederate in efforts to undermine American security.”

Not the liberal/progressive/left. In thrall to Id Politics, our “conscience class” want Assange flayed alive. He is a white male liable for slavery, for rape, for discrimination towards ladies, blacks, homosexuals and various genders. The liberal/progressive/left’s angle is: If we will’t get him for these reasons, let them get him for being a Russian spy.

Maybe probably the most absurd cost comes from Veterans In the present day which describes Assange as “king of the Deep State, European Freemasonry and marriage with Zionism” and alleges that Wikileaks was created to launder Mossad disinformation and enjoys the protection of the Rothschild family.

All are too stupid and filled with hate to understand that with Julian Assange goes the First Amendment.

One wonders what the fool Atlanticist Integrationists in Russia are considering as they advocate sacrificing Russian sovereignty as a way to be part of the West. Why do they need to be a part of a merciless, inhumane empire that has no concern for fact, justice, and human life? Is it the cash that the Atlanticist Integrationists want, invites to speak at American universities? How can anybody be so stupid as to need to be a part of a felony group?

What the West wants is someone to stamp it out. The West is evil past the which means of the word.

How do these of us who love our nation defend it when our government invades on the idea of clear lies other nations for the sake of profit, when our government commits high treason by attacking the US Constitution, and when our government punishes fact and people who reveal fact?

Take into consideration the rising crimes committed by US governments because the Clinton regime towards the U.S. Constitution, worldwide regulation, and America’s fame. Clinton violated Washington’s promise to Russia that NATO wouldn’t be moved to Russia’s border and committed struggle crimes by illegally bombing Serbia and murdering 500,000 Iraqi youngsters with sanctions. The NATO vassals participated in the crimes. George W. Bush illegally invaded and bombed nations, repealed habeas corpus and asserted the facility to detain US residents indefinitely without trial or conviction. Obama destroyed Libya, tried to destroy Syria, overthrew the democratically elected presidents of Honduras and Ukraine, and murdered US residents with out due strategy of regulation. The Trump regime is busy at work murdering the First Modification and overthrowing the democratically elected president of Venezuela.

It’s extraordinary that the world accepts the extraterritoriality of US regulation. There isn’t any foundation for the absurd claim that the US serves as the legislative physique for your complete world.

Washington pronounces that it has selected the president of Venezuela, a Washington puppet who not solely was not elected by the Venezuelan individuals however has never been a candidate in a presidential election, and the announcement that Washington has chosen the president of Venezuela turns into the idea for overthrowing a democratic authorities. The legendary “Western Democracies” line up behind the lie to be able to help Washington in plundering a country.

This is “Western democracy” because it actually is. We must be very ashamed that we, the individuals, permitted america government to degenerate into criminality and barbarity.

Caitlin Johnstone exhibits here how completely and irredeemably corrupt are the US and UK governments.

John Pilger demonstrates here that tyranny has displaced democracy in the US and UK, each of which at the moment are formally Gestapo states.

This text was originally revealed at on April 15, 2019.