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The Assange/Manning Cases Discredit Humanity

The Fake Charge Against Julian Assange Proves That the US Government Has No Integrity

The rule of regulation has given strategy to regulation as a weapon in the palms of government.

Everybody who’s aware of the US government’s extraordinary felony actions at residence and overseas bears a heavy weight.

The hundreds of thousands of peoples murdered, maimed, orphaned, widowed, and displaced by gratuitous American army aggression comprise a Holocaust of deaths based mostly solely on lies and false accusations with a view to advance secret American and Israeli agendas.

I think that the heavy burden of duty for mass murder and destruction committed in our identify is the rationale most People favor the pretend news fed to them about how good and fantastic and distinctive we’re and how exhausting our authorities works to guard us from the nasty people elsewhere.

This storyline converts the illegal brutal conflict crimes of the US government towards ladies, youngsters, defenseless residents, faculties, wedding ceremony parties, funerals, and farmers of their fields into superb and brave defenses of our liberty and virtue.

If you’d like the reality, watch the video leaked by Manning of US troops having fun with themselves whereas from the air they machine-gun reporters and harmless civilians walking along a road and comply with up by machine-gunning a father and his two younger youngsters, babies, who stopped to assist the wounded bleeding in the street.

The leak of the video that confirmed the true picture of Washington’s wars is the rationale Manning was tortured and imprisoned. It is the one that informed the truth, not the criminals who dedicated the murders, who was punished.

I agree that the pretend story of America’s ethical worthiness is far easier to reside with than it’s to bear the disgrace of the true story. However in the long run the pretend story destroys our liberty even more utterly than would conquest by a overseas opponent.

Individuals are extra suspicious of an occupying power than they’re of their own government and are less more likely to consider overseas occupiers once they misinform them. In contrast, a individuals’s personal government can lure them in a false consciousness and hold them there with pretend information.

Wherever one seems to be at the conduct of People in the present day, from airline flight attendants to police to national security advisors and secretaries of state, one sees individuals devoid of ethical conscience, integrity, compassion, empathy, and self-control.

For unreasonable and petty spite alone, a feminine airline attendant on a long-delayed Southwest Airline flight referred to as police and had a person to whom she took a dislike arrested and taken off the airplane. All the passengers protested to the police that the arrested individual had carried out nothing, however the cops didn’t pay attention. That they had another sufferer to abuse. Was the victimization of this individual the results of Id Politics educating ladies to hate men?

Just lately, a black lady pushed an aged white male off a bus into the road simply because he interrupted her harangue of other passengers by telling her she must be nicer to individuals. He died from his accidents. Was this murderous act the product of Id Politics educating black People to hate white People?

Trump’s crazed conflict felony national safety adviser, John Bolton, and the fool secretary of state, Pompeo, need to trigger large civilian deaths in Iran and Venezuela. Iran is to be overthrown for Israel, and Venezuela for US oil corporations.

The motives are blatant and apparent, but Bolton and Pompeo are usually not denounced and compelled to resign for his or her shameful murderous intentions.

But, in the event that they used the n-word or sexually harassed a lady, they must resign.

This demonstrates the twisted and sick state of American morality at the moment. Bombing individuals is suitable, but words may really harm them.

Washington’s case towards Julian Assange is so contrived and so weak, that the corrupt US lawyer assigned to frame-up Assange has resorted to persecution of Manning in an effort to coerce false testimony towards Assange from Manning.

After being tortured and serving seven years in jail for revealing a US struggle crime, as Manning was required to do beneath the US army code, Manning was pardoned by President Obama. Now Manning is again in jail for a second time after being pardoned, as a result of Manning won’t cooperate within the frame-up of Assange by giving false testimony to a grand jury.

With out false testimony, the corrupt US lawyer hasn’t a case that would get a conviction from even the standard insouciant American jury, usually a set of gullible individuals simply manipulated by the prosecutor.

When Manning was imprisoned for 63 days for refusing to tell lies about Assange, Manning spent 28 of those days in solitary confinement. Why?

Every week after Manning was launched, the corrupt US lawyer referred to as Manning once more earlier than the grand jury that the corrupt US lawyer is using to contrive a case towards Assange. Once more Manning refused to cooperate in the frame-up, and was once more held in contempt and once more remanded into federal prison.

This time a corrupt US federal district decide, Anthony Trenga, added to Manning’s jail time a day by day effective of $500 rising to $1,000 day by day after 60 days. In different phrases, the corrupt decide helps the corrupt US lawyer to coerce Manning into cooperating in a frameup of Assange.

People want to know that their judges will not be judges. They are operatives of the American police state.

Once I characterize the US lawyer and decide as corrupt, I don’t imply that they are taking cash, though that can’t be ruled out. I mean that they’re corrupt within the sense that they have abandoned the rule of regulation and do not see their perform as serving justice.

The US Structure and its amendments establish regulation as a defend of the individuals towards coercive and arbitrary actions of presidency, but the US lawyer and decide are utilizing regulation as a weapon towards people towards whom authorities want revenge.

For years we now have been witnessing the rule of regulation being attacked from every degree, from the president to the native police. See Roberts and Stratton, The Tyranny of Good Intentions.

Nobody has protested the open and highly visible effort to pressure Manning to commit perjury that can be utilized to construct a case towards Assange or in any other case be imprisoned for “contempt” and fined into penury.

The despicable liberal-progressive-left whores that comprise the US print and TV media and NPR won’t protest the injustice. They hate Manning and Assange for having more integrity than all of them collectively.

The conservative speak radio hosts gained’t protest the try and coerce Manning, because they love Trump, Washington’s wars, and hate “anti-People,” which is everybody who dares inform the reality concerning the US. On conservative speak radio on Might 17, I heard one well-liked host say “I am joyful Manning is in jail.”

No US senators or representatives and neither the Senate or Home judiciary committee sees something untoward in forcing an American citizen to supply the needed lies for framing up the world’s greatest journalist.

Regulation faculties and bar associations are usually not demanding the corrupt US lawyer to be disbarred for violating each principle laid down by US Lawyer Basic, Surpreme Courtroom Justice, and Nuremberg prosecutor Robert Jackson. Nor are they demanding the impeachment of the corrupt federal district decide, who maybe has his eye on appointment to the appeals courtroom for his cooperation in ending off the First Modification.

The American individuals are too insouciant and brainwashed to know what is occurring. Regardless, they are as powerless as third world peasants who’ve a dictator’s boot on their necks.

The “Western democracies”—what a joke—have not raised a voice at the US authorities’s public show of intimidation of a witness, at the US government’s use of imprisonment and coercive fines in a public display of forcing a person to lie in order that the US government can get revenge on a journalist who revealed leaked materials that show conclusively that the US authorities is a deranged struggle felony, a liar and deceiver of its dumbshit allies and inhabitants, and the greatest menace to peace and stability on the earth.

Assange could be saved by prosecutors with a responsible conscience in Sweden, the nation during which Assange’s troubles started.

Assange’s troubles began in Sweden where two ladies enthralled together with his superstar individually invited him into their beds. One among them turned alarmed when he did not use a condom. To reassure herself that he did not have a sexually transmitted disease, she asked him to take a check. He foolishly refused. She went to the police, not to report a rape however to inquire if Assange could possibly be pressured to undergo testing. The opposite lady came upon concerning the different lady, and was indignant that she was not the one lady in his sexual life.

It was the police and a feminist prosecutor taught to hate males who made it right into a rape investigation. But as the women stated it was consensual intercourse, the fees have been dropped. Assange was launched and free to go away Sweden.

His second mistake was to go to England, an American puppet state. Once Assange was in Britain, he was nearly as good as in Washington’s palms. Washington inspired a second Swedish feminist prosecutor to reopen the case. As there were no fees towards Assange, all of the feminist prosecutor might do was to attempt to extradite Assange for more questioning.

Once Sweden had him, the expectation was that Washington would pay the bribe for his extradition to the US. Normally, extradition requires formal fees, however Sweden had none. Normally, there isn’t any extradition for questioning. However a corrupt British courtroom, maybe properly paid by Washington, agreed to the extradition for questioning and positioned Assange underneath house arrest underneath a large bond paid, if memory serves, by Sir James Goldsmith’s daughter.

Whether or not Sir James’ daughter understood it, Assange and his legal professionals understood that he was in line to be delivered to Sweden and from there to the Washington torturers. Subsequently, asylum was arranged for Assange in the Ecuadoran Embassy where he lived seven years until a Washington-compliant and corrupt Ecuadoran president, nicely paid with an IMF loan, gained energy and revoked Assange’s asylum.

The British police then did Washington’s bidding and dragged Assange out of the embassy and positioned him in a most security prison as if he have been some kind of dangerous legal.

The second Swedish prosecutor had ultimately consented to interviewing Assange within the Ecuadoran Embassy in London and afterward dropped her extradition request, and the case was closed for the second time.

However the corrupt British legal system, which is nearly as corrupt because the American one, put Assange in jail for 50 weeks based mostly on “bail jumping” although the extradition request from Sweden on which the bail was based mostly was withdrawn.

Now Washington’s British vassal is considering the request from Britain’s Washington master handy over Assange for torture, confession, and demise or long-term imprisonment. However abruptly Sweden has found that there’s “nonetheless possible cause” that not using a condom could possibly be a sexual offense and have once more requested Britain handy Assange over to Sweden.

Is that this a rescue try on Sweden’s half to make up for having ruined the lifetime of the world’s greatest journalist? Or is it Washington’s insurance coverage policy towards the British coming to their senses and, on the idea of justice, refusing Washington’s extradition order?

In England the choice is as much as the House Secretary, Sajid Javid, who just isn’t of British ethnicity. Hopefully, he is an immigrant from one of many abused colonies and will stick his finger in the UK/US eye and turn Assange over to Sweden where he’s unlikely to be convicted for partaking in unprotected sex.

Hopefully, Assange won’t be so stupid as to then travel to a different Washington puppet state. If he does, he will expertise his tribulation once more.

However Washington pays so properly I doubt Assange can escape. The corrupt Western media is towards him because Assange exhibits them up as devoid of an oz of integrity and devoid of the follow of journalism.

The American presstitutes don’t care concerning the First Modification. As they never inform the truth, they don’t need First Modification safety.

Washington, which claims to characterize the American individuals, is for struggle and more warfare. Bolton intends that the US will, for Israel, attack Iran and create chaos there as was created in Iraq and Libya, and in addition in Syria previous to the Russian intervention.

Underneath neoconserative and Israeli management, America has grow to be a deranged nation, distrusted by different governments and thought of the first menace to peace and life on earth.

Every American must be ashamed. But they don’t seem to be. Sooner or later, the Russians, Chinese language, Europeans, Iranians, and everyone else will lastly understand, hopefully before it is too late, that Washington is overwhelmed by evil, capable only of destruction, and a dangerous menace to life on earth.

This article was originally revealed at on Might 20, 2019.