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Colour Key




Poor Dean; he was so absent from the episode that I had to make use of a screenshot of him from the premiere. In contrast to final week, there was nothing here to scrape Dean an UTR1 score. He’s still but to receive a confessional, and he wasn’t even talked about in passing.

What does this mean? Properly, an UTR1 adopted by an INV is tough to spin into a constructive. No confessionals two episodes in would recommend Dean’s odds of profitable are little to none. We still don’t know anything about him or his recreation. I feel when you confirmed most viewers his picture and stated this guy is on the season, they’d assume you have been mendacity.

Are there any execs? Properly, I’ll say that the Lairo tribe as an entire had a very underwhelming edit this week. The one three to get actual focus have been Aaron, Chelsea, and Missy—and a quick confessional every from Tom and Vince. Everyone else was pretty much sidelined as the main target was on Vokai and the Island of the Idols. So Dean isn’t the one one within the Invisible boat this week, although he is the only individual with zero confessionals general.

It’s nonetheless potential that Dean’s story is presently in a waiting room until it’s mandatory for the wider narrative. As I stated last week, maybe Dean makes it to a swap and makes necessary connections with members of the Vokai tribe. If that’s the case, it might just be that Dean isn’t related to the plot proper now and so there isn’t a point wasting air-time. That does recommend, nevertheless, that Dean’s edit shouldn’t be a precedence, no matter how lengthy he’s round.

Karishma joins Dean within the cloak of invisibility. The INV score isn’t a terrific look for anybody, but in contrast to Dean, at the least, Karishma had a strong premiere that launched us to her and her recreation.

It might have been good to listen to a minimum of a quick confessional from Karishma explaining why she voted out Ronnie. Final week, she was introduced as a swing vote, so a follow-up right here would have instructed editorial significance. We didn’t get that, so now we must query simply how very important Karishma is to the general story of the season.

As with Dean, the saving grace right here is that Lairo was underedited throughout the episode. The 2 most important scenes have been the post-Tribal fallout with Aaron, and then Chelsea’s fire-making/idol discover. Subsequently, it wasn’t important to listen to from Karishma… so long as we catch up with her next week. If she’s absent once more next episode, then we’ll really should reconsider her half in this season.

Right now, Karishma is sort of on ice. She did say last week that she plans to be “cool, calm, and picked up,” so perhaps it was a great factor that she wasn’t involved in the slightly heated post-Tribal rigidity. Not being out in the forefront at present works for her story, however she doesn’t need to disappear for too lengthy.


Elizabeth rounds out the trio of Invisibles. It was definitely quite the difference from her overexposed first episode edit. However the reality she was such an enormous part of the premiere helps temper the INV score ever so slightly.

As I stated with Karishma, it might have been applicable to listen to from Elizabeth following the final Tribal Council. In any case, she lost her vote last week and was additionally arrange as being considerably in the middle. But there was no follow-up on any of that. Does that imply Elizabeth’s edit is only circumstantial and solely acquired all that air-time last week because she went to the Island of the Idols? To an extent, perhaps, however she did also get a strong introduction within the premiere before the IOI go to.

My learn on Elizabeth’s edit right now’s that she has mid-level significance. I feel she’ll be the type of character who turns into relevant when her tribe attends Tribal Council, but when that isn’t the case, she’ll take a backseat to the extra essential stories. A number of her story last week revolved around being a competitor, and it felt to me like that might be a big a part of her character arc. There wasn’t actually anyplace to fit that story into this episode, and subsequently she wasn’t wanted.

I nonetheless assume given final week’s introduction that Elizabeth has longevity, but right now, the query is just how related she might be on a week-to-week foundation.

Additionally, one final thing, which is relevant to all three of those Invisibles, is the issue of the Island of the Idols. The twist eats up a sizable chunk of the screen-time, and now that we’re in regular 42-minute episodes, I anticipate we’ll be seeing more INV scores than we’d have completed in any other case. Subsequently, that provides just a little bit of leeway to these INV edits.

Underneath the Radar


Elaine is another character that dropped considerably after such an enormous premiere edit. She wasn’t utterly absent, as we heard from her at first of the episode within the post-Tribal sequence. There was no confessional, however she advised Aaron why he was stored out of the loop and explained that she doesn’t want the Ronnie vote to tear the tribe aside.

Outdoors of that temporary opening, that was all we heard from Elaine across the episode. A confessional would have been good, particularly as she thought she was in peril final week and had an emotional outpouring at Tribal. But as with Karishma and Elizabeth, there was no such follow-up, although, as mentioned, at the very least we did hear her discussing the vote end in camp.

What lands in Elaine’s favor is that she obtained such a big introduction last week. We discovered a bunch about her, she acquired a ton of positivity, she was part of alliances, and her character really popped on the display. So it’s not like individuals will all of the sudden overlook who Elaine is as a result of she disappeared for one episode. It does, nevertheless, slightly decrease her winner possibilities, as I consider we might have had a post-Tribal confessional if that was the case.

With so much happening on Vokai and the Island of the Idols, I feel we will considerably forgive Elaine’s quieter edit this week. I nonetheless anticipate her to be a huge character of the season, though if she needs to be a contender, we’ll want to hear more recreation speak from her next week.


A quiet episode for Tom coming off a semi-decent edit final week. There was no recreation speak or personal content here—no follow-up on his alliance with Elaine and Vince. He principally had a quick narrational confessional that was used to prop up Chelsea’s positivity.

I stated final week that Tom wanted extra individualized content. That didn’t happen in this episode. His content principally helps others: Elaine and Vince in the premiere and now Chelsea on this episode. He and Aaron have been proven failing to make hearth, only for Chelsea to return along and start it within minutes. “Chelsea, like, within two minutes, acquired the hearth going, and it shocked us. Shocked me for positive,” he stated.

It’s not the first time Tom has been shocked by someone else’s expertise, he stated an analogous thing final week relating to Vince. I’m wondering if Tom’s shock is meant to spotlight him underestimating his competition? It’s exhausting to say as a result of it’s not as if Tom is adverse in the direction of these shocks. And he talked final week about how a successful group isn’t all about bodily power. But that’s now twice the place Tom has proven shock at the capabilities of his fellow tribemates.

The only other probably related a part of Tom’s confessional was the quote about Chelsea’s hearth expertise “ruining his male ego” for the remainder of his life. He stated it in a jokingly method, nevertheless it continues the female empowerment narrative, which has been a robust aspect of the season up to now. Maybe Tom will ultimately understand how dominant the women on his tribe are and try and do some injury to their alliance?

General, there nonetheless isn’t enough individual content to hook me into Tom’s edit. There’s nothing about his private recreation or where he sees himself going. So, while he’s at the very least receiving air-time, I’m unsure I can see the place Tom matches into the narrative long-term.


Not a terrific deal from Dan this episode. The state of affairs with Kellee continues to be hanging within the air, however there was no follow-up on it this week. He was around the edges of the episode, but he wasn’t a central participant, therefore the UTR2 score.

There was no confessional from Dan this week, but we did see him in a few conversations. He was principally there to throw shade on Noura. Early within the episode, he stated that he had to stroll away from Noura as a result of “she’s all the time complaining.” And later, we noticed him in the shelter laughing with Molly about Noura’s numerous annoyances. It added to Noura’s negativity and painted Dan as part of Molly’s alliance.

Nevertheless, Dan ultimately voted towards Molly, but we never noticed his specific reasoning as to why. The move towards Molly was not informed from his perspective, nor did we get his reaction when the vote flipped, as we did with say, Tommy. However he did contact on it slightly at Tribal Council. “I feel the individuals enjoying this recreation are a bit of degree smarter than ‘who’s irritating me immediately?’” he explained. “So, I do assume this is gonna be extra of a chess play than a checkers play.”

That quote advised us that Dan was conscious of the vote shift and that he wasn’t voting based mostly on who was getting on his nerves (Noura), but as an alternative making the smarter recreation move (Molly). You can additionally tie this again to the Dan and Kellee state of affairs final week. Dan’s touchy-feely-ness was irritating a few of his tribemates, and it might very nicely have blown up into an enormous factor. But Dan and Kellee talked it out and put apart the irritation and moved forward in the recreation.

It also needs to be talked about, although, that Dan was proved improper, as I suspected he can be. Keep in mind final week, he stated that Jason was doomed and that it was inconceivable for him to dig himself out of the grave? Properly, Jason dug his approach out of that hole and survived the vote. That means not to put full faith in Dan’s statements going ahead.

Janet had an enormous highlight on her in the premiere together with her fire-making and problem prowess, however she took a backseat in episode two. I’m nonetheless not fairly positive what to make of Janet’s edit. There are elements of it I really like after which different features that have me scratching my chin.

The constructive here is that, regardless that she didn’t obtain a confessional, we heard Janet’s thoughts on the vote. She was one of the individuals Lauren approached with the thought to vote out Molly. In that scene, Janet shared her opinion on Molly, stating that she’s a “sensible player” who has the “boys wrapped round her finger.” It was then Janet who approached Tommy to inform him of the change of plan. There was no additional enlargement on these thoughts, therefore the UTR, nevertheless it was simply sufficient to get an concept of the place Janet’s head was at.

The downside is that we still don’t know a lot about Janet’s alliances or relationships. Examine that to others on Vokai—we had the bulk six alliance final week, the Tommy & Jack bond, the Jack/Jamal/Molly trio, and Jason & Noura. It’s unclear where precisely Janet sits within the tribe. However that could possibly be intentional. It does appear to be Janet is somewhat of a mother figure who individuals belief and come to with their issues. We saw it final week when Kellee and Molly went to her with their Dan issues, and then once more, this week, it was Janet who Lauren went to for her thoughts on Molly.

I still really feel fairly good about Janet for now. She hasn’t acquired any negativity or any main purple flags. But if she goes to be an important character or winner contender, I want to see a correct alliance or relationship set up within the subsequent couple of weeks.

Center of the Street

Ahh, Molly. I used to be kicking myself studying back my Edgic from last week. There were moments where I was hovering round the proper concept after which type of talked myself out of it. I assume I ought to have listened to Rob and Sandra and trusted my gut!

Wanting again, there have been undoubtedly indicators that Molly was in imminent danger. I touched upon it once I referenced her confessional about not wanting drama in the tribe and how she put all that blame on Jason. It was clear that there was potential for loads of other drama on Vokai outdoors of Jason—some of it within Molly’s personal alliance. “I do assume it’s meant to inform us that there’s multiple reason for drama on this tribe and how Molly handles that will probably be vital to her story this season,” I stated last week.

However I was thrown off by one subtitled quote: “Molly, you’re so perceptive.” As I stated in final week’s write-up, when a quote is “unnecessarily” subtitled, it have to be there for a cause. On the time, I took it at face worth to mean that Molly is perceptive and, subsequently, one to observe this season. I didn’t pay attention to who truly stated the quote. It was Lauren—the very one that spearheaded Molly’s ouster this week.

Now we all know that the quote wasn’t there to prop up Molly, it was there to help Lauren. It informed us that Lauren was aware of how sensible and dangerous Molly is and that she would must be taken care of shortly. That carried via to this episode with many Vokai members stating how much of a menace Molly was within the recreation. It finally led to Lauren leading the charge to take Molly down. And yes, that clam water attack final week WAS foreshadowing a blindside—I’ll never doubt animal Edgic ever again.

The entire vibe around Molly this episode was damaging. It started virtually immediately with Molly saying that “nobody has ever picked on me,” which tied into this ‘highschool cool youngsters versus the nerds’ story. A variety of the destructive SPV (second-person visibility) came from Noura, who referred to as Molly weak, catty, and lazy. Noura also referred to Molly as the “Queen Majesty” operating the tribe—at first, we had purpose to doubt Noura, however throughout the episode, this opinion was backed up by several different gamers.

There have been some remarks that you possibly can take as a constructive. Individuals noticed Molly as a menace as a result of she was “sensible” and “charming” and “Parvati 2.zero.” However I don’t assume any of that was sufficient to quell the overall destructive tone of her edit. The negativity of Molly and the Royal Trio was supported by the edit, which definitely favored the “freaks and geeks” over the “cool youngsters.”

Molly herself by no means quite moved into CP territory. Her confessionals have been principally surface-level—all about wanting Noura out because she discovered her annoying or “erratic” and how it might be an “straightforward vote.” It referred to as again to final week with Molly wanting to maintain a drama-free tribe. She noticed Noura as drama and subsequently thought it will be easy to only nip that within the bud and “have a nice afternoon.” But Molly overlooked what was really happening within the tribe and paid the last word worth.


This was an fascinating episode for Jack, and one which I feel will prove quite necessary in the long-run. He was part of that “cool youngsters” trio and was blindsided by the vote, however you’ll discover that he was closely protected all through the episode. His low visibility felt intentional in my eyes.

Whereas Jack was named as a member of the “Royal Celebration” alliance, he never acquired the burial that Molly and Jamal did. Molly was clearly the primary focus, seeing as she obtained blindsided, and Jamal was shown to be overconfident and dismissive of his opponents. Jack, for probably the most part, took a backseat. He never acquired direct NSPV and wasn’t shown to be underestimating his fellow players. Actually, he was barely proven in any respect.

On prime of that, within the one confessional Jack did obtain, he revealed more of his character and his objectives for being on Survivor. It had no real correlation to the occasions of this episode—aside from maybe displaying us that he didn’t dislike Noura in the identical means his allies did. Speaking about Noura’s yoga session, Jack stated, “Noura sounded exactly like all yoga courses. I like it. This can be a distinctive experience, and I’m realizing that I don’t need to be sitting behind a desk, or sporting a go well with, I need to have a freaking journey and have a very good time. So yeah, I feel really good here.”

You might take a look at that final line as being just a little undermining, provided that he was overlooked of the vote at the finish of the episode. However I feel the primary take away here is that Jack is soaking up the Survivor experience and having fun with every second of it. It additionally tells us that he’s right here for the adventure, which has parts of progress edit to it. Jack has set himself a objective outdoors of profitable—he is having an experience the place he will study himself and what he needs to do in the future.

The opposite constructive for Jack is that he has different tales outdoors of this “cool youngsters” embarrassment. Not only does he have the adventure story, however he has a reference to Tommy. We saw the two of them type a bond in the premiere, and on this episode, Tommy spoke about Jack being his closest ally and probably dropping him if he voted towards Molly. This sets up an intriguing fallout for the subsequent episode.

So while this wasn’t a perfect episode for Jack by any means, there was enough editorial safety that means to me he has longevity on this recreation.

Chelsea discovering an idol made good sense after her premiere edit. Her content final week was all about idols and paranoia, and lo and behold, she luggage herself an idol this week. On the floor, this seemed like a very good episode for Chelsea, however I still have my considerations.

To start with, the positive-tone to her edit was obvious. Not solely did she start the hearth, however she began it after the blokes have been proven to be ineffective at it. She acquired reward from Tom and her other tribemates, and the whole scene had a positive-slant to it. This was a probably nice launching pad to study more about Chelsea and her recreation, but her confessional, truthfully, left quite a bit to be desired.

We discovered that she’s a “superfan” and that she looks like she’s in a “good place” as a result of the “5 women” have the numbers. She then talked about how the women are dominating and doing a lot better than the blokes. There was nothing notably complicated right here, therefore the MOR score, and it felt extra about pushing this female-empowerment theme than it did build up Chelsea’s private recreation.

Then she found the idol and gave a confessional narrating the moment. “I’ve dreamed of this moment, and I can’t consider it happened. I used to be pumped,” she stated. It was a pleasant second, however it didn’t have the pomp and extravagance of past idols finds—examine it to Kellee’s idol scene later in the episode. This one virtually felt rushed.

The confessional then ended similarly to the first one—putting down the blokes and speaking up the women. “Thankfully, these guys don’t know what’s happening. They don’t know there’s a women’ alliance. They don’t know easy methods to make hearth. And clearly, they don’t know the way to discover a hidden immunity idol,” she stated. “I don’t know what’s happening of their head, but the recreation has started, they usually’re behind.”

Why does this give me concern? There was a slight component of overconfidence—and we saw how that labored out for Molly and Jamal this episode. I’m also concerned that we haven’t seen any of Chelsea’s relationships. Sure, she talked about the women’ alliance, but we haven’t seen any one-on-one bonds. In reality, we haven’t seen any vital proof of how tight the women’ alliance is yet. Last week, we noticed an emphasis on the Elaine/Tom/Vince trio, and this week, there was a deliberate scene between Missy and Aaron.

These are my causes for concern: the idols, the paranoia, the overconfidence, the shortage of private improvement and relationships. Subsequent week we actually want to hear extra about Chelsea’s particular person recreation and who she considers her closest allies.

Over The Prime


Aaron was a troublesome one to call this week. I used to be stuck between MORN and OTTN for an extended while. And initially, I assumed that Missy saying she “understood” his anger helped quell the OTT-ness. However I feel that was more of a reflection on Missy than it was Aaron. It confirmed that she has empathy, however regardless of that, Aaron still refused to vary his ways. So OTT it is I’m afraid. 

This episode simply wasn’t an awesome look for Aaron. He obtained bested at the first vote, however quite than attempt to understand what happened, he was shown to be petulant and dismissive. When Missy tried to cause with him and supply an olive branch, he simply stored speaking about how he couldn’t trust the tribe anymore. “Everyone is saying the appropriate things, but I don’t belief anybody… at all,” he stated in confessional. “Fool me once, disgrace on you, fool me twice, that’s not gonna occur. And unfortunately for them, their day will come.”

All of this made Aaron look petty and vindictive. And just to add to how ridiculous Aaron was on this second, the digital camera targeted on Missy leaving the dialog with a glance of shock on her face. As if that wasn’t dangerous enough, later in the episode, he was proven failing to make hearth and then making an incorrect name in confessional. “If I was a gambling individual proper now, I might guess that tonight once once more we’re gonna get moist, be chilly, and it sucks,” he predicted. Then Chelsea instantly made hearth. Good job he’s not a playing man!

So, the place does Aaron go from right here? The unfavourable, one-note vibe to his edit is definitely hurting his winner possibilities. And his incorrect calls don’t fill me with confidence in his recreation. But I feel there’s a minimum of a glimmer of hope in that dialog with Missy. That should have been shown for a cause. It might just have been to point out that Aaron is a nasty listener and ruined his probabilities of a recreation relationship. Nevertheless it may be foreshadowing of a connection for later down the street.

There’s additionally a suggestion that Aaron might search revenge on his tribe at a swap. That’s not just because of the “their time will come” speak, but final week he specifically questioned Elaine’s loyalty at a swap—that would have been ironic foreshadowing.


Vince was another troublesome one to price. His visibility was so low, but his one scene and confessional was so one-note. OTT just seemed to suit the most effective in this circumstance.

Very similar to Aaron, Vince was proven to be indignant coming back to camp. “How the f**okay did my identify come up?” he stated. “Was I the weakest?” It was a bit bit out of nowhere, seeing as he only acquired two votes, and certainly one of them was from Ronnie, who was eliminated. The remainder of the tribe assured him that he wasn’t weak. It was then Vince’s confessional that tipped the OTT scale. “We obtained back from Tribal, my ass was like, ‘perhaps I should simply be good, like, it’s okay… it’s only a recreation,’ however I was like ‘f**okay no,’ that’s not who I am,” he stated.

This was fairly a turnaround from the rounded, complicated view we received of Vince last week. It confirmed us that he’s a character that isn’t capable of maintain his tongue. It also paints him as more of a character than a player. That would probably get him into hassle down the road.

There’s not much else to say for Vince this week. A number of his edit continues to be counting on what we noticed in the premiere. We all know he has the connection with Elaine and Tom, we know Sandra likes him, and we all know somewhat about his Hmong background. Now we also know he has a feisty aspect.


Jamal was completely buried by the edit this week. Like with Molly, I feel like I used to be hovering around the right learn with Jamal last week when he talked about how the tribe was chilling. “There was perhaps some slight editorial undermining right here, provided that what got here subsequent was the scene of Jason idol looking and the tribe turning towards him. Perhaps things weren’t as chill as Jamal believed?” I stated.

Things undoubtedly weren’t as chill as Jamal believed, as we noticed all through this episode. He was namechecked as part of the “cool youngsters” trio, and unlike Jack, he didn’t receive any editorial safety. Jamal was painted as boastful and oblivious. “I’ve a decent alliance happening with Molly and Jack, where we’re making an attempt to be this unsuspecting alliance who type of moves the vote underneath the radar,” he stated. “I feel we’re really impressed with ourselves, and stunned that we’re dealing with this so nicely.”

In fact, Jamal’s alliance was anything but “unsuspecting.” As Lauren stated, “a blind man can see that these three are operating the game.” Jamal thought the vote was so simple that he beneficial taking a “midday nap.” The digital camera then targeted on Jamal sleeping at camp… twice. I’ve talked earlier than about how it’s dangerous to be shown sleeping in the course of the day when others are working or strategizing. It’s dangerous enough when it’s a quick shot, however this was a closely targeted on close-up backed up by phrases. Jamal was sleeping on the job while the vote was turning towards his alliance.

His edit was already leaning OTT, however what actually pushed it over the edge was his quote at Tribal Council about how the game was solely in first gear. It was terribly cocky and introduced as such, all to make the upcoming blindside that a lot sweeter. The edit didn’t maintain back from making Jamal appear to be a fool, which at the very least suggests he’s not as necessary to the general season narrative as Jack, who a minimum of was shielded from this blatant negativity.

Are there any positives for Jamal? Nicely, as with Jack, he was referenced as an in depth ally of Tommy. “If this happens, I’m dropping two of my closest allies in Jamal and Jack,” Tommy stated earlier than the vote. That gives him with a connection and potential story shifting ahead. So, while I can’t imagine Jamal profitable the season after this edit, it’s not inconceivable for him to recuperate game-wise.


Wow, what to say about Noura? This was an enormous, extremely visible OTT edit… but not completely without depth. Yes, most viewers will keep in mind the craziness and the dancing and the acute yoga, however underneath the floor, there have been some positives here.

As I stated last week, Noura’s edit is strongly related to Jason, and that continued to be the case this episode. The 2 of them have a robust ‘odd couple’ relationship, which is introduced as real and authentic. We are meant to see them as “underdogs,” the “misfits,” the “freaks and geeks.” For all of Noura’s annoying character traits, this relationship is coated in positivity, and that is why it’s unimaginable to provide Noura a straight-up N-tone.

At first of the episode, it appeared like we have been in for a basic “loopy woman” downfall edit. Noura bickered together with her tribemates about their work ethic and acquired a bunch of NSPV about her grating character and constant complaining. However then Noura had a chat with Jason where he managed to (considerably) calm her down. It was on this moment that we started to see one other aspect of Noura. She talked about how harmful Molly is as a player. She namechecked the core alliance of Molly, Jamal, and Jack (“the Queen, the King, and the Jack”), stated that Molly is their glue, and referred to as the “order of operations” as “me, then you definitely (Jason).”

Every thing Noura stated was backed-up by the b-roll footage. When she stated that Molly is weak round camp, we noticed footage of Molly pathetically chopping a coconut. When she named the trio, we minimize to scenes of them together. When she stated that Molly is the “glue” and that she’d in all probability be targeted first, we noticed Molly telling Jamal she’d want to take out Noura before Jason. “I may be convincing,” Molly stated. The edit was telling us Noura was right, it was just arduous to see at first resulting from all the OTT-ness, like the morning yoga class.

But as the episode rolled on, we continued to see that Noura had made the right calls, as different tribe members started to pinpoint Molly and the trio as dangerous. Lauren even echoed Noura’s phrases, calling Molly, Jamal, and Jack, the “Queen, King, and Jack.” Soon, Noura’s “revenge of the nerds” dream had come true, as nearly all of the tribe turned towards the “Royal Social gathering” and used Noura and Jason to take a shot at Molly.

The opposite constructive for Noura is that she gave some perception into her character at Tribal. “Most of my life, I’ve been on the outs, however that introduced me success,” she defined. “However what makes you cheerful is fitting in… and a few of my problems in precise life are being magnified on this recreation.” Despite the fact that she was piled on early within the episode, I feel this ended on a sweet observe for Noura. We obtained a better concept of who she is… though it wasn’t quite enough to tip that OTT into CP.

So, what now for Noura? The success of the “revenge of the nerds” plan might mean that that storyline is now over. If that’s the case, then Noura’s importance to the narrative may start to dwindle. But the relationship with Jason still seems relevant. It’s such a strongly introduced duo—the place both players touch upon each other—and people sorts of duos typically have narrative significance in Survivor.

Complicated Personalities

I feel we will safely say now that Jason is extra the David Wright/Mike White figure than the subsequent Jacob Derwin. All the projections about him being lifeless to rights by the likes of Dan proved false. Jason bounced again this week with a CP edit and narrative company.

While his confessionals alone won’t have been overly complicated, what pushed him into CP territory was his conversation on the seashore with Noura. Jason confirmed an understanding of the game and offered some actual, strong recommendation for his new pal. “This recreation is about the way you handle your nerves,” he stated, which is definitely related to this season with the Island of the Idols twist. He was also seen as a supportive good friend, recognizing that Noura was portray herself a target, but wanting to help her as a result of he “owed her one.”

Jason also gave another quote this episode that was not just relevant to the vote however to the wider theme of the season. Before Kellee left for the IOI, he informed her to “assume outdoors the box and assume nothing.” Kellee then repeated this chorus to herself. That is the sort of recommendation Rob and Sandra have been imparting on the IOI visitors, which suggests Jason has his head in the recreation. It additionally played an enormous half within the episode itself. The “cool youngsters” trio didn’t assume outdoors the field; they played it protected and assumed that they had the votes.

I assume you may dock Jason factors for not controlling the vote. He was brought into the plan by Lauren and expressed his surprise and pleasure in confessional. However he also acknowledged early in the episode that he didn’t have numbers and that it might take someone else stepping up. He additionally continued to take heed to his own advice. He never assumed it was a carried out deal: “Now, am I 100% certain of that? No, it sounds too good to be true.” And he also held his nerves whereas making sure that Noura stored in verify too (“no dancing.”).

This episode made me feel much more confident that Jason is on this for the long-haul. It’s the basic “beneath menace on day one then ends up powering via by hook or crook” narrative. I feel Sandra nailed his story throughout Tribal Council after he emptied his bag to prove he didn’t have an idol. “He’s making an attempt onerous,” she stated. I feel that is Jason’s arc. He’s going to do his damndest to survive and will by no means stop making an attempt until his torch is snuffed.


I stated last week that Lauren needed more game-related content, and she or he definitely received that in this episode. She was the driving drive behind the Molly vote and defined to us precisely why she was making the transfer. She didn’t have a ton of air-time, however when she was proven, she was introduced as perceptive and in management.

Lauren snapped into action after Jack and Jamal informed her what the vote was going to be. We saw her strategy Janet and Kellee to ask for their opinions on Molly. Janet put ahead that Molly was a sensible player who had the boys wrapped round her finger. That is what gave Lauren the ammunition she needed. “That’s why Molly needs to be first,” she said. As previously mentioned in Molly’s write-up, this ties again to last week when Lauren clocked that Molly was a “perceptive” participant.

“The most important menace right now’s Molly, and a blind man can see that these three [Molly/Jack/Jamal] are operating the game,” she stated in confessional. “Why get out the individuals like Jason and Noura once I can use them? And I don’t should be a sheep and be herded and be advised what to do.” Lauren informed us why she was concentrating on Molly (largest menace, operating the sport) and how she was going to do it (through the use of Jason and Noura). And we saw her put her words into action as she approached Jason with the plan. All of this accounted for her CP score.

All of this tells us that Lauren is a player, which she added to at Tribal when she acknowledged that the game is already in fourth gear. “Once you step on that seashore, you need to play wholeheartedly,” she stated. So, while we nonetheless don’t know much (any?) private information about Lauren, we will safely say that she is someone who is going to play arduous this season. The query is whether or not making this move so early will flip her into the subsequent largest menace on the seashore.

I principally feel good about Lauren’s edit, but there are a couple of downsides. Like I stated, we all know little or no about Lauren’s private life—she mentioned being married in the premiere, however that was extra about Tommy than it was Lauren. She hasn’t advised us her job or her objectives for being on Survivor. We also haven’t seen any deep connections. She was current in that majority alliance scene final week, but that alliance has already crumbled. We have to hear who Lauren trusts and needs to work with going ahead.


Missy teetered that line between MOR and CP this week. Finally, I felt that her confessional was individualized enough for a CP-lite score. She put what was occurring in the context of her own recreation and the way it helped or hindered her. It wasn’t rather a lot, however it was enough.

She was only really present firstly of the episode when Aaron was throwing his hissy fit concerning the previous vote. Missy informed us that she understood why Aaron was mad, while also explaining why that’s useful to her recreation. “But for me, that was good,” she stated. “With a guy gone, the women’ alliance is in management, however I do know for a undeniable fact that me and him can nonetheless work together.” Missy then approached Aaron in personal to attempt to clean issues over.

Now, Aaron didn’t actually take heed to what Missy had to say, or at the least, he didn’t tackle board what she was telling him. Missy was making an attempt to offer him a lifeline, however he type of threw it back in her face, which left her open-jawed at the end of the dialog. What I’m questioning is, are we presupposed to take this scene as foreshadowing that Missy and Aaron will ultimately work collectively? Or is it a set-up for them two butting heads someplace down the road? It was undoubtedly there for a cause, but I can’t fairly put my finger on it simply but.

Missy’s edit is strong to date. She’s been CP each weeks and all the time gets to talk about her recreation. She was additionally one of many small handful of Lairo players to obtain air-time this week. And she or he mentioned the ladies’s alliance again, which she acquired credit for establishing final week—so there’s consistency there. Though, as I stated in Chelsea’s write-up, we haven’t truly seen plenty of direct proof of this ladies’s alliance. It’s principally spoken about but not seen. And with that bizarre Aaron scene, it makes me question how a lot faith we should always put into the women’ alliance.


Tommy‘s edit continues to hit all the marks of that basic CP-potential-winner edit. He wasn’t instantly involved in the action, yet the episode still put a big concentrate on his thought process and response to what was occurring and how it affected his recreation.

He was principally within the background till after the problem, the place he was instantly thrust into this middle-man place. He was shown to be compassionate and conflicted—struggling to place aside his “instructor” aspect in favor of his “Survivor” aspect. “Everyone is on board to vote out Noura or Jason… I do feel dangerous for them,” he stated. “Coming into this recreation, I knew it was gonna be actually onerous for me to take ‘Instructor Tommy’ and put that apart and grow to be ‘Survivor Tommy’. But you’ll be able to’t put your neck out for someone… it’s every man for themselves.”

This confessional advised us plenty of issues. Firstly, it reminded us of Tommy’s job and gave us this narrative of the conflicted instructor. It showed us that he isn’t an entire game-bot and has feelings. And it additionally set-up his determination for later in the episode. He advised us that in Survivor, you possibly can’t put your neck on the road for anyone… which is what he would have been doing had he gone towards the Molly vote to save lots of his allies, Jack and Jamal. Additionally, I don’t learn his “everyone is on board to vote our Noura or Jason” as an excessive amount of of a unfavorable, as at that point within the episode, that was very a lot the case.

Nevertheless, the vote did ultimately change, and when Janet brought Tommy on top of things, the episode turned all about Tommy’s determination. “I do assume it’s somewhat too early to make this transfer, however they’re frightened of Molly,” he stated. “If this occurs, I’m dropping two of my closest allies in Jamal and Jack. I’m so torn, so torn.” Now, the very fact he ended up making this move might recommend he made the fallacious choice. Perhaps he’ll end up dropping Jack and Jamal as allies? Nevertheless, acknowledging the pros and cons not only provides him story potential, however it additionally exhibits a degree of care to his edit.

Tommy continued to fret concerning the vote leading as much as Tribal. He advised Kellee that it wasn’t the time and that the turmoil can be crazy. Again, this might recommend a serious fallout for Tommy next week. However the editorial focus makes me consider he’ll be high-quality, a minimum of for now. He acquired the ultimate confessional before Tribal, the place he talked concerning the “cool youngsters” versus “the nerds” and how it’s all about hanging with the suitable crew. He emphasized that although he may need to grasp with the “cool youngsters,” is that the appropriate selection for his recreation? “Which one is gonna get me the Survivor million dollars?” he stated.

Despite the fact that Jason and Noura have been within the hot-seat, and the “cool youngsters” acquired a roasting, and Lauren spearheaded the vote, it was Tommy and his choice that felt crucial. That might be as a result of it has instant repercussions. The Tommy & Jack relationship was established in the premiere, and so we should always anticipate new developments now that they’ve voted on reverse sides.

There’s undoubtedly a chance that the edit is telling us Tommy made a mistake and goes to pay for breaking his day one alliance. However the quantity of particular person focus and private content material to me suggests a long-term character of importance.


Kellee was this week’s Island of the Idols customer, and so came with it the large edit, identical to Elizabeth last week. Nevertheless, I favored Kellee’s content here lots better than Elizabeth’s, and not just because Kellee truly succeeded in her check.

Final week, I used to be slightly concerned that we didn’t get a correct introduction from Kellee. Her first introduction was as a “germaphobe” and instantly linked to the Dan touching scene. And although she dealt with that state of affairs in a posh method, I still needed to listen to extra about her recreation and private life disconnected from Dan. Thankfully, we received lots of that this episode and so we will sort of look past the misgivings in her premiere edit.

As with Elizabeth, a whole lot of Kellee’s content material was narration—a lot of speak about freaking out and not understanding what to expect. However she additionally took on board Jason’s “assume outdoors the field and assume nothing” mantra. She shortly took discover of the “check” mentioned in the IOI “oath,” which showed us that she had her considering cap on. “They learn it out loud, and there’s a line that catches my eye,” she stated, earlier than happening to share some personal information and the way it utilized to the state of affairs. “I’ve been to Harvard; I’ve been to Wharton. And the rationale I’m good at checks is because I’ve practiced for them. Going right into a check totally blind like that’s actually scary.”

When Kellee was introduced with the check, she took the time to assume it over. “I’m simply calculating all the things,” she stated. “I might have an idol, and that may be really useful, particularly for 3 Tribals. Or I might lose my vote. It’s a very massive danger.” While she was clearly overwhelmed by what was occurring, she was proven to make use of her smarts, which earned her plaudits from Rob & Sandra, particularly when she aced the check. “Kellee went to Harvard. She’s fairly sensible and undoubtedly possesses expertise to win,” Rob stated. “And her tribemates will probably be making a mistake to underestimate her.”

That last line from Rob might prove to an important one. It definitely appeared to play out back at camp when Kellee intentionally broke into tears to cover-up her idol (which she’d hidden in her hair). “I need to throw the suspicion off my back,” she explained. And her plan worked, at the least that’s what we have been led to consider. We didn’t see anyone questioning what she stated or suspecting that she had an idol. This entire scene and the one at the IOI had an enormous, positive-bent to it. As I stated, in comparison with Chelsea’s idol discover, this was large.

“I truly like wanna cry,” she stated after gaining the idol. “And I do know that’s not a traditional reaction whenever you get an idol, but I put a lot strain and stress on myself. And I used to be identical to… I feel the worry of failure. I also have hassle celebrating, and I have to have fun the very fact I simply received an idol.” There have been some growth-edit parts to this confessional—overcoming the worry of failure, letting go of strain, and learning to have fun your successes. Will probably be fascinating to see if those issues turn into a consistent part of Kellee’s narrative.

Kellee also brought up the theme of paranoia, which was a key part of the primary episode. During her “throw them off the scene with tears” scene, she talked about being actually paranoid because of her IOI tour. Jason later hammered this residence at Tribal when he straight-up stated, “This [game] has to do with paranoia” and that the IOI was praying on individuals’s paranoia.

The negatives to Kellee’s edit are that we nonetheless don’t know quite a bit about her in-game relationships. She’s involved in conversations with the likes of Janet and Lauren, but we haven’t seen her speak about any bonds or alliances. Her closest connection edit-wise continues to be Dan. There’s still time to develop her relationships, especially as I now assume she is about as much as be around some time, however we’re going to wish to see them inside the next couple of weeks.

That’s it for this week’s Edgic. Let me know your thoughts in the feedback under!