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Gus and Ali, a real-life couple and followers of Survivor, shall be individually ranking the Survivor Season 39 castaways into two classes, Scorching or Not, based mostly on who they assume has potential longevity in the recreation. Hots are indicative of castaways who we expect played properly this week or who’re setting themselves up for fulfillment; Nots are indicative of castaways who we expect didn’t and aren’t. To be able to avoid what Gus likes to call “hedging bets,” Nots cannot be given to more than half plus one of many castaways. For instance, with twelve individuals remaining within the recreation, the utmost variety of Nots that can be given out is seven.

Go forward, hit us together with your greatest shot. We’re in all probability incorrect anyway, however that’s why it’s fun!

WARNING: This phase makes use of content material from the “Next Time On” preview. In case you are someone who doesn’t like watching these segments prior to the present, don’t learn additional. You’ve been warned.



Regardless of his limited edit, Dean came off properly this week. He didn’t have any confessionals, so I can’t actually converse to the effectiveness of his recreation as of yet. Nonetheless, the mere proven fact that he’s not annoying anybody and doesn’t look like strutting round like a peacock suggests to me that he’s enjoying the early recreation properly enough.


With a last identify like Kowalski, I half expected Dean to be in a white tank prime and screaming Stella into the Fijian night time sky. (Streetcar Named Want reference anyone?) So, I’m stunned at how demure he appeared in the course of the premiere episode.

Dean wasn’t super visible this episode, so there isn’t so much to say about him. In contrast to Aaron, he voted appropriately, which is an effective signal. Nevertheless, Dean was in cahoots with the Ronnie/Aaron duo and voting appropriately will not be enough to save lots of him. He’s not in a transparent alliance with anyone, so he’s a possible straightforward boot.



I had some concern for Karishma once I discovered that Ronnie thought she, he and Aaron have been a trio (at the very least in accordance with his post-game interviews), but rewatching the episode has put that to bed for me. Karishma has loads of choices open to her, and even if she was working with Ronnie and Aaron, her flip to the proper aspect of the vote exhibits me that she’s acquired her priorities in order.


Karishma found herself in a difficult spot, torn between two alliances. Finally, she found herself within the majority. Plus, if two alliances needed to have her, she’s clearly doing nicely socially. Rob and Sandra also described her as sensible and, again, they wouldn’t contradict The Queen. Good thing I’m not going to should sue her for personally injuring my draft!



Elizabeth had a little bit of a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t week. Move up on the challenge from Rob, and you seem like a coward in the eyes of the more zealous viewers. Fail the problem from Rob, and you appear to be an idiot within the eyes of the viewers. And I don’t purchase that she ought to have recognized that she might negotiate up the reward. It’s by no means been a given in Survivor that you would be able to negotiate rewards, so why should she have began to take action now, initially of the season, when she’s being stared down by two of probably the most legendary and well-known gamers ever?

Her lie concerning the island I additionally thought wasn’t that dangerous of a play. There’s not a lot of an excellent reply in a state of affairs like that, as merely by being despatched to the Island of the Idols she becomes an object of intrigue and mystique to her tribe. Comparing it to what her fellow gamers may know of Ghost Island seemed like a wise factor to do. And arguing that it’s like Ghost Island however without the theme of prior seasons haunting the players looks like an inexpensive assessment.


Pay attention, when Dory stated, “just maintain swimming” I don’t assume she meant in a fire-making problem with Boston Rob. It doesn’t bode properly, for my part, that Elizabeth came out on Survivor with out at the least figuring out easy methods to make hearth. That doesn’t spell somebody who is aware of the sport to me. 

Now, I appreciated most of what I noticed of Elizabeth’s bonding with fellow tribe members, but I used to be not super thrilled when she stated in her pre-merge press that she wouldn’t scheme. Scheming and plotting are an enormous a part of the game, and if Elizabeth gained’t play, she’ll get performed.



Chelsea will get a Scorching for me if solely as a result of her superfan card was displaying from the moment she saw the tribe flag and screamed, “NOOOOOO!” Although she received a good deal of content material, I’m nonetheless getting a learn on her recreation. I do like what I’ve seen, and I feel she’s plenty of fun, so I’ve received excessive hopes for Chelsea. And I feel she’s already gotten extra confessionals than Chelsea Townsend from Ghost Island, so she’s acquired that going for her.


Chelsea echoed all of our reactions once we heard the identify “Island of the Idols,” and it made me immediately love her. But my biases apart, this lady has had many years to consider her recreation, and it exhibits. She received into an alliance from just about the second she received on the seashore, all of her content material was constructive, and her reaction to the vote at the finish advised to me that she was an lively participant. I’m simply so thrilled to see Chelsea walking that high quality line between enjoying exhausting and enjoying sensible. It doesn’t appear to be she’s going to be another ChelSEAT to me!



Anyone on Reddit stated something to the effect of “not to be dramatic or anything, however I might literally die for Elaine,” they usually’re right. I don’t truly know if that’s a very good factor or a nasty factor for her recreation, although. I feel in the intervening time, Elaine is in an awesome spot. She’s pleasant to everyone, she’s a pleasure to have around camp, she’s a hard worker, and she or he’s capable of finagle her approach into peoples’ graces so nicely that she went from being the target to the decoy boot to not even on the desk. I worry just a little bit about whether she’ll be capable of translate that friendliness and joviality into effective cutthroat gameplay later, however for now, I feel Elaine is doing very nicely.


While we’re throwing Janet into the pantheon of goddesses, let’s stick Elaine in there too. Somebody on Reddit (sorry, I overlook who you have been and may’t find the comment once more) stated, “not to be dramatic, but I might literally die for Elaine.” To start with, this can be a reality. And apparently, Elaine made the others on her tribe feel the identical method. The truth that Elaine was not only capable of save herself, but in addition managed to take care of all the members of her alliance speaks volumes. I feel optimistic about her prospects in the recreation.



Missy is a serious drive behind the all-girls alliance, and with Ronnie gone, that’s obtained a very good probability of understanding. I’m excited to see what the longer term holds for Missy.


This little birdie is about to SOAR! Miss Missy Byrd got here in scorching this episode. First, she obtained into an all female alliance that has set my little feminist coronary heart on hearth. She also obtained to share her unimaginable story with the world and make us all fall in love together with her. Lastly, she voted appropriately, which is essential within the early recreation. I’m desperate to see how Missy does going ahead, and I feel we will anticipate good issues!



I feel I read this man right. I’m nonetheless a bit nervous that he may overplay his management position—he mentioned getting used to being a Captain several occasions in the episode—however I actually enjoyed what I noticed of him, and it looks like he’s been kind of capable of blend in together with his tribe. That mixed with the truth that he was capable of change the vote to Vince simply by refusing to vote for Elaine suggests to me that he’s received a good deal of sway within his tribe.


What a whirlwind of a primary episode for Tom! Not to play into stereotypes, however I used to be a bit nervous that Tom can be another hyper aggressive alpha male athlete. Shade me stunned when Tom immediately bonded with the other arduous staff within the group, Elaine and Vince. I then started to worry that his recreation may be on skinny ice when the three have been the topic of dialogue back at camp. Nevertheless, Tom was capable of maintain each of his newfound allies within the recreation. My one worry for Tom is that, ought to Aaron go this week, he might not have a ton of meat shields round within the later recreation. But that’s a problem for an additional day. For now, his recreation is a beauty, eh.



Poor Aaron thought he was going to be able to just roll by means of his tribe and do the “it’s us seven” factor, and that just… didn’t work at all. He’s the only one that was disregarded of this week’s vote (not counting Ronnie, in fact), and it looks like he’s obtained no one to work with. I feel his tribe may select to keep him for his power, but that’s a perhaps at greatest.


Aaron got here in a bit too scorching, and never within the Scorching or Not sense. He hitched his wagon to the fallacious alliance, and that may be a demise sentence in the early recreation. Nevertheless, Aaron’s physique could be his saving grace. The tribe will want his power early on, and if he can show his value, he may be capable of save himself. I feel, sadly, Aaron goes to be cannon fodder in the early merge, and his tribe might use him, abuse him, and lose him.

Vince copy


I actually do like Vince, and I feel he’s enjoying a decently good recreation, but I might see him going in the short-term. He seems to be the least useful member of the hard-workers’ alliance as a consequence of Elaine’s connection to the women’ alliance and Tom’s apparently being a central figure to the tribe. So far as I know, Vince doesn’t have another connections past those two. I’m positive that he does and that the episode simply neglected to point out them, however I’ve gotta work with what I’m given.


First, Vince completely saved himself from elimination, and there are in all probability different candidates *cough* Aaron, who might be ahead of him for elimination. Vince should be in a bit danger, however Sandra commented throughout tribal that she likes Vince, leaving me to consider that he could also be someone to observe. They’re not going to point out the Queen being incorrect! Vince is in good with Elaine and Tom, and the majority selected to save lots of him over a stronger participant, he have to be doing one thing proper!




An amiable, humorous young guy who can catch meals? I don’t see him going anyplace any time quickly. His blossoming partnership (?) with Tommy can also be promising, and it makes me joyful to see a Jack/Tommy duo that I truly like following so intently on the heels of Massive Brother 21’s Gr8ful.


Like all the surfer bros of Survivor yore, Jack has had a robust social recreation at first (although we didn’t see an excessive amount of of him). I worry a bit about his relationship with Tommy going the best way of Gavin and Erik in Fringe of Extinction, but at the least one among them made it to the top, so things nonetheless look good for Jack. Regardless, I don’t assume he’s going anyplace anytime soon.



Ali actually talked me down on Molly within the preseason, and to date, I regret having modified my thoughts. I don’t need to say that I’m 100% back on the Molly Practice, but I actually loved what I saw of her this episode and am excited to see more from her.


She is perhaps my favorite Molly since my American Woman Doll, and that’s saying one thing because she was the one who had glasses identical to me. Molly smashed the first episode, making great connections and having great general reads. Not only did she have nice reads, but others additionally commented on her perceptiveness. That indicates to me that Molly’s shrewdness goes to serve her properly going forward.



Very little from Lauren this week. I don’t actually really feel qualified to say whether or not she’s enjoying nicely or not, however she’s definitely enjoying higher than a whole lot of other individuals on her tribe, so I don’t see her leaving any time quickly.


We didn’t get as much Lauren as I hoped in this episode, however I really feel like that in all probability means she isn’t going anyplace any time quickly. She’s in a great alliance, and she or he’s smiling in actually every body. Wanting good!



I really enjoyed Kellee this week, and she or he’s nicely within her rights to not want Dan (or anybody else, for that matter) touching her, but I worry that her standoffishness may work towards her in the long term. Janet actually did her a favor when she advised her to go speak to Dan about how she felt— that would have been the start of a serious rift on the season—nevertheless it remains to be seen whether Kellee’s germophobia and aloofness will hinder her recreation or not.


She handled things very nicely with Dan, don’t get me fallacious, but a part of enjoying Survivor is showcasing your flexibility. Germaphobes make nice docs, nurses, or custodians, however they make horrible Survivor players. I have hope for Kellee, but she’s obtained to discover ways to glide before she’s let go.



I’m so pleased we acquired Janet on our draft. The lady is unimaginable. That’s all I have to say. Hottest of the Hots (not truly the most well liked of the hots, however approach up there).


Janet joins my pantheon of older lady queens: Reem Daly, Chrissy Hofbeck, Lauren Rimmer, Natalie Cole, Cirie Fields, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Denise Stapley, Tina Wesson… the listing goes on. When in Survivor older ladies are seen as straightforward pickings, it impresses me all the more once they exit and rock it! Janet came out robust with building a fireplace out of just bamboo (especially when Elizabeth didn’t even know the right way to make hearth from flint). Then, Janet lassoed the problem and my heart. Janet saved her own recreation from drowning in the older woman curse.



I sort of perceive the logic behind going straight to the guy who’s on the outs and making an attempt to align with them, but then once more I principally don’t. Noura is making waves at some extent the place she actually shouldn’t. Though it may be a good suggestion to attach with the outsider (see: Wendell discouraging Sebastian from concentrating on Domenick in Ghost Island), I worry that Noura is going about it totally the incorrect approach.


So… let me get this straight… Noura needed to save lots of Jason because he reminded her of an ex-boyfriend? I don’t know what her ex was like, but if any of my exes have been out there, I’d bury them quicker than Rupert buried his tribe of their shelter in All Stars. Noura jogs my memory of a younger Debbie, and it appears like she may be in for a rough next episode. I feel Noura’s going to get proven the door… ah.



My joking evaluation of Dan in the preseason was that he would three-putt his approach off the island, and to date I’m not feeling too off of that evaluation. Touchiness apart, Dan’s enjoying a very aggressive recreation actually early, which is usually a good factor—it keeps the target off his again—however solely to the purpose that it then comes full circle and begins pinning the target *back* on his again. I can’t assist however really feel that Dan’s nonstop relationship-building and insistence that Jason be a pariah for leaving camp will finally come again to chew him.


I expected plenty of things from Dan, but I didn’t see Handsy Dansy coming. In all seriousness, I assumed that this moderately awkward moment was dealt with rather well by all involved. I’ve acquired handy it to Kellee for not letting things get out of hand. As an alternative, she took Dan by the hand and helped him turn into more arms off. But in a recreation that’s recognized for getting arms soiled, might somebody use this moment to get the upper hand on Dan?



Once more, little or no from Jamal this episode, but I favored what I noticed. Especially how he went down the slide. That seemed fun. Until the top of it, anyway.


We didn’t see a ton of Jamal this episode, however what we did see of him was everyone describing how much they like him. He received into the alliance with out even being current, which is an indication of great social play.



Yeah, Dan overreacted to Jason going idol searching, but in addition, Jason shouldn’t have gone idol searching. There’s no good method to play the primary few days of Survivor, but if Dan highlighted one excessive, Jason seems to have highlighted the other. It remains to be seen if he can dig his means out of his gap (e.g., if Dan was right or not about him being “completed.”)


Oof. Oof. Oof. A rough first episode for Ross Geller-Ted Mosby-Charlie Sheen-Rob Cesternino… Jason made the basic mistake of looking for an idol too fast. Now, that would go the best way of Jacob Derwin and Tony Vlachos, or it might go the best way of David Wright or Mike White (hey, that rhymes!) Both method, he’s obtained a low flooring and a excessive ceiling at this point. However this was a terrible search for him, and so I’m going to provide him a Not.



Tommy looks like lots of fun. Not a ton of gameplay from him, however an enormous quantity of private content material and sharing of trust and private stories. I anticipate to see a lot more enjoyable stuff from Tommy.


This pink head’s on hearth! My fourth-grade instructor was one among my favorites too (Hello, Mrs. Busby!), and he shortly bonded with Jamal over their mutual love of fourth grade. However he didn’t cease there, because he bonded with Lauren over his engagement (congratulations!) after which had Jack strategy him about an alliance. On prime of all of that, Tommy was given a chance to articulate his social strategy. I feel he’s in an excellent place till at the least the swap.


GUS: Dean did nothing fallacious.

ALI: Whats up to you too… It’s not about Dean doing anything mistaken. It’s that I don’t know anything concerning the man. Who’s he aligned with? Who likes him? Who hates him? I can only guess. Being irrelevant in a 90-minute premiere isn’t a superb sign. And edit apart, he wasn’t wanting like he was landing anyplace strong.

GUS: However he’s not blowing his recreation up, both. You’re definitely proper that he’s not setting himself up for enormous success, but what number of occasions can we see individuals just obliterate themselves on day one? Dean’s lying low is probably what’s greatest for his recreation at this level.

ALI: True, however I feel that as a younger, physical male, he’s going to be in hassle at the merge. He needs to seek out people who can be in his nook, or he’s going to wrestle. I’m not seeing longevity yet in his recreation. It’s exhausting, although, once we aren’t seeing much of his recreation, to actually give him a fair evaluation.

GUS: Positive, but we’re not on the merge yet. I feel the robust factor with Dean is we’re pressured to do nothing but conjecture: he’s just doing what he’s been doing, and we don’t actually know what that’s. I agree that from a content material perspective he’s just about doomed, however that’s an Edgic dialogue fairly than a Scorching or Not discussion. 

ALI: Yeah, I don’t assume we’re going to make a lot headway on that. We could talk about Vince? I was going forwards and backwards about where to place him. On the one hand, it’s not great that he’s a target so early. He’s not going to return in and be a challenge beast (or perhaps he’ll?). However he was capable of endear himself to individuals like Tom and Elaine. Individuals chose to keep him over Ronnie, and meaning something. I worry that he could also be a goal should the tribe lose again, however I’m looking forward to Vince. I additionally thought that he and Elaine have been capable of make the inroads they needed to survive being the primary boot, and that’s commendable. In the long run, I took a danger with Vince, however one thing is telling me that he’s going to survive this, and if he does, I feel he’ll be in a very great place come the merge.

GUS: Truthfully, I am fairly high on Vince, and I don’t assume he’s in a ton of hazard since Ronnie put himself on the market as such a blindingly brilliant goal, but I do fear that he’s low on alliances. The women’ alliance protects Elaine and the remainder of the women, Tom looks like an excellent guy to keep around (in the intervening time), Aaron is toast, and Dean is innocent. After Aaron, Vince looks like a not half dangerous next target. I’m not saying he’s DOOMED. I’m simply saying it’s never good to be the decoy. Particularly not the double-decoy turned real boot turned decoy again. If Ronnie hadn’t scuzzed everybody out, we’d simply have lost Vince.

Also, let’s say that Lairo keeps dropping Immunities and determine they should hold the robust gamers. Vince is certain a tough employee, however he could be a goal in that state of affairs—especially if the women determine they need to maintain one another protected. That limits the targets to Dean, Vince, Tom, and Aaron. Aaron is stronger than Vince. Vince has a great probability of stepping into that state of affairs.

ALI: I assume it will depend on how nicely Vince is able to combine himself with the rest of the group. I feel that Aaron has put himself into a reasonably dangerous spot and will, for my part, be the probably next boot if they go to tribal. However I undoubtedly assume that Vince has an uphill battle until merge, but I assumed he had a nice displaying this episode and I’m hoping this doesn’t end in a Lyrsa for me. I just had to give him a Scorching for with the ability to save himself.

Alright, do you’ve got any first impression winner picks?

GUS: I’m into Tommy. I’m additionally into Elaine (although I feel she’ll burn out within the merge by means of no fault of her own) and Molly. How about you?

ALI: I’m feeling really good about Janet, Missy, Molly, and Tommy. However gut instinct, I feel Janet or Molly may need this one. Alright, who’re your picks to go this week? For me, they’re…

Vokai: Noura

Lairo: Aaron

GUS: For Lairo, I used to be going to say Aaron, but you took him, so just to place you on tilt, I’m going with Vince. And Vokai, I used to be going to say Noura, however you took her, so… Dan.

Who’s undoubtedly protected? I’m saying:

Lairo: Missy

Vokai: Molly

ALI: Undoubtedly protected…

Lairo: Hmmm this is exhausting… Chelsea looks like she’s in a great spot. Let’s go together with her!

Vokai: Tommy

Alright! Be a part of us subsequent week to tell us why we have been mistaken! That’s all people!

GUS: See ya!