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As that is the finale episode, somewhat than ranking the remaining players based mostly on merely who’s Scorching and who’s Not, we shall be rating them from Hottest to Nottest.

Go ahead, hit us together with your greatest shot. We’re in all probability incorrect anyway, but that’s why it’s enjoyable!

WARNING: This phase makes use of content from the “Next Time On” preview. In case you are somebody who doesn’t like watching those segments previous to the present, do not read further. You’ve been warned.



As the only remaining Manu/Lesu member who didn’t either swear allegiance to or get suckered in by Kama, Lauren is enjoying a implausible recreation. Her manipulating the vote to get rid of Aurora – a problem menace and somebody who definitely didn’t see it coming – was the newest in a string of excellent gameplay selections. She’s still holding her idol, which she has managed to keep secret (though Wentworth informed everyone at the Edge, which suggests whoever comes again in will possible know and spill the beans, but I mean perhaps s/he gained’t), and meaning she’s in the same boat as Rick in terms of getting to the final three safely. Furthermore, no one’s concentrating on her – she hasn’t had any votes forged towards her because the early-merge round firing squad.

General, Lauren has performed a implausible recreation this season, and from a purely gameplay perspective, she continues to be my winner decide. From a robust pre-merge performance among a dismal excuse for a tribe to dodging and weaving among competing alliances in the first chunk of the merge, to now correctly taking the reins in rallying votes where she needs them to go, Lauren’s performance can’t be denied. At the least, it cannot be denied by individuals who’ve truly been capable of see it. My largest concern for Lauren going into the finale is that she may fall sufferer to a Hannah Shapiro-style failure to speak with the jury. Rick Devens has been brazenly claiming credit score for moves that Lauren was behind while Lauren has been content to roll her eyes and shake her head at him (and infrequently say he’s an enormous menace). If Lauren have been to lose in a ultimate tribal to Rick – because it appears as if she would – I might be very disillusioned.


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*Ba ba da ba da* A person on the outs. One immunity idol within the hand is value two in the timber. Will Rick Devens have the ability to edge out a win? Tune in Wednesday night time at 8 to seek out out.

In all seriousness, Rick played splendidly this previous week. He has an enviable potential to pander to the jury in a method that doesn’t annoy everyone on the bench. I can’t assist however admire how scrappy he’s, and the way he appears to take the sport in stride at this level. Earlier than, I stated that Rick’s path to the top was doubtful, and I’m consuming my phrases this week. With yet one more immunity win underneath his belt and an idol in his palms, Rick has eradicated a slew of obstacles from his path. He has assured himself at the very least ultimate five together with his idol discover, and Aurora leaving the game is yet one more point in his favor, as she was one of the higher problem threats remaining within the recreation.

In addition, for some purpose, Rick has gamers making arguments for his recreation proper in entrance of the jury. Granted, perhaps stated players determine they could as nicely acknowledge the elephant in the room fairly than fake it doesn’t exist. Nonetheless, it’s turn out to be a fact universally acknowledged that ought to Rick make it to the top then will probably be a troublesome case for anybody sitting next to him. Rick additionally has the advantage of being a physical illustration of the jury members, as he has executed what they themselves hope to do; win his method back into the sport and play to the top. Typically, once we determine with individuals, it causes us to root for them, even subconsciously. Rick gained his method again in the recreation early enough that the argument that he hasn’t been capable of really play is negated by all the proof of his gameplay all through.

Now, let’s speak about Rick’s transfer this week. The newscaster did what so many individuals fail to do, and located an idol. However it’s what he completed with this idol that has given his recreation an entire new esteem. There’s a famous scene from Survivor: Caramoan during which the minority alliance, The Three Amigos, are all immune. They state that they are going to be going after the alliance chief, Philip, and encourage the others to flip and vote with them. The alliance decides to hold collectively and vote for one of many three on the prospect that they don’t play the idol. Philip is finally eliminated. The recurring critique of this in any other case thrilling move is that by letting the other gamers in an alliance know the goal, it provides the bulk alliance members much less of a purpose to flip. They know that, regardless of their actions, they won’t be the one eradicated at the finish of the night time. Rick made an identical move but played it flawlessly. He knew that if he instilled worry inside the majority alliance, they might be extra more likely to flip. Then, Rick read the room appropriately and elected to not play his idol for Julie. His gamble paid off, and he managed to carry onto an ally and an idol. Since Rick has gone out of his method to save Julie, he now has an ally that shall be loyal to him. Although it’s towards Julie’s greatest interests to work with Rick, as she’s stated, she doesn’t have many options left to her.

Because of the modifying this episode, we’re aware that Rick was not the true writer of Aurora’s elimination. Lauren got here to the conclusion that Aurora can be the perfect goal and convinced her alliance to comply with her lead. Nevertheless, his showmanship all through gave him credit score for this transfer, simply because it did for Ron’s vote out. Even when Rick isn’t in on the plan, he seems to be good in front of the jury because he’s capable of play to the gang and stand out. As I have stated before (stolen from Fishbach), in Survivor, notion is reality.



Credit where credit score is due, Rick pulled off a hell of a stunt last episode. Between profitable a clutch immunity and finding an immunity idol, he’s setting himself up properly for a run to the end. At this level, all he has to do is win one immunity or discover one other idol, win the fire-making challenge, after which he’s in the last three, where he will possible win the game due in no small part to everyone else left within the recreation continuously inflating him with hype. I’m really unsure why they are doing this.

One other point in Rick’s favor is that he voted appropriately this week for the third time because the merge. And although he virtually undoubtedly wasn’t the impetus for nor contribute din any meaningful method to Aurora’s vote-out (proof because the airing of the episode closely suggests that Lauren, Victoria and Gavin have been intent on voting Aurora out from the get-go), he positive appears to have satisfied 1) Aurora and a couple of) the jury that he was the brains of the operation.

How the EoE returnee chooses to work with or towards Rick could have an enormous impact on his finale performance. If they determine to ally with him, 1) they’re doing the mistaken thing and a couple of) it’s going to give him even numbers when it comes to attending to the top. If they choose to work towards him, he’ll have to Mike/Ben his means by means of one other three tribal councils. He’s nonetheless not enjoying the best recreation of anyone in the season – I feel his successes are by and enormous unintentional or handed to him by his allies – but he’s in a robust spot merely because of how he’s perceived amongst the other gamers.
I feel I just about defined the rest of my ideas about Devens’ season-long gameplay in the novel that I put together on him final week, so should you’re enthusiastic about further analysis on his playstyle from me, I invite you to verify that out.


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Lauren appeared out for Lauren this week, and it paid off. I used to be slightly involved that in the course of the dialog between Victoria and Gavin that they could determine to return collectively to remove Lauren. But this didn’t pan out the best way that I feared, and I feel it’s as a result of Lauren has been capable of construct such a robust alliance with Victoria & Gavin in a relatively brief period. I’ve praised Lauren’s capability to stay versatile in this recreation, and have said that this would be the purpose why she is going to win. This episode, Lauren wasn’t versatile, however her lack of flexibility was on the opportune moment. It was a waste to eliminate the apparent vote, Julie. Julie and Lauren are working together, and to burn that bridge can be pointless and probably detrimental to Lauren in the long run.

However, Aurora has all the time been more with Victoria and Gavin than Lauren. Aurora’s problem capacity alone makes her a far greater menace than Julie. Also, Lauren’s concentrating on of Aurora allowed her to dodge potential elimination at Rick’s theatrical idol play. Rick might have easily performed the idol for Julie and despatched Lauren packing in consequence. Lauren’s transfer put the choice again in her palms. When someone comes back from The Edge, I’ve a hard time believing that they’ll choose to work with Rick and Julie over the other three. Rick is a menace it doesn’t matter what method you take a look at it. So until the returnee has a much bigger menace degree than Rick at this level, they have zero causes to seek an alliance with Rick (until I suppose you’re Aurora or Ron). Regardless, this can be a good gamble to make.

There are extra elements in Lauren’s favor than the remaining players within the recreation. For one, as a member of Lesu, she’s been capable of play with virtually everyone on the jury sooner or later. Her former allies, Kelley, Wardog, and David, will almost certainly be inclined to vote for her should Rick be eliminated because they determine together with her. They’ve been capable of see her cards excess of with the former Kama members, and will possible be campaigning for her on The Edge. Second, Lauren’s idol provides her an extra degree of security going ahead. And if Lauren manages to make it to the top without enjoying her idol, regardless of being on the minority alliance at the start of the merge, that’s a story that is more likely to impress the jury.

Lauren was prepared to faint in a challenge somewhat than give up, so the jury members know that she’s in the recreation to play arduous. Out of everyone who isn’t Rick, Lauren has the most effective story. She began from the bottom, and now she’s right here. She really beat the chances, and unlike Rick, she didn’t need a twist to get again in the recreation. As an alternative, she fought her method by means of the sport, built nice inroads with other players, and found locations to make her mark on the sport. If Rick weren’t such a transparent menace to win, I might even assume that Lauren had an argument to beat Rick.


S38 Victoria

I used to be waffling on all three of my prime spots for this write-up as a result of I feel each Lauren and Victoria have played unbelievable video games and I feel Rick is being bought because the almost definitely to win. Victoria has the good thing about still being within the majority beginning tribe (something that I’m probably giving too much weight, but which I feel can nonetheless matter even this far into the sport), she’s obtained a couple of moves to point to, and she or he’s been targeted all of never. But when Lauren’s recreation has been a quiet one, Victoria’s has been a susurrus. Aside from the Aubry vote – really impressive in and of itself – Victoria’s recreation has consisted principally of creating positive she’s on the suitable aspect, being a serious contributing factor to numerous huge moves, and managing her sub-alliances. While this is good gameplay – actually good and admirable gameplay – it’s not flashy, and the best way the game has advanced (and specifically how this season has performed out) all but calls for flashy gameplay.

Victoria seems like a Sophie Clarke to me, and that’s an enormous a part of why I was considering both her and Lauren for the highest spot (Rick was all the time going to be no. 2). I feel she’s acquired a real probability to win, however it’ll be a hard sell for her in the endgame.


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Victoria has been enjoying a sensible, strategic recreation, nevertheless it’s been a quiet recreation. Different players have been capable of make flashier strikes, and it might be exhausting to convince the jury to vote for her if she’s sitting subsequent to extra apparent players. In a podcast, Elizabeth Olson as soon as said that it isn’t enough to attempt to persuade the jury of one’s gameplay on the ultimate tribal. Jurors are reluctant to vary their opinions at the ultimate tribal. They need to see proof of 1’s gameplay throughout the game. This has been used as an argument for why Devon won’t have gained HvHvH in any case. Nobody noticed his recreation. I worry that the identical could also be stated for Victoria. I feel that her type of beneath the radar gameplay is horrifically underrated by the Survivor group. There’s an opportunity it is going to be underrated yet once more this season. I additionally worry that there are various on The Edge who have purpose to be bitter toward Victoria (especially Aubry, Ron, Julia, Eric, and Aurora). Victoria typically spoke about her capacity to stab individuals within the again all through the sport, however which will come again to chew her when the jury finally has their say.

General, I feel Victoria has a great shot to win towards anyone in the recreation apart from Rick, however in a season of loads of flash, will Victoria get misplaced within the shadows?


survivor.s38e10.internal.720p.web.x264-defy 073

I used to be flawed about Gavin final week, and I need to be upfront about that. I used to be too arduous on him, and I’m unsure why. As I’ve mirrored additional on Gavin’s general gameplay, I’ve realized that he’s truly been doing the correct thing more often than not – between eliminating Aubry, eliminating Joe, getting rid of Eric/Ron… Gavin has been in a terrific spot all through the entire of the sport. Together with his and Vic’s and Lauren’s transfer to get rid of Aurora, he’s proven to me that not only is he a very good player, but that he’s a constant player – one thing that isn’t to be underestimated, particularly in this season.

I hate to provide Gavin a Not this episode, because I truthfully do assume he deserves more (if solely to make up for what I’ve put him via in all of our previous write-ups), however I can’t see him profitable at this level, and that’s where his recreation falls aside for me. I feel Gavin’s ultimate Remaining three is Lauren, Victoria and himself, and I don’t assume he would get the win in that state of affairs. His other greatest guess can be to take Julie and whoever returns, assuming it’s a player who’s unassuming and inoffensive, but even then it’s an enormous danger. I don’t see Gavin with the ability to rally sufficient votes, and that’s why I have to offer him a Not.


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Equally to Victoria, Gavin has performed a reasonably quiet recreation. There have been moments the place his strategic means has emerged, however there have also been manifestly obvious strategic errors on his part (such as the conversation with Wardog and the Eric blindside). One advantage Gavin might have over Victoria is that he has been capable of win multiple challenges. Then again, I see Victoria receiving much more credit score for the strikes that she makes than Gavin. Victoria has also cultivated extra clear relationships with fellow gamers than Gavin (apart from Eric, however Gavin stabbed him within the again fairly early on). Of the 2, I feel Victoria shall be seen as the higher strategic participant, and on a returnee season, I feel that may carry extra weight than challenge means.

Another consideration is that Gavin might have a greater story than Victoria when it comes time to face the jury. Gavin cares a lot about this recreation that he moved up his wedding ceremony in an effort to come and play. He’s a younger newlywed, which can be compelling to a number of the older players on the jury (of which there are various). Gavin’s story makes him more relatable than the opposite players with less life experience. However Gavin shared this story in the course of the family visit episode, and I feel that this may increasingly come back to hang-out him. The other gamers are astute enough to understand the inherent menace of Gavin’s story. There’s a world during which, should Rick be immune, the other gamers may come together to remove Gavin.



My final remaining draft decide. Julie, I’m glad to have had you on my roster via this season, even if I used to be pretty positive from shortly after the merge that you simply weren’t going to win.

Julie has been a fantastic presence this season, from her pre-merge conversations about having to pee and her joy at being able of energy to her combustion on the Julia boot to her current standing of “AAAAAAAAAAAAUGH HELP ME”… but I can’t see her profitable. She hasn’t completed a lot of something because the Joe boot and has just been surviving by benefit of not truly posing any type of menace. Regardless of her being an apparent boot this past week, she didn’t get any votes apart from that of Aurora, which doesn’t actually matter. In truth, Aurora’s vote is the only vote that Julie has ever gotten. And unlike Lauren’s string of not receiving any votes for a long time, I can’t assist but feel that Julie’s dearth of votes is due less to her working her means via a scrappy recreation and more due to her perceived status as a pleasant goat to take to the top. Even Devens has begun treating her as such, one thing she’s transparently OK with. I ponder whether Vic, Gavin and Lauren made some try and sway Julie to their aspect within the Aurora blindside, and I doubt they did – that’s how irrelevant plainly Julie has develop into to the general progression of the game. None of this is to say that she’s been something however a delight on the present, by the best way.


Survivor.S38E08.Yall.Making.Me.Crazy.720p.WEB.x264-PLUTONiUM 120

Julie herself admitted that she has no selection however to work with Rick. Being pressured to work with a person that you simply can’t beat in the long run is a troublesome spot. Luckily for Julie, her alliance with Lauren paid off in that she was not eliminated when she was a simple goal. Unfortunately for Julie, everyone views her as an emotional player. Julie’s only path to the top in the meanwhile is with Rick and Lauren, two gamers with more jury clout. She’s been subject to some embarrassing blindsides in entrance of the jury, which is a horrible look. Couple that with the truth that Julie has had an entire meltdown in entrance of the jury, and I’m just unsure how she will pull out a win.


For the finale, Ali & Gus ranked the Extinguished players from 1-11 when it comes to most certainly to least more likely to return.


I feel David does have an opportunity at getting again (I was dumb final week and stated he didn’t) and I feel like have been he to get again in he’d have an excellent shot at getting the win. He gets a kindled.


Wentworth has acquired enough focus both in and out of the sport, that I feel her return can be warranted. If she will get back in the recreation, I feel she’ll in all probability instantly be despatched packing. Nevertheless, her problem prowess alone makes me really feel fairly assured that she could possibly be our returnee.


Aubry has a sensible shot at making it again to the sport. No one else has practiced at this challenge. She’s also wily and charismatic sufficient that I might see her getting some votes come FTC.


Aurora hasn’t had to endure a lot of the hardships of The Edge, so she’ll be in a reasonably good position to make her means again into the game. Like Kelley, Aurora is not any slouch in challenges, and that prowess has been emphasised throughout the sport.


Ditto what I stated about David.


She has an advantage in the challenge, which places her above most others, for my part. Nevertheless, Aubry isn’t exactly a challenge beast, so I’ve a hard time imagining her beating out some of these extra bodily gifted players. Though, if anyone might do it, it will be Aubry.


Aurora is scrappy and hard. She might get again in, and a turnaround as temporary as that might each function a very impressive negation of her vote out and supply her with good gasoline for an FTC.


Sometimes, I might assume Joe is a shoo-in for coming back from The Edge. The joke this complete season has been that the Edge of Extinction was made so that Joe would win this season. Nevertheless, I’m involved concerning the lack of give attention to Joe just lately. The narrative isn’t indicating to me that Joe might be long for this recreation. Nevertheless, to put Joe any lower can be simply irresponsible.


As I’ve stated all along (principally), Chris has a shot of beating the rest of the crew in getting back in. I don’t assume he’s obtained a prayer when it comes to profitable the season (for Monica or in any other case), but I can see him getting back in.


I found it a bit ridiculous that the players have been asked to “read letters from themselves,” particularly considering that they have been clearly expecting something having to do with them getting again within the recreation. Had it been me, I wouldn’t have been capable of include my eye rolls. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help however notice that Chris had so much to say throughout this portion of the episode. That publicity, coupled with the truth that Chris is a physical menace made me assume that perhaps he manages to tug out a win. Nevertheless, considering Chris’s narrative up to now has been “I have to be less targeted on perfection,” I feel we may be setting him up for final failure. Solely time will tell.


Survivor: Joe of Joestinction has been extremely in need of precise Joe content, with Joe having had yet one more confessional throughout the complete season than Rick acquired in the newest episode by itself (that’s not a joke), but he’s still Mr. Superb and he might get back into the game and make it to the top. I don’t assume he might win, but still.


David had loads of focus in the course of the present itself, and positively received lots of content through the hilarious “learn letters from yourself second.” I had been questioning if David died so that Rick might reside, however there’s definitely an opportunity that David manages to make his method again into the sport. I can’t assist however keep in mind David saying to Rick that Rick “can reduce me at ultimate 4.” On the time, I assumed that this moment could be an augur of things to return.


Copypaste what I wrote about Chris but with much less TV character (not his fault) and a extra humiliating blindside. I wish we’d gotten more from Eric this season, as it looks like he’s a reasonably cool individual – but with four buff dudes in this season (5 should you rely Rick), Eric appears to have pale into the meaty background. Might he get again? In concept. Do I feel he’ll? No. Would he win if he did? No.


Julia was fairly invisible through the recreation (till her epic implosion at her final tribal). She additionally hasn’t exactly been a standout challenge beast. Nevertheless, one thing about her edit this episode made me assume that there’s some hope for our invisible med scholar. There was loads of give attention to her in an episode the place the editors must be reminding us about players we should always spend money on going into the finale. Julia shot up in the rankings on this previous episode alone.


I’m really sorry about this, Wardog. Although Wardog was my favourite post-merge participant outdoors of Lauren, I can’t see him making it back in.


Ron was invisible last episode, despite the fact that they spent a ton of time on The Edge this week. I really feel like within the week before individuals return to the game, the producers would need to remind us who the participant is who makes their approach again within the recreation. Based mostly on what we noticed of Ron this week, I don’t assume he’s coming back. Even if he did, the probabilities are that he would go right again out.


I don’t see Ron getting again in, and I don’t see Ron profitable if he have been to get again in.


Bodily, Eric has an amazing shot of creating it again into the sport. Sadly, we haven’t seen enough of him for me to feel that he has a shot of creating it back.


It has been such a pleasure having Reem as part of this season, and if she have been to win her approach again into the game and make it to the top, I’d want her to win the million. I simply actually don’t assume that’s going to occur.


Based mostly on what we’ve seen of his challenge means, The Wardog isn’t making his method again into the game.


Julia went from doing nothing for the pre-merge to doing one thing in the merge to getting a very humiliating vote out. She gained’t be getting again within the recreation, and she or he isn’t going to win within the event that she does.


I’ve nothing but respect for Reem’s means to final on The Edge. Definitely, nobody would have blamed her for giving up, but she’s lasted there longer than anybody. What a tremendous escape player. That being stated, I don’t assume she’s going to beat these physically dominant individuals to win her spot back within the recreation. However god, I look ahead to hearing her jury questions.


ALI: Woo! Season finale!

GUS: This season has appeared to go by so shortly and take so lengthy on the similar time. We’ve had a lot to think about and a lot to juggle. I imply, there are nonetheless 16 individuals left within the recreation. Sixteen individuals! How crazy is that?

ALI: This season more than any earlier than has been troublesome to foretell. All two seasons that we’ve had to predict.

GUS: It’s been harder to predict who’s going house, yeah. I feel edit-wise it’s been tremendously predictable to select a winner. However we’re not right here to debate the edit; we’re here to discuss the gameplay.

ALI: Okay, however, in all probability, Rick is profitable.

GUS: Yeah, I feel he’s received the most effective probability, however I don’t assume he’s enjoying one of the best recreation by most metrics. I do know the jury can decide whomever they want, and the jury is all the time right, however I’m taking a look at this from a season-long perspective of what we’ve been proven, and I feel there are gamers remaining who have played higher video games and are in less danger than Rick – at the very least by most standards.

ALI: I might agree with you. I heard an fascinating thing on a podcast the opposite day, and I sadly can’t keep in mind which one. I feel it was RHAP. However there was a concept floated that the rationale the modifying has been so strange this season is as a result of the winner came from The Edge and they also haven’t any method to show their gameplay as a result of they haven’t performed the game.

GUS: So our second returnee might win? I might take pleasure in that, just from a “what the hell is occurring” perspective. And, relying on who it’s, I feel there are official arguments for his or her deserving it. Or do you imply Devens?

ALI: I imply the second returnee.

GUS: Properly, do you need to begin there? Discussing our divergent placements in our EoE rankings? Or should we start with Devens and Lauren?

Photo: CBS

ALI: I simply can’t consider you’ve David so high. He’s no challenge beast.

GUS: He’s approach higher than he was in MvGX, and I consider all of the players on the Edge, he has the perfect probability of truly profitable the season if he makes it in. That’s why I ranked him so excessive. He’s not a problem beast, however I feel in case you take a look at it as an combination rating of his challenge potential and his potential to win, I feel like it balances out. I imply, yeah, I truthfully ought to have made one or two individuals larger than him, however I don’t regret that call.

ALI: Oh, that’s definitely true. Although I feel sufficient individuals, aside from Reem, in all probability like Kelley that I feel she has a shot additionally.

GUS: Positive. That’s truthful, and that’s why I put Kelley in the no. three spot. Truthfully, the highest three are kind of interchangeable so far as my rankings go.

ALI: That’s truthful. Alright. Rick. Let’s talk about. If he will get to the top, he’s profitable. Lauren might theoretically lose to Victoria. For my part, Gavin is going out within the #6 spot.

GUS: Yeah, Rick wins if he will get to the top, in all probability, however I nonetheless really don’t know why aside from that “he’s a menace.” Sort of tautological, truthfully, which I feel is my problem together with his gameplay to date. I do know, you’re proper, perception is reality… Nonetheless: Gavin goes out in sixth? I feel both the Edge returnee or Rick goes out sixth. From there, issues get fascinating.

ALI: I feel if Rick is protected, that Gavin turns into a goal. I feel he’s extra of a menace than we’ve seen and he has plenty of problem wins. The very fact is that if the returnee is a veteran player, then they’re an enormous menace, but when the returnee is a beginner who has been a non-entity? They could be a goat. What argument would Eric have on the finish, for instance?

GUS: True. I suppose it will depend on the returnee. In the event that they’re a pre-merge participant, they’ve acquired familiarity with the jury (a la Rick); if they’re a post-merge boot they’ve acquired all of their gameplay (e.g. Wardog); I feel the one folks that have virtually no legs to stand on are Julia, Eric… perhaps Chris?

ALI: And I feel, just bodily, there’s an honest probability that the returnee might be a type of individuals.

GUS: Not Julia. Perhaps Eric, perhaps Chris. However I feel there are more individuals it might be who’ve a better shot. Like Joe, who is Joe, or Aubry, who received to follow, and even Kelley or probably even Ron. Or Aurora! I feel a strong half of the individuals remaining at EoE might win over these guys.

ALI: That might be. And there’s no telling how bodily they’re exhausted because of Extinction.


GUS: Anyway. You say Gavin is out in sixth place. I say another person has a better probability. However I can purchase Gavin going 5th, if not Vic or Lauren. I fear that they’re going to activate one or the other of them. Again, though, probably the most a part of our forecasting depends closely on who the returnee is, and what they choose to do when it comes to alliances. In the event that they determine getting buddy-buddy with Rick is their greatest probability, then Rick principally walks to the top with Julie + the returnee. If it’s any person who’s not into Rick, then I really feel like issues may get shaken up some more.

ALI: It’s so exhausting to say! But I feel that you simply’re proper. In all probability, the returnee goes right back out. I feel Gavin follows intently behind. Then Rick crushes the other two in the ultimate tribal. I feel Lauren has a small probability, and that’s provided that Rick will get voted out. Rick’s path to the top is an immunity win, an idol play, and a fireplace making challenge. I feel that he might very properly do it.

GUS: Wait, you’re missing one. The returnee goes out, Gavin goes out, then we’re at four; who loses the fire-making? I don’t assume it’ll be Lauren, although the show has been all but drowning us.

ALI: See, I feel that Lauren wins towards Victoria.

GUS: Ooh, that might be good. So Rick takes Julie (I’m assuming he wins the immunity in this state of affairs, as Julie would have to be incredibly foolish to deliver him to the top) then Lauren and Vic need to duke it out?

ALI: I feel both Rick wins immunity and takes Julie (why wouldn’t he?), and contemplating that there isn’t really a rival problem menace, I feel it’s possible that he wins the immunity. OR, Julie wins immunity and takes Victoria as a result of she thinks she will beat her, leaving Lauren and Rick to battle it out in fire-making and Lauren goes then. What’s your principle?

GUS: I feel Rick wins immunity and brings Julie, truthfully. If anybody chooses to deliver Rick to the top, I’ll be severely disenchanted. If Lauren or Vic win immunity, they should take Julie. If Julie wins immunity, I feel she brings Lauren, because Vic betrayed her and Lauren ostensibly hasn’t as much.

ALI: No one would willingly deliver Rick to the top. That might be the dumbest participant of all time. Woo can be shaken.

GUS: I hope not. Although I might see the individual from the Edge going “WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER” if they’re a fool. Which, hey, we’ll discover out.

ALI: Alright! Good luck to everyone concerned within the finale! It’s going to be a heck of a race to the end.

GUS: Tune in subsequent week for our season retrospective!