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Survivor: Edge of Extinction Episode 9 Recap : Inside Survivor

Julia and Ron

Wow. What. Just. Happened?

Tribal Council has been our amphitheatre for the drama of Survivor’s narrative for 19 years, and in current seasons – with Idols, Benefits and a lust for giant strikes – that drama has escalated even more. After David Wright coined the time period “reside Tribal” again in Millennials vs. Gen-X, it turned a term that was seldom utilized accurately. Few Tribals are actually reside – usually, the vote has been locked in back at the seashore, and all the soliloquies and performative chaos of whispered conversations are merely theatre. Maybe the events of Tribal do typically shift the plan – a swing vote is uneasy however must land on one aspect or the other, or a participant grows wary of the tone of Tribal and chooses to play their Idol – however for probably the most part, the notion of a Stay Tribal has been extra phantasm than reality.

Not so, this week. The events of Tribal tore the web page out of the typewriter, threw it within the garbage can and started a new story recent. This can be a night time the place plans have been deserted and the whole lot bottled up behind the veil of subterfuge came spilling out into the sunshine. It was pure chaos, however it was meaningful and impactful madness – an enormous “nevertheless…” in the closing assertion that meant that every little thing before was a lie, and the whole lot that adopted was what mattered.

This vote was meant to be the demise knell for one of many returning players – each David and Kelley had been shuffled into the firing line by a tenuously reconciled Kama – but with plans revealed and outsiders provoked, we ended with a near-unanimous elimination of Julia – whose identify was never on the table till the “Survivor insanity” took hold. However how on earth did we get to that point?


Vata seashore was a hotbed of paranoia and unease. The mistrust that had been mounting because the Joe vote and only amplified by the younger Kamas transfer towards Eric, leaving the once-powerful majority in a weak state.  Even the previous Lesu was cut up into two factions – the “Lesu 3” of Kelley, Lauren & Wardog, and the pair of David & Rick, themselves fractured by ending up on reverse sides of the vote. Fortunately, the pair had no less than one purpose to let their disagreement be water underneath the bridge: their halved Immunity Idol. I think that with out that want to stay together for the youngsters, because it have been, this may increasingly have been a messy divorce of shut allies (and should have even prevented David from hanging out alone on the last vote). However widespread floor bred a point of understanding, and the 2 have been capable of reconcile and pave a new path forward.

After the Joe vote, I derided the Kama majority for giving the outsiders a purpose to band together. It almost happened last week, prevented solely by Rick’s emotional (however understandable) distaste for working with the former allies who’d now betrayed him twice. But the prophecy was echoed here because the players disregarded of the final vote sought to put aside any of their differences and solidify a counter-attack. Rick (with David in tow) approached the ostracised Julie & Ron and guaranteed them that he was the lone vote who’d caught with them, and now that they had every purpose to maintain working together, and maybe pry away another couple votes to reclaim power, however in a brand new type separate to the sullied image of “Kama Robust”.

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The blindside on Eric was a humbling – and maybe humiliating – experience for Ron & Julie. Together, that they had ridden the Joe practice to the merge with out dealing with Tribal or vital adversity. This was their first true betrayal – and failure – and it stung. Hubris had led them to exclude Aurora and nearly all of Lesu from the Joe vote, and now that they had a taste of that same bitter drugs. Ron was unmoored – two Tribals in the past he’d been effusing his love for the invulnerable Kama, and now it was in tatters.  Precisely fearing he was in the firing line, he stowed his mantle of leadership and strategic wiles, providing himself up as a passenger just eager to keep away from going residence.

Julie was even more distraught and took the betrayal to heart. Survivor is an inherently emotional recreation. The trick is that the sport itself encourages emotionality by means of the circumstances of starvation, isolation and a rulebook that favours deceit and selfishness, but it concurrently punishes gamers who’re dominated by their emotional reactions and can’t discover it in themselves to forgive or make concessions to advance strategically. Julie found herself face-to-face with that actuality and struggled to make sense of it. She knew it was a recreation and did her greatest to be logical and neutral, but she couldn’t shake the sensation of betrayal which left her feeling alone and aimless. Whether or not she was speaking new plans with Rick & David or tentatively making an attempt to fix bridges with Kama, her worry and paranoia continued to creep in before it finally burst out at Tribal.

For Ron & Julie, their games had been upended, they usually found themselves hovering in a purgatory of unenticing options. David & Rick have been prepared to work with them, but that wasn’t a majority. The youthful Kamas have been open to getting the band again collectively, but might they be trusted? The most important problem to breaking away from an alliance is managing the individuals left behind. It’s one thing to make a clear break, however in case you have any curiosity in maintaining a working relationship with the individuals you betray, then it’s a must to be aggressively proactive in healing the wounds – and that’s the first strike towards the younger Kamas’ play here.

Julia and Lauren

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In contrast to many, I saw last week’s transfer by Gavin, Julia, Victoria & Aurora to be a useful and opportunistic one. They couldn’t guarantee that they might have the allegiance of the Lesu minority down the road, in order that they struck whereas the iron was scorching. In fact, I reached that conclusion beneath the idea that they all saw the move as a prelude to the subsequent, a comparatively clean break from Kama. Gavin, at the least, appeared to be in this camp. Regardless of being an in depth ally, Eric had stored Gavin “backstage,” and by voting him out, Gavin had the chance to build a brand new alliance that positioned him in a seat of affect.

Gavin approached the Lesu Three and guaranteed them that, with Julia & Victoria, that they had a strong new alliance of 6, journey or die. To solidify that plan, he needed to target David – he was a strategic and social menace, but he was also an sudden bodily menace (as evidenced later in the episode when the Immunity challenge finally got here right down to Gavin vs. David). It was additionally an unspoken alternative for Lesu to return the favour – the younger Kamas had drawn Kama blood, now it was Lesu’s flip. It was an advantageous association and one that rationalised the bold transfer last week as one thing with more value than only a Massive Move™ for the resume.

Sadly, Gavin’s partner-in-crime, Julia, appeared to be in a unique headspace. In her mind, the Lesu Three have been too dangerous to trust in an ongoing partnership. With a touch of irony to her suspicious pitch to Eric last week to focus on David over Kelley, Julia now found herself in the footwear of the shot-caller as Lauren pitched the Lesu 3’s choice to take out Ron over David, in order to not instantly hand Kama back a decisive majority. But where Julia discovered Eric’s inflexibility concerning, she found Lauren’s flexibility equally worrying.


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The difficulty is that Julia discovered herself threatened by the considered other individuals having other plans. She herself was enjoying each side – she nodded and smiled at Kelley to verify their schemes with Lesu while collaborating to get the previous Kama again together. Worst of all, she was removed from delicate about it (and we’ll get to her abysmal performance at Tribal later) whereas also being indignant at the concept her allies might be prepared to make plans that didn’t contain her. Like Ron & Julie, she had the charmed Survivor pre-merge and had been on the suitable aspect of the Joe & Eric blindsides. She was untested towards adversity, and her overconfidence in holding the reigns was a crucial error.

Julia had betrayed two of her former allies (who, notably, she had spent your complete recreation with on Kama) to hitch up with the outsiders, however was then unwilling to decide to a budding new alliance both. So, without placing within the arduous work to fix her relationship with Ron & Julie, she tried to select up the Kama banner as if nothing had occurred. Nevertheless, in doing so, she and Victoria went behind her fellow-flipper Gavin’s back to vary the plan, leaving him feeling overruled (which, for his personal half, was a level of inflexible petulance that didn’t bode properly for Gavin). Julia was able of energy but fell into the lure that awaits many Survivor players who have early unopposed runs. She began to view her fellow castaways as nothing more than puppets, blunt instruments for her to make use of when she wanted them however disposable sufficient to be discarded once they weren’t. It’s conceited, and vanity is never rewarded in Survivor in the long term.

Thus, within the last moments earlier than Tribal, the strain could possibly be reduce with a knife. Julia, Victoria and Aurora seemed assured in their schemes to steer Lesu on but flip again to Kama, however Gavin was annoyed with the change of plan, and Ron & Julie nonetheless felt removed from assured. It was a fragile Kama reunion, and the Lesus felt much more on edge as their supposed ex-Kama allies prevented them. Paranoia is current in each moment of Survivor, and the sequence previous Tribal was one of the best-edited demonstrations of it. Underscored by the silence of a clumsy household dinner and then the eerie, monotonous scraping of the rice pot. Emphasized by shut photographs of furtive glances – some communicative, some lost in thought and defined by those who know this experience greatest: our returning gamers.


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David described his Spidey-Sense responding to the unusual quiet round camp and Kelley famous the peculiar physique language of her supposed allies who wouldn’t take a look at her or speak to her – save for Julia’s suspiciously assuring mime from throughout the campfire – it introduced us into the minutia of Survivor. You’re all the time on, the sport is all the time occurring, and it’s all the time within the little things – a glance, a smile, a whisper. It’s so pervasive that the absence of it is likely one of the hardest elements of the transition out of the sport, described by Eric on Extinction because the “great slow-down” from one million miles an hour to zero. In order torches have been taken for the march to Tribal, the paranoia that may explode into imminent chaos was already well-and-truly brewing…

Earlier than we get into dissecting the occasions of Tribal itself, it’s value noting the timeline of this episode – Eric was voted out on Day 22, Julia on Day 23. All the drama in passed off within 24 hours, which maybe sheds some mild on just why every thing was so intense. Often, the Survivor cycle doesn’t reach a 1-day turnaround until the Ultimate 5 or 6, the place there are fewer players and plans to account for. A 24-hour cycle with 11 players nonetheless in the recreation and off the heels of a blindside is a very totally different beast. Julie & Ron have been nonetheless processing their betrayal one night time earlier – maybe if this had been a 2- or 3-day cycle, they might have had time for their emotional reaction to settle, or for Julia & Gavin to have been capable of get on the identical web page to both keep on with Lesu or comply with reunite Kama, or for Lesu to be able to act extra proactively on their collective unease.

To name back to Julie quoting the wisdom of Aubry: the game could be played in 3-day chunks, or 3-hour chunks or Three-minute chunks. Timing may be every part, and in this case, the truncated timeline of this vote was a powderkeg beneath the burning paranoia of Vata.


This week’s episode all built in the direction of its 15-odd-minute centrepiece of Tribal Council. It was such a function that we even ended up with an unprecedented mid-Tribal business break. It was invigorating in its audacity, thrilling in its unpredictability and in contrast to the return of the gamers from the Fringe of Extinction, this was a second that was “instantly iconic” without the on-the-nose label from Probst. With so much happening, and so many players to speak about, it’s value clarifying the narrative earlier than we get right down to the brass tacks of study.

Tribal started as per normal – metered and thought of solutions to Probst’s questions that highlighted the gulf between Kama and Lesu and their suspicion that the Kama Cult had shaped anew. And the ominous premonition of a new David Wright metaphor impressed by watching a shark tear by way of a faculty of minnows throughout his morning aqua-dump, predicting the large Kama shark feasting on the helpless Lesus.


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However the standard fare took a turn as Julie began to break down underneath the emotional toll of the sport, expressing her bewilderment within the wake of the blindside and her fears that every part Kama had informed her earlier was a ruse. Her tearful considerations, in the meantime, have been undercut by a stunned Kelley turning to Julia and asking if they have been still set on their plan, to which a confident Julia gave the affirmative by means of a stifled giggle. Here, Probst turned the highlight on Julia like a instructor asking if the talkative scholar had one thing to share with the class, and Julia bluntly reiterated her dialog with Kelley.

For Rick, himself ostracised, this was a chance, and he pounced on Julia’s slip accusing the Kamas of working with the Lesu Three. Then Aurora waded into the mess, trying to divert the conversation by making Lesu’s distrustful inter-politics the subject, which again obtained rotated on her as Rick highlighted Kama’s personal dysfunction. Within the ensuing back-and-forth, Aurora’s arguments grew obtuse as she asserted that different problems could be forcing the minnows right into a weak state primed for a shark assault and Julia interjected that Aurora was spilling the beans by leaning into David’s metaphor of the Kama shark and the outsider minnows.

However right here was the opportunity Rick wanted, and he pitched a new concept. Clearly, some Kamas didn’t want their plans messed with – however Lesu and the ostracised Julie & Ron numbered a decisive 7-strong majority, and in the event that they needed to, they might work collectively. In response, Julia derided Rick’s proposal as asinine and erroneously dismissed his gamble to make a move by labelling him a “passenger.”  With the strain heating up between Rick and Julia, Julie took the chance to succeed in out to Wardog, offering to work with him. He, too, quietly jumped at the probability and promised that he might get Lesu on board to vote out Aurora, as Kelley jumped from her seat to talk to Aurora herself. Then all bets have been off, and Tribal turned a flurry of strategizing as every plan was laid naked.


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Rick provided Kelley a truce, as Kelley tried to guarantee the young Kamas that that they had all the time been in on the original plan to vote for David. Meanwhile, Julie & Ron have been locked in dialog with Wardog, Lauren & Rick – with Victoria listening in – as Julie promised to flip and Wardog pitched to her either Julia or Aurora – it’s her call. Ron referred to as over Julia, who received into the argument, as Julie started arguing with the youthful Kamas about being unnoticed of the vote. At the different finish of issues, David and Kelley calmly sat down and laid it out – David requested what the plan was, and she or he truthfully advised him that he was in peril. With the insanity escalating, Julia pleaded with Julie to not throw away the Kama control, but Julie had had enough – she was on the outs and had no energy. It was time to leap ship, and in some of the literal expressions of a flip in Survivor history, she ran throughout the Tribal set to perch on David’s lap amongst the conspiring Lesus.

The insanity continued – fragments of strategizing effervescent to the floor.  Ron pleaded to Kama that he might get Julie back, as Aurora threw up her palms in frustration with “soccer mothers.” Victoria tried to elucidate to Lauren & Wardog that they’d advised Julie & Ron to vote David, to which David wryly interjected, “I heard that.” As whispers and aspect conversations continued, Rick happily introduced that he have to be in the pilot’s seat – he’d been referred to as out for pitching his new plan at Tribal, however it appeared to be attaining something! Because the ruckus started to simmer, the strain remained excessive all the best way to the voting booth. Rick and David mixed their Idol elements to protect David, however it was virtually an afterthought. Aurora and Julia caught to their plans, voting for David and Kelley respectively, however everyone else – even Gavin and Victoria – decisively forged out Julia. It was definitely one for the ages.


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So where did it go fallacious for Julia? Her over-confidence came to a head at Tribal, together with her conceited dismissal of the Lesus descending into pure pettiness by the point she was telling Wardog to “shut up” merely for suggesting they go to the vote. She spoke overtly and recklessly, revealing info when she did not must be so direct. She, understandably, was annoyed by the spiralling Tribal, however as an alternative of meeting Julie in her area to assure her that she might trust them, she received caught in her personal narrative of “Kama control” and the way little she might belief Lesu. Julia had no cause to be in peril, however she summarily signed her personal demise warrant via her performance at Tribal. Like Aurora – who additionally almost ended up the goal – she engaged in arguments when she didn’t have to and spoke out about plans that should have all the time been secret, thus empowering the disenfranchised outsiders to insurgent towards the fat cats in energy.

Julie, in the meantime, made the pivotal move to cross the ground, but in addition had a tough night time as she let her emotional response to the Eric blindside utterly rule her choice. While distrusting Kama was definitely legitimate, her heightening impulses forged her as a unfastened cannon as a lot as Julia’s unfastened lips have been sinking ships. However, she was capable of parlay her paranoia and desperation into an actionable plan to excise revenge and fracture the facility structure that had wronged her. Flipping towards Kama isn’t an inherently dangerous move, however Julie’s recreation now hinges on how she will manage the emotional – and perhaps more importantly, the strategic – fallout of her massive play.

The winners of the Tribal chaos, nevertheless, are unambiguously the Lesus. Rick Devens pulled off the unattainable. In a sense, he’s enjoying with house money – he already lost the game once this season and his second probability is flailing within the water. He has nothing to lose by being daring, and his option to name an audible at Tribal was a dangerous transfer, but one that capitalised on the evident cracks within the Kama alliance. Very similar to Julie, the move benefited him here, but his recreation now rests on the aftermath. He and Julie will possible be pinned as the kingpins on this upset, they usually’ll both should work to assure their allies that this Tribal was the exception and that they are often trusted to be loyal and rational shifting forward.


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Wardog, in the meantime, was the unsung hero of the move. He’s a sensible player who’s at his greatest when he’s enjoying the Littlefinger position and climbing the ladder. We saw it in the first few episodes of the season, the place he managed to subtly flip the vote towards Keith and Chris, and we saw it once more right here. He facilitated Julie’s willingness to attract her and Ron right into a flip by quietly offering them the top of Aurora or Julia. He didn’t interact within the theatrics of boisterous arguments like Rick or Julia or Aurora or Julie – he stayed quiet, stored his head down and acquired the work carried out (whereas additionally pointedly pinning the move on Devens at the end). It was stellar gameplay from a calculating participant, though he’ll have to observe himself – the seat of energy doesn’t go well with him and exposes his weaknesses in over-strategising, as on Lesu seashore in the pre-merge.

The returnees, too, played well. Kelley sought to take care of her perceived alliance, however as the Kamas crumbled into in-fighting, she spoke to her adversary – and target – David with plain honesty. By permitting herself to place down the hatchet, she embraced the opportunity for Lesu to dodge the torch-snuffer again. David, too, was exemplary in his social management. With an uncanny potential to de-escalate his personal social interactions, reminiscent of reconciling with Rick on the prime of the episode, calmly chatting with Kelley through the chaos and even disarming Victoria together with his unthreatening acknowledgement of overhearing her admit to him being in the firing line, David managed to manoeuvre a chaotic and probably game-ending circumstance to emerge unscathed. And whereas he and Rick might have used their Idol when it wasn’t finally essential, it’s additionally telling that David had repaired his relationship with the information anchor to the purpose where he would shield him with an Idol as an alternative of himself. David’s good, and when players like Gavin need to target him because of his problem power and never his social and strategic recreation, that speaks wonders.


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So the place can we go from here? This vote utterly reset the game. Kama is in tatters, and regardless of Lesu working collectively to save lots of their skins, it seems unlikely that they’ll type a cheerful household although they now stand equal in number to their opposition. It looks like a new and open recreation, and I can’t wait to see how it all performs out.

To conclude this text, I’ve to provide a round of applause to Survivor. This episode was stellar, and though the gamers are to thank for the drama at Tribal, the story was expertly advised. From the pervasive paranoia in the first half to dedicating virtually half the episode to the ridiculous Tribal Council, the convoluted story by some means managed to be both confusing and crystal-clear in following the Vata tribe into the depths of pandemonium.

I have been stunned by how much I’ve enjoyed this season, and if I had any doubt left, this episode forged that apart as the present continues to embrace the absurdity and novelty of this unusual experiment. Fringe of Extinction won’t be one of the best Survivor season of all time, nevertheless it’s rattling fun, and this episode will go down in historical past for all one of the best reasons.