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On the day of the finale, I had my seasonal flu vaccination and my immune response was intense as I spent the night time in a fit of alternate shivering and over-heating. In my extra lucid moments, I discovered myself questioning if what I’d just watched transpire on Survivor had truly occurred. It was so bizarre that it might have legitimately been a fever dream.

However now in a state of restored readability, I can guarantee you that it happened. It all occurred. For all the hand-wringing over Rick’s “obvious” coronation edit and his unstoppable trajectory on account of Idols and Immunity wins, his narrative turned out to be the most important fallen angel story since David Wright.  And one of many least impactful players on Extinction not only gained the re-entry challenge but bulldozed his strategy to the Last three and gained having only spent a total of 13 days enjoying the normal recreation. In doing so, Chris successfully invalidated weeks of the season’s cautious politicking carried out by the season’s historically stand-out gamers like Victoria and Gavin.

Fringe of Extinction will undoubtedly reside on as one among – if not, the – most polarising seasons within the show’s long history. The legitimacy and benefit of Chris’ victory can be hotly contested. The theme of the Edge of Extinction appears destined to be maligned alongside Redemption Island and the Outcasts before it – despite its surprisingly heat reception within the halcyon days of the pre-merge. The over-saturation of Idols reaching an absurd zenith with late-game re-hiding and the egregious Extinction Idol in Chris’ bag will pour gasoline on the hearth for many who feel that Idols and Advantages are eroding the complexities of social technique that has been the present’s power because the outset.

All of this stuff frustrate me and whilst somebody with plenty of endurance for exhibits indulging their worst impulses, the events of this finale have me fearing that Survivor is devolving in the direction of its self-destruction. And yet…  I nonetheless kinda loved this episode? And this season?

Hold the accusations of blasphemy. I definitely hope that Survivor takes an enormous step again from the Edge and course-corrects to find a higher stability between the normal recreation and the thrill of the Advantage era. I might heartily endorse a return to a larger concentrate on human tales and a recreation ruled by interpersonal dynamics, slightly than a recreation of randomness predominantly ruled by who occurs to seek out the magic sticks or benefit from game-breaking twists.

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However, bizarre isn’t all the time dangerous. Season 38 has definitely been bizarre, but I’ve loved its absurdity. This finale looks like the first really unpredictable ending in years and was a roller-coaster that stored me on the Edge of my seat. The season as an entire, too, was one in every of fixed energy shifts and fascinatingly complicated gameplay pushed by a forged of players enjoying competitively without crossing the road into aggressively imply. I might argue that this season holds up, week-to-week, as a largely entertaining journey.

The occasional trainwreck spectacle could be enjoyable, and given Survivor delivering on an all-time great season with David vs. Goliath final yr (largely resulting from its dynamic forged) it’s clear that the present can nonetheless present a well-rounded season on this trendy period. This season was an experiment, and I’m grateful for Survivor’s willingness to attempt something new, however I feel it’s obvious to all that this experiment is one we don’t have to repeat. So I really feel just like the insanity of the Edge will finally – hopefully – be remembered as a wild anomaly.

I might ramble concerning the potential implications and penalties of this season for pages, but there’s an entire episode of Survivor to interrupt down, so let’s dip back into that fever dream of a finale.


With 16 of the 18 contestants nonetheless having an opportunity to win coming into this finale, it was clear that this was nearly as insane as a Survivor season might get – however it was solely the beginning. For Chris Underwood – of all individuals – to win his method back into the game after getting voted out on Day eight and spending a subsequent 27 days on Extinction was a mind-blowing turn of occasions. Chris was hardly a serious character even before he was voted out within the third episode – notably, his win makes him only the second Sole Survivor to not have a confessional within the premiere episode, following in the footsteps of Tina Wesson, the original “canine that didn’t bark” from The Australian Outback all the best way back in 2001. Even among the first batch of Extinction castaways, I might have thought-about him to be the least outstanding of the six, even with the seemingly one-sided feuds that Reem and Keith had towards him. After Extinction turned less vital in post-merge, Chris turned even less of a factor, fading virtually totally into obscurity, until the finale.

S38 Chris

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Before the season began, I pegged Chris as the “Joe” of the newbies based mostly on his assertion of bodily and survival expertise which was a main factor for why I picked him in the Inside Survivor winner draft and really almost elected him my winner decide. He had the bodily acumen to succeed, and he demonstrated that by narrowly beating out Joe, top-of-the-line problem performers in the show’s history, to earn his second probability. However what had initially impressed me about Chris – and dissatisfied me about his initial run on Manu – was that he was a decisive superfan who had aspirations to play an distinctive recreation. His lament over his foiled “good recreation” turned his most vital story throughout his purgatory on Extinction, and now he found himself in a state of affairs where had no selection but to play a perfect recreation if he was to have any probability at emerging victorious. He needed to make each moment rely.

Joining the Vata tribe – and in a surreal example of this season’s peculiarities, meeting half of the Last Six for the primary time – he had to set to work to secure his path forward. If his rivals had any wits about them, he ought to be despatched straight out the revolving door – notably if the primary target in Rick continued his streak of Immunity – so he had to convert every little thing he had into a hit. It’s truthful to say that his time on Extinction with nearly all of the Jury provided him an unprecedented benefit in figuring out what the Jury would reward, as well as a bevy of data – corresponding to information of Lauren’s Idol gained by means of Kelley Wentworth’s unfastened lips. Yet Chris exploited this benefit for all it was value, using his relationship with the Jury to twist his now-opponents’ perceptions of the state of the game and their own positions in it.

Chris and Rick

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He instantly sought out the 2 players with whom he had had a previous relationship – and who had each played a hand in voting him out. He approached Rick and together they agreed to let bygones be bygones. That they had buried the hatchet on Extinction, and now they might work together, agreeing to the Ultimate 4. For Rick, someone like Chris appeared like a godsend. He had been without an ally for therefore long that any hope of one was a miracle, and he was keen to make use of it. Chris’ Idol added an additional layer, binding their destinies, as Chris selected to impart half of it to Rick in the identical method that Rick had given his to David. Maybe Rick thought the trade of the Idol would forge that very same belief as he had had with David – such that when the time got here, Rick mixed his Idol elements to protect David.

Now I’ve to say that this was probably the most infuriating part of the finale for me. I beloved the Extinction Idol granted to Rick at the merge. I assumed that the situation for him to offer half to someone else earlier than the first vote made for an intriguing restriction that offered the returnee with an in after getting back from the grave whereas still sustaining a need for them to save lots of themselves. But repeating the identical twist within the endgame was ludicrous.  When the returnee is coming back on the Last 6, being given an Idol that, if utilised appropriately, would guarantee Immunity at the Last 5, thus making certain them the fire-making problem, is way too highly effective.

Chris already had the benefit of re-entering the endgame with the facility of data – did he actually need a production-manufactured security internet? To not mention that, with two Idols already in play, this third Idol might realistically pressure another Advantagegeddon at the Ultimate Five (RIP Cirie)! If production needed to offer the Extinction returnee a preventing probability to escape the apparent boot, maybe an advantage at the Remaining 6 Immunity would have been a much less egregious selection, but for my part, the returnee, regardless of who, should have had to rely on their talents to make it to the top. And if they managed to try this, it might make their victory feel a bit of more satisfying.


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However whereas I’m annoyed at that production selection, I can’t maintain it towards Chris, who used it brilliantly. In his peace talks with Rick, he did his greatest to ensure that Rick’s Idol, flaunted at the last Tribal, was real. Come the immunity challenge, he provided assist to Julie, aiding her in beating out her nearest opponent in Rick. With the tribe salivating to remove the news-reader, all of it but assured he can be the primary goal – and thus would haven’t any selection but to play his Idol, making certain that he made the Ultimate 5. Underneath these circumstances, with the arrogance in Rick’s survival, Chris selected to provide his half of the Idol to him – additionally trusting that Rick would give it again, based mostly on their prior Last four pact, which might imply that Chris would have an entire Idol – so long as he might survive this vote.

And that is where we get to what I might contemplate to be Chris’ greatest transfer: his duping of Lauren. Approaching the opposite unique Manu on the seashore, he opened up to her to pitch that she was his best choice for attending to the top. Seeing herself because the Ryan Reynolds to Chris’ lusty girlfriend, she bought his pitch – notably as Chris once once more exploited his Extinction information to warn Lauren that she had no probability to win until she performed her Idol appropriately and that that was what Kelley needed her to do. With Rick weak, and the clear plan being to vote Rick – and certain cut up the vote onto Chris in case of his Idol being actual – Chris managed to persuade Lauren to play her Idol to protect him. It was a Hail Mary of a move and one that basically shouldn’t have labored. But through the use of each alternative afforded to him, Chris was in a position to ensure his security at Lauren’s expense.

For Lauren, I’m unsure how she fell for the “unfavourable reverse.” She had strong endgame plans, having simply moved mountains to keep Julie within the recreation over Aurora, and she or he seemed notably close to Gavin. That was a probably favourable Remaining Three, so trusting Chris and putting all of her eggs in his jacket (so to speak) appeared dangerous. Did she purchase into his pitched narrative that her solely path to victory was via a profitable Idol play? Did she assume that she needed Chris to beat Devens in a challenge to degree the enjoying area? Though all could be true, it seemed like a short-sighted transfer that critically did not recognise the menace that Chris posed. Lauren underestimated him, Chris took benefit of it – and it finally value her her Idol (which even when played for Chris, didn’t truly save him from going residence) and virtually decisively led to her being despatched residence on the Last 5.


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So Julie had Immunity, with an assist from Chris, who was moreover rewarded with a steak dinner (suggesting Julie’s underestimation of Chris as a menace, and perhaps harkening again to her moral outrage on the thought of voting returnee Rick out at the merge vote). That left Rick as the apparent target, and Chris as the doubtless various. Yet Rick had an Idol, and Chris had the promise of safety from Lauren’s Idol – which means that the pair of Extinction returnees might control the result of the vote. So with Chris’ intel from the Edge, the goal landed onto Victoria.

Was it unfair for Chris to be able to blow up Victoria’s successful under-the-radar recreation using info shared virtually out-of-game? Utterly – and I might argue that she was the most important drive-by casualty of this season’s twists. Victoria was suspicious of Chris from the outset – his speeches about having no arduous emotions if he was voted out instantly rang false – and she or he did her greatest to strike that same worry into her allies, urging them to make sure he remained a target.

Victoria played an distinctive recreation of manoeuvring with the majority while nonetheless sustaining a ruthless and unbiased edge, and up till the night time she went house, she was in the same boat as Gavin having eluded the target at Tribal completely. She was savvy and ruthless and that due to it, in accordance with Chris’ testimony, that made her a respectable menace to win. It’s solely potential to imagine that if the sport had run its course with no second Extinction returnee, and the large if of getting rid of the unkillable Rick Devens, she might have gained the season. Yet the sensible, delicate social recreation is not any match for the game-breaking influence of twists and Idols.


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On the one hand, perhaps that was Victoria’s shortcoming. With the fashionable age of Survivor having revolved round Idols for years, the power to play with them – or successfully fight them – has been a vital device and one that Victoria was never proven to interact in. Perhaps she – like her allies – ought to have managed Rick higher earlier, dissuading him from having to rely on Idols for his survival, and thus making it easier to filter out the Extinction returnee when the time got here. In fact, that’s pure hindsight speaking, however when Victoria’s recreation was undone by twists, it needs to be thought-about if she might have managed them more effectively when she had the prospect.

Maybe more blame could possibly be positioned on Victoria and her allies bungling the apparent 2-2-2 vote on Rick & Chris, and leaving Victoria open to a 0-2-1 elimination if Rick’s Idol was actual even earlier than Lauren’s Idol for Chris came into play. However, Victoria’s demise was an omen of doom for the remaining gamers – Rick remained a drive to be reckoned with, however Chris had are available for the blindside and had confirmed Victoria proper – he hadn’t waited on Extinction simply for the experience. He was enjoying to win.


Let’s get this one out of the best way. If it weren’t for Chris’ production-granted Idol, he would have gone house at this vote. He acquired a majority three votes at this Tribal – the numbers have been towards him, recognising his danger one vote too late. Granted, without the Idol tying Chris to Rick, maybe occasions might have performed out in another way and Chris may need discovered another option to dodge the target – perhaps earning Rick’s Idol play over Gavin – however it stands that the Extinction Idol, which he gained by no effort of his own, gave Chris a free move to the Last four. For me, this stands as the most important blemish towards Chris’ victory. His time with the Jury might have been the larger advantage, however Chris’ opponents knew about Extinction and shouldn’t have underestimated its potential influence, notably provided that loser-bracket twists aren’t even a brand new twist for Survivor. The Idol, whereas preceded by Rick’s, provided safety by way of 1 out of the two conventional voting Tribals the returnee would face – and it came wholesale from the production-planned twists baked into the game.

Nevertheless, to Chris’ credit score, the Idol was not a guarantee. He had to choose the appropriate player to share half with at the Remaining 6 with the arrogance that they might return it when the time came. So late in the course of, anybody ought to have pulled a Zahalsky and thrown that Idol half in the hearth. Even when Chris had been probably the most repulsive player in the present’s history and a reliable Zero-vote finalist, there isn’t a purpose to go away an additional Idol in play at the Last 5. Yet this appears to be the decision the place Rick misplaced the game.


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Driving high off of his 5th consecutive immunity at Tribal, Rick set straight back to work. He obtained his palms on his fourth Idol – incidentally breaking the report for many Idols present in a single season. But despite the fact that his opponents have been moments behind him, Rick nonetheless had additional designs for them, having constructed two pretend Idols bundled together with his previous clues for validation, and hidden them to distract his fellow castaways. Julie & Lauren fell for them, even figuring out that Rick had just found a rehidden Idol on the Ultimate 5, talking to only how disappointingly Idol-saturated the endgame has grow to be. Rick watched on in glee as his plan performed out in an ironic echo of his (albeit feigned) outrage at Ron’s pretend Idol granted to him. While misdirection is a strong device, and one that would have saved Rick’s skin if finding the actual Idol had taken more time, leaving the fakes in play does broach into the territory of enjoying dirty for the sake of enjoying soiled. It turns into much less of a self-defence distraction and extra of a merciless prank.

However that is all to say that Rick found himself in a spot of confidence. He knew he had an Idol, and he knew his fakes have been in play, and so he felt confident in returning Chris’ half, thereby granting him his Idol to secure his spot within the Ultimate 4 and fulfilling their agreement. But even in his state of confidence – why on earth did Rick permit his largest competition to advance to the subsequent round?

Finally, it appeared like it came right down to an emotional determination based mostly on relationships – and I wish the present had put extra emphasis on this facet of it. Rick felt so beholden to the relationship he had with Chris, his guilt over betraying him on Day eight, and their reforged bond on Extinction, that he felt as though he couldn’t turn his back on him. Rick had fought tooth and nail to advance within the recreation as a lone warrior, capable of forged apart his social recreation as a result of other gamers had forged him out of theirs. But finally it was a social bond and the unwillingness to break belief that put the chink in his armour and left him weak on the Ultimate 4. That type of interpersonal dynamic is what Survivor was built on, and it’s clear it’s still driving the narrative even within the twistiest of seasons, but I hope the present turns its consideration again in the direction of it in future – notably in moments like these.

Chris and Lauren

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Day 37 only continued to favour Rick as he emerged victorious in his fourth Immunity problem (only one shy of the general report held by the likes of Colby, Ozzy and Mike Holloway), and he now had an Idol burning a hole in his pocket. Julie & Lauren believed they have been protected – to a degree, as at the very least Lauren recognised that three Idols returning into play at the Ultimate 5 seemed suspicious – and Rick and Chris knew they have been. Thus Gavin was the only participant on the seashore who wholly felt weak, and so Rick made one of the best use of his Idol as he might. Pulling Gavin aside, he provided to play it on him – on the situation that Gavin take him to the top if he have been to win the Remaining 4 Immunity. It was a strong, if determined, play on Rick’s half to curry as much favour as he might, however as Gavin admitted instantly in confessional, he’d be insane to hold up his finish of the deal and take the most important menace to the Remaining three. But Gavin had nothing to lose by agreeing to the plan – right now it was just about getting via the subsequent Tribal.

Once once more, a spectacle was made with the two pretend Idols played and the 2 real Idols to comply with, with Rick enjoying his Idol on Gavin as promised. Lauren, Julie, and Gavin had placed their votes on Chris, so for the second Tribal in a row, the outcome was solely within the palms of Rick and Chris, they usually chose to take out Lauren. Between the two ladies, the choice made sense – notably in view of Chris’ perception from Extinction. Julie was perceived to be an erratic and less impactful player and thus less of a Jury menace. And though Lauren had not made a huge splash both, together with her strongest move being saving Julie over Aurora at the first Last 6 (which wasn’t even public information), she had a clear ally in Kelley on the Jury and was a extra assertive presence in the recreation. However I’m wondering if the better move would have been to take out a participant like Gavin who had performed a recreation in the identical vein as threat-to-win Victoria. In fact, this is able to have negated Rick’s units to attempt to use Gavin as a software on the Last 4, but in the hindsight of Gavin’s ultimate 4 votes from the Jury (notably, enough to win again in old skool Survivor!), I feel it might have been the smarter play.


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I know she has her fans, but I’ve to be trustworthy – I didn’t see Lauren’s recreation as notably exceptional. Strong, however delicate. She hitched her wagon to robust returnee in Wentworth but never seemed to be the driving pressure in any of the choices on Manu or Lesu. She fought onerous physically in challenges and towards the weather, but by no means fairly emerged as a challenge menace. She found the season’s first Idol and guarded it deep into the sport, but then wasted it on a big gamble to save lots of one of the obvious risks in the recreation and it value her the very next night time. Admittedly, her social bond with Julie and her infiltration of the Gavin/Victoria alliance was impressive in the aftermath of Kelley’s blindside, and I’ll concede that she might have been enjoying a a lot stronger recreation than the edit gave her credit score for. However, she turned victim number two within the path of Chris’ destruction and the final to fall to Rick’s six-Tribal immunity streak.


We’ll reduce to the chase on this one. Chris had returned to the sport with a fireplace in his stomach, and through a mixture of luck and manipulation, he had made himself a pressure to be reckoned with in just a few brief days. His victory within the Ultimate Immunity Problem – one other brilliantly precarious spin on the stacking block challenge that is still the 30s’ greatest new challenge – secured an virtually unfathomable risk in a seat at the Ultimate Three. The only hassle was who can be sitting subsequent to him. Julie and Gavin might probably pose a menace – especially as they held the auspicious declare of reaching Day 39 without, y’know, getting voted out – nevertheless it was plain that the favourite to win was Rick Devens. Chris had been among the many Jury practically chanting the newsman’s identify at previous Tribals. His comeback story was good, nevertheless it couldn’t compete with Rick who had a comeback story of his own in addition to a prolonged underdog run within the post-merge.

Thus Rick had to be taken down, and Chris made the gutsy name to comply with via on an concept posited by Domenick Abbate in Ghost Island. In the event you win the Ultimate Four problem and know that there’s someone you’ll be able to’t beat on the end however might beat at hearth, when do you select to do battle? On the time, a lot was product of Dom’s selection not to face Wendell in an all-or-nothing hearth challenge, and whether he made the correct call within the wake of his slender defeat at Remaining Tribal. But Chris had no qualms concerning the all-or-nothing strategy. Very similar to Rick had been given the motivation to play extra recklessly by the expertise of falling brief early, Chris, too, was enjoying with home money. And so he gave away Immunity and confronted Rick head-on, finally emerging victorious as the immovable object to halt the unstoppable pressure.

Chris Fire

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It was a gutsy name, however Chris was perfectly primed to take it. He had such a short time to build a case for the Jury that he needed to rack up each potential point in his favour, so taking an unprecedented gamble like this was mandatory capper. As well as, it will serve to rob his opponents of that very same accolade – if he had put Gavin or Julie up towards Rick, they usually had crushed him, they might then get to say the Devens Defeat as their achievement, and that would make a difference. Even then, might they win out? Rick appeared destined for a slam-dunk victory at the Remaining Tribal, and he needed to be stopped – and from earlier than the season started, Chris touted his confidence in survival expertise. If he had the most effective probability to build the hearth, then why should he take a danger and put his fate in less-skilled palms?

So as soon as more, Chris made his mark and eradicated a annoyed Rick, who turned the alternate universe Ben Driebergen – a showboating, Idol-happy underdog whose victory in the recreation would come down to fireside. For Devens, it was nothing but smoke, and his hard-fought journey ended here. Rick was a polarising figure, and while I don’t agree with all of his techniques (notably his neglect of the social recreation even earlier than he was the tribe pariah), he played exceptionally nicely with the playing cards he was dealt. Like it or not, the present age of Survivor favours the Idol whisperer, and Rick exploited that to its fullest potential and supplemented that knack with an sudden talent within the challenges. He performed with charismatic enthusiasm and undoubtedly turned this season’s star.


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He might have been voted out pre-merge, identical to our eventual winner, but in contrast to Chris, he had to scrap his approach via ten Tribals in comparison with Chris’ two to succeed in that same seat on the fire-making bench. Would I’ve been disillusioned by the apparent storytelling if he had been crowned Sole Survivor, positive, however excusing the thrill of an upset within the finale, I do assume that Rick might have been a more satisfying – if completely trendy – winner given his bridging of the defining Edge twist and the usual post-merge recreation. I’m in the camp that enjoyed what he delivered to the season, and I hope that once we inevitably see him on our screens again, we’ll get to see extra of his human aspect and less of the Idol mania.

For me, what was most intriguing about Rick was that despite the showmanship, he was finally a highly emotional player throughout the whole spectrum. From his bridge-burning anger with the Lesus after being thrown underneath the bus on the merge, which threatened to tank his recreation and gave his ride-or-die David pause in giving him back the half of his Idol, to the constructive, trust-filled relationship with Chris that spelt his demise, once more as a consequence of that very same challenge of half an Idol…  Gee, it actually does all come again to Idols with Devens, doesn’t it? However, I feel like Rick is a extra nuanced character than he appeared to be in the endgame of Edge of Extinction, and I’m curious to see how his story can be remembered once we achieve far from the season.


Day 39. One of the least anticipated Remaining Threes faces down the most important and most unconventional Juries within the present’s historical past. It was a hotly contested affair, with the outcomes ostensibly up in the air. Within the context of the continuous pleasure of the finale, it felt like Chris would have the edge. At every Tribal since his return, he’d made his presence recognized – a real darkish horse in the race. However Gavin had a strong recreation to fight it – his gameplay might have been beneath the radar, however he’d survived an entire 39 days with out ever having his identify written down (much less get voted out) – and had been instrumental in executing major blindsides like Aubry, Eric, Ron and Aurora while also managing to get well from the loss of allies like Julia and Kelley.  Julie appeared like an outdoor shot at greatest, given her trustworthy emotionally-driven recreation forged her within the mould of the oft-maligned mother determine in the Remaining Three like the Lisas, Dawns and Missys earlier than her, however perhaps she might pull a couple of stray votes.

For their part, the Remaining 3 performed admirably before the sprawling Jury, who largely carried out their interrogation evenly between the finalists and prevented getting too personal (perhaps except for Julia’s beef together with her messy exit, partially pushed by Julie’s breakdown at Tribal). Julie did her greatest to state her case, and her closing assertion lent Tribal an articulate and compelling conclusion, nevertheless it rapidly turned obvious that her possibilities at victory appeared skinny. When her greatest examples of gameplay have been her loosely seeded and opportunistically taken ship-jumping at Tribal at the Julia vote and her self-professed exploitation of her neuroses and vulnerability to construct social bonds, it served to color her as a participant blowing within the wind, principally ineffectual in driving her personal plans. For the viewers’ part, we noticed evidence of Julie’s recreation in her clearer moments – comparable to her bond with Lauren saving her from going residence on the first Remaining 6 – nevertheless it wasn’t sufficient to turn heads next to a delicate, but consistent, recreation and a flashy shock.

Final 3

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Thus, it appeared like a battle between Gavin and Chris – evidenced early on by Chris himself trying to name out Gavin (a tactic shortly shut down by the Jury). It was a battle of the normal recreation – all social politicking and basic manoeuvrability evidenced throughout Gavin’s 39 days – versus the unusual weird anomaly of twist exploitation in Chris’ recreation. Gavin had robust points in his favour, however whilst Tribal progressed, I couldn’t help but really feel like his coronary heart wasn’t really in it. Maybe he had been too worn down by the specter of Rick over a number of weeks to have the power to battle an sudden new hazard in Chris, notably after the latter pulled away his last probability to make a huge impact on the fire-making challenge. Perhaps his recognition that residence, household and his new wife have been the dream greater than Survivor had, while a totally admirable realisation, had taken his head out of the sport on the incorrect time. Perhaps it was just his even-keeled and softly-spoken demeanour or the apparent simplicity of his arguments in defence of his recreation. Where Chris had gusto, Gavin didn’t appear to match that charisma.

It’s robust to say, as it was a transparent uphill battle for Gavin. Chris had the most important attainable advantage in the recreation – the power to step away from the stress of surviving Tribal Council after Tribal Council whereas hobnobbing it with the Jury – and that left a large portion of the Jury a fan of considered one of their very own in Chris. Gavin would have to pull them away from barracking for his or her consultant, and on prime of that, Gavin had additionally crossed most of the Jurors. In the conventional sense, Gavin had a hand, instantly or not directly, in voting out each single member of the Jury apart from Reem. In doing so, he had betrayed individuals like Eric, at the time one among his closest allies, and Aurora, who had trusted in their new alliance even after Gavin had denied her a Reward. In the meantime, Chris had solely voted out Reem, and the last three victims upon his return, leaving him with arms clear of the bloodshed of the post-merge recreation.


Photograph: CBS

Gavin played a strong recreation steeped in the traditional values of building social bonds and utilising them to advance. He admitted that he by no means had to worry about Idols or Benefits, such was the power of his social recreation. However the hassle is that parts of Gavin’s recreation still don’t fairly make sense on reflection. His choice to vote out Eric nonetheless looks like a search for a Huge Move™ more than anything, and I’m still puzzling over his concession to Lauren’s push to maintain Julie on the Aurora vote. Actually, lots of Gavin’s largest performs appeared to be initiated by others – Julia towards Eric, Victoria, Lauren & Aurora towards Ron, the complete tribe towards Julia. Gavin may need been the one pulling the trigger in a number of these instances, however he not often appeared to be the one pointing the gun, and I’m wondering if this was the deficiency that turned evident as he lay out his case.

Notably in stark distinction to Chris, who in the few days since his return, had practically run the desk. Chris laid out his recreation clearly and aggressively, pointing to his have to take advantage of his brief time within the recreation to compete with the complete 39 days his opponents had had. He outlined his considering behind each transfer clearly, including a superb spotlight of his manipulation of Lauren and her Idol. He spoke about his journey from Extinction, doing his greatest to validate not only his personal recreation but the experience of each Juror who had suffered on that seashore.

Nevertheless, that’s just it, isn’t it? Was the Jury actually that up in the air or have been they all the time going to vote for the man whose victory would validate the sport they played on the Edge? Followers have lengthy posited that Jurors are likely to vote for the participant that makes them really feel good, somebody that they are often completely happy dropping to or somebody who played probably the most comparable recreation to their own. Why wouldn’t it be any totally different for the Edge? In fact, this opens the can of worms of the twist itself – and regardless of Wardog’s assertion, the theme is on trial. The Edge of Extinction utterly modifications how Survivor works, and that signifies that this season, this Jury and this Last Three is nearly incomparable to something that came earlier than. The Edge breaks the Jury system by allowing somebody like Chris to have sat among the Jury for weeks – literally on the same bench as them at Tribal for the bulk of the sport – building social bonds and earning goodwill outdoors of the constructs of deceit, betrayal and psychological and physical exhaustion demanded by the prime recreation.


Photograph: CBS

So is it a shock that almost every player who experienced Extinction voted Chris? Not in the slightest? Does it really feel kinda violating to the entire idea of Survivor? Positive. However unfortunately, that’s the results of Survivor turning itself inside out with this twist. It’s why I don’t assume we ever have to see it again – we all know what it could possibly do to one of the crucial essential elements of the game in the Jury vote, and despite it making for a raucous finale, it’s practically a foregone conclusion. Seeing the returnee from the Edge win over an Extinction-hardened Jury shouldn’t be that totally different from seeing a large alliance pagong a small one or seeing the same man Idol their method by means of consecutive episodes. It’s apparent, and obvious is never fascinating – notably once the viewers is aware of it’s apparent.

What can we make of Chris as a winner? On the finish of the day, he performed an inarguably robust 5 days of Survivor after profitable his approach again into the sport. But he additionally misplaced the sport decisively before the primary swap and was afforded a stack of advantages that aided his push to victory. But due to that inherent peculiarity, it’s almost unattainable to match him to any of the winners who preceded him as a result of the game he performed and gained is practically a unique recreation. All that I can confidently say is that Chris makes for an exciting and sudden winner to what I discovered to be an exciting and sudden season. It’s becoming, I feel. Chris spoke so typically about eager to play the right recreation that it’s virtually poetry that he ended up enjoying probably the most imperfect profitable recreation in Survivor history.

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Survivor is a present I hold pricey to my heart. I think that anybody still studying this far into the article feels the identical approach. I respect for those who really feel like this season destroyed every thing you’re keen on about it with its abominable habit to twists and Idols. I also recognize when you beloved it for its absurdity, or its week-to-week excitement and unpredictability, or should you like it merely because you’ll love Survivor it doesn’t matter what.

Individually, I fall squarely in the middle. I used to be completely entertained by this wacky season, and I’ll take weirdness over banality on almost any day of the week. But I’m additionally concerned by just how far it pushed Survivor to its limit and I hope it will probably guide Survivor’s manufacturing again to some moderation with its gimmicks, twists and advantages and hopefully encourage the retirement of any Extinction, Redemption or Outcast-like twist sooner or later.

But regardless of how you felt about this season and what it might mean for the state of the franchise and the game and show we love, I hope that we will all agree that Edge of Extinction was the weirdest season Survivor has ever given us.