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Gus and Ali, a real-life couple and followers of Survivor, will probably be individually ranking the Survivor Season 38 castaways into two classes, Scorching or Not, based mostly on who they assume has potential longevity in the recreation. Hots are indicative of castaways who we expect performed properly this week or who are setting themselves up for fulfillment; Nots are indicative of castaways who we expect didn’t and aren’t. To be able to avoid what Gus likes to call “hedging bets,” Nots can’t be given to greater than half plus one of many castaways. For instance, with twelve individuals remaining in the recreation, the maximum variety of Nots that may be given out is seven.

Go ahead, hit us together with your greatest shot. We’re in all probability mistaken anyway, however that’s why it’s enjoyable!

WARNING: This phase uses content material from the “Subsequent Time On” preview. In case you are somebody who doesn’t like watching these segments previous to the present, don’t learn further. You’ve been warned.



I’m calling this one a short-term Not with a potential for some very toasty Hots down the street. Wardog is enjoying all out now; he’s been pulling strings for many weeks now, and he’s finally moved out into the limelight at the ultimate 10/9. Is this a great thing for his win potential? Completely. Is that this a nasty factor for his short-term survivability? Undoubtedly. As far as I can tell, Wardog is the obvious strategic menace remaining within the recreation. Ron has been midway dethroned. Julie, Gavin, and Aurora have principally no resumés to talk of out of doors of issues they have been set up to do by the Wardog. Lauren has been nearly inactive because the merge hit. And Devens can point to the Julia boot and coming back from Extinction, and that’s actually it.

Other individuals have debated extensively as as to if or not Wardog made his move to get out Kelley at the proper time or whether he voted her out too early. I’m on the fence. I feel that he made the appropriate move, and although it might have been too soon, it’s robust to say considering how this recreation has been enjoying out. If Wardog can solidify a gaggle of three, I feel he’s golden. If he continues to bounce, I feel he won’t be. I’m simply apprehensive that he’s means too far out in entrance compared to the rest of the gamers and that he’s a clear menace to win.


“Gloves are off. We’re all enjoying for one million dollars, right?”

Wardog was a troublesome one for me this week. On the one hand, I utterly respect the transfer he made, and if it have been another participant, I might be giving him a Scorching. Nevertheless, because Wardog is now probably the most obvious menace within the recreation, I feel that this transfer might come back to chew him. Now, if Wardog can pull in Rick and Ron to type a threats alliance, my thoughts will once more be changed. However I feel that Ron and Rick are far behind Wardog when it comes to menace degree, in order that they could be reluctant to go together with him. Moreover, early within the episode, Wardog stated, “The opposite individual I actually belief is Gavin”… only for Wardog to betray his Lesu alliance and Gavin immediately after forming a gaggle of six. Was Wardog simply doing this for attention? It’s unclear, nevertheless it’s a reasonably swift option to have a lot of people indignant with you. It appears that Gavin won’t take kindly to Wardog’s betrayal subsequent episode, and I feel it might come back to hurt Wardog in the long term.

I finally agree with Wardog’s determination to remove the returnees, as there was definitely no good purpose to deliver David and Kelley to the top. Nevertheless, I feel that this move may need been too early for Wardog, as he now not has anywhere to cover. Was it entertaining? Completely. Was it good gameplay? That is still to be seen. I feel it’s very attainable that this transfer may need been too soon, and will probably be an uncomfortable surroundings for Wardog going again to camp this week.



Positive, Lauren didn’t go house, but she additionally hasn’t carried out a lot of anything because the merge. She’s still received her idol, however she simply misplaced her closest ally (who outed stated idol to every other eradicated participant). She’s enjoying nicely in challenges, but she’s not enjoying almost properly enough. I can’t assist however really feel that Lauren’s misplaced the thread… or no less than that we now have misplaced Lauren’s thread.


“Don’t play that card proper now.”

Lauren obtained neglected of Kelley’s blindside, and let her solely true pal within the recreation go residence with an idol in her pocket. As a result of Kelley and Lauren are such a unit, like with David and Rick, a blindside towards Kelley is a nasty look for Lauren. Wardog being so prepared to blindside Lauren after that they had worked collectively for the complete recreation spells hassle for her going ahead. Luckily, she has an idol (not that that helped Aubry or Kelley!) and is pretty strong at challenges, so there’s a chance she will bounce again now that her back’s towards the wall.



Rick misplaced his closest ally this week, and but he’s still thought-about a menace. He was on the correct aspect of the Kelley vote. He’s acquired an in depth companion on the Fringe of Extinction who’s more likely to feed him each single benefit he finds (which I sorta hate, frankly). He made some bonds with Victoria, kind of. He gained Immunity. He’s in a great spot. If Wardog doesn’t win (he in all probability isn’t going to win), I feel Rick Devens has the very best probability of taking the sport.


“Everyone really needs this child, including me, and I’m glad I had it.”

Truthfully, I really wish that I might give everyone a Not this week, however Gus would scream about me hedging and it’s towards the brand new guidelines so…

Being a journey or die pair with David labored out a bit for Rick this week. He obtained one of the Edge benefits and subsequently was capable of safe immunity for himself. Nevertheless, this all happened after Rick was overlooked of the David vote. It seems that Rick doesn’t factor into the bulk’s plans, which suggests Rick is on the outs. With Rick’s Extinction Island story, I don’t see anyone feeling great about taking him to the top, and I feel he could possibly be one of many largest threats remaining. Individuals have been talking about how dangerous Rick is this episode, and I have a feeling that profitable immunity and getting a bonus from the Edge will only grow his target. If Rick and Wardog can make their “threats alliance” work, then fabulous. But something tells me that the beneath the radar gamers could also be out for menace blood next week. Say what you’ll about this forged, but they are no slouches. I don’t assume they’re going to let Rick or Wardog anyplace near the top.



Ron had the relatively distinctive experience this week of getting one other participant make a probably suicidal recreation move in the direction of him and then deciding to not explode their recreation for his benefit. Aurora’s choice handy Ron her additional vote and principally say ‘hey, when you vote me out this week, you’ll be capable of hold and use this’ was probably the most silly move I’ve seen on Survivor since all of Laurel’s recreation in Ghost Island. And it exhibits quite a bit about Ron’s remaining standing within the ex-Kama group (which by some means nonetheless has a 5 to 3 majority). If Ron so chose, I have to think about that he might whip collectively those 5 and shove Wardog, Rick and Lauren out of the aircraft leaving only Kamas in the ultimate 5. I have little question that Ron isn’t going to try this, but he in all probability might.

Ron’s Scorching this week comes each from the stupid degree of trust that other gamers have been putting in him before tribal council and since he was a swing vote who appears to nonetheless retain a modicum of energy. I’m unsure whether or not he made the proper move for HIS recreation – getting rid of Aurora would completely destabilize Wardog’s relationship with Kelley, and it might depart him with a really completely happy ally in Julie – however he’s arguably one of the best set-up for fulfillment who isn’t a former Lesu participant.


“I really like being in the center and being the decision maker.”

Ron is back in the driver’s seat after a stint on the underside. I reluctantly give him a Scorching, as a result of I feel he might very properly still be a goal next week. Nevertheless, I have to provide him credit for going from a really precarious position to the coveted swing vote spot. I feel that Ron nonetheless has recreation left in him, and there at the moment are two larger threats forward of him: Wardog and Rick. Then again, I feel it may need been a fallacious move getting on Julie’s dangerous aspect. If anything goes to get Ron eradicated from the game this week, it’s Julie. Do not play a toymaker.



Julie’s bizarre insistence that Aurora be voted out over anyone else is working towards her, and though she was on the best aspect of the vote through the David boot, she was NOT on the correct aspect for Wentworth. I feel that with Ron voting towards her, she’s going to feel wholly disregarded of the loop and doubtless wrestle to find a path forward.


“To attempt to shake issues up again can be like rearranging the work on the Titanic. There’s no point.”

Julie has been enjoying a very emotional recreation to date. Now, she is fixated on Aurora as a target. Everyone knew that she can be upset that Aurora didn’t go residence, and so they just determined to go away her out of the vote. The truth that Julie’s allies value her opinion so little that they might somewhat exclude her than be upfront about their attentions spells dangerous information for her recreation. Julie needs to get on the identical web page with somebody, or she’s going house. Sadly, we’ve seen Julie in this place earlier than, and she or he wasn’t stellar in how she handled it.

My hope for Julie is that she’s so low on the totem pole that she could possibly fly beneath the radar. I don’t assume she’s going residence next week. I feel that the “threats” alliance will only work in concept, and in follow, the threats shall be too tempted and then cannibalize one another. In that state of affairs, Julie ought to be protected.



I’m shocked that Ron didn’t vote Aurora out this week, considering how colossally silly her gambit was together with her additional vote. Beyond that, Aurora knows she’s on the bottom and is doing the whole lot she will to stay in the recreation, which frankly is admirable. It’s just unlucky that 1) she’s doing issues which are more more likely to remove her than they’re to maintain her round and a couple of) she’s received Julie over there making an attempt to get her out in any respect prices, for whatever purpose.


“Growing up in the foster care system, I didn’t have buddies. So I’m good being alone.”

Man, this really broke my heart. I feel for Aurora, and if she ever needs a good friend, I’m completely down to hang out together with her. That stated, this entire episode was horrible for her. Last tribal, she barely survived, and she or he was the target twice. I’m pleased with her for toughing by means of it and profitable immunity. My only concern is that if Aurora doesn’t find a strategy to endear herself to Julie, she might very nicely be out the door subsequent.

Also, Aurora had one manifestly obvious error this recreation that evoked some Sierra Dawn-Thomas realness. Whenever you need someone in an influence place to work with them, do not inform them that they will have your benefit in case you are voted out. Somewhat, what you must do is say, “I have an advantage and I will give it to you if I’m nonetheless within the recreation after this vote.” The previous provides one other participant incentive to eliminate you, whereas the latter provides them a purpose to keep you in the recreation. Aurora acquired fortunate that Ron didn’t pull a Sarah Lacina and vote her out. That gameplay alone, even when she had a superb position within the tribe, would have been enough to earn her a Not.



If a Kama wins, I feel it’s either Victoria or Ron, and I’m leaning in the direction of Victoria. We saw Rick try and make some inroads together with her this week, and she or he was on the correct aspect of each of the votes; she’s in an honest place and could jockey for affect as the game continues.


“I’ve been in on very little conversations prior to now few days… since Devens gained immunity at this time, Aurora and I appear to be left as options.”

Victoria stated herself that she was being looked at as an choice for elimination. The thing is, she wasn’t actually talked about in a approach that we saw in the course of the vote. If individuals aren’t working together with her, then that’s not nice for her recreation. Nevertheless, she’s flying beneath the radar in a means the remainder of her alliance isn’t. Ron, Julie, Wardog, and Aurora all have greater targets than her, so I don’t assume she’s going to be singled out for elimination this week if the “goats” all get together. This, coupled with the fact that Victoria’s screentime has made me pretty confident about her possibilities has convinced me that she isn’t going anyplace this week. Once more, I need to mark everyone as a Not this week because I feel issues are about to go haywire next episode, but I have to make some judgment calls.



I assumed we have been going to see more of Gavin, but I’m pretty positive he’s getting buried so we will see more of EoE. Oh properly. He didn’t achieve this scorching this week.



Received roped right into a six only to be unnoticed of the vote. At this level, it seems like Gavin may be expendable. There isn’t far more to say past that as a result of we noticed very little of him this week. In contrast to Victoria, Gavin has challenge prowess that makes him a menace. If he gets in Wardog’s face an excessive amount of subsequent week, which it seems like he may, Wardog may need to tie up a Gavin unfastened thread.




Reem is staying round.



Mama Reem? Where have been you this week? At the least we know you’re not going anyplace because, once again, the sunk value fallacy is clearly in impact.



Chris is staying around.


“What if it’s at the mast?”

He wasn’t great at finding benefits this week, however his physicality provides him enough of an advantage to need to keep within the recreation.



Aubry is almost certainly to return.



Stated surprisingly little this week, however it is sensible considering there was a double returnee boot in an hour-long episode. Her probabilities of getting back in the recreation have decreased, but she’s going to see it by way of till the top.



Haven’t really seen Joe, but I feel he’s in it for the long haul.



Hey Joe! I’m engaged now too! Additionally, he’s not going anyplace.



With hardly any time spent at the Edge this week, I can’t say a lot about individuals, so I’m simply making Eric a Kindled.


“It’s not there.”

He recovered from last week’s let down and appears in good spirits.



I don’t assume she’s quitting, however she isn’t getting again in.



I feel her lack of display time alone exhibits that we don’t necessarily have to be invested in her story going ahead.



He likes to be enjoying from the underside.


“I’m still in recreation mode.”

Found a bonus for his pal, Rick, and he’s not going anyplace.



Shall be advantageous.


“Typically when it’s too straightforward, it makes me nervous that there’s another…”

Like I feared final week, Kelley obtained too used to not enjoying her idol and failed to take action when she wanted to. Can’t wait to rub that in Gus’s face this week. That being stated, she’s undoubtedly not going anyplace.

Fast question: Kelley, why would you out Lauren having an idol like that? What provides?!


ALI: Honey, I hate to inform you this, but you stated this final week, “Who’s protected? I’m gonna say David and Victoria.” Prepare for cruel teasing half one.

GUS: I deserve this.

ALI: Don’t anticipate me to go straightforward on you simply because we’re engaged now.

GUS: I might never.

ALI: David was such an enormous menace, he might go residence at any time. And yet. AND YET, you stated he wasn’t going residence final week. After which BOOM! Wardog’s anti-returnee agenda got here into fruition, and your butt was smote! SMOTE!

GUS: To be truthful, I didn’t assume Wardog would go so exhausting on his anti-returnee stuff this shortly. It caught me off-guard.

ALI: You understand, I have to say, I respect the transfer. Which brings us to Kelley Wentworth, yet one more thing you have been improper about. I attempted to warn you, to save lots of you from yourself… However your hubris was your downfall. You thought an idol would shield her, once I knew that she would misplay it because she, like each other returnee this season, underestimated the newbies.

GUS: Sure, I was also stunned by that. I’m actually impressed by Wardog; he’s been getting in on returning gamers and making strikes across the board. If he can get far into the sport, he’s all however guaranteed the win. Although I very much don’t assume he will get far into the sport.

ALI: Until he makes everybody indignant on the best way…

GUS: Nonetheless, I really feel like his recreation has been dominant enough and the only individual he’s really been out and out mean to is David. If he makes F3, he deserves to win.

ALI: Don’t change the topic. You have been mistaken about Kelley Wentworth and I’m going to gloat, darn it!

GUS: I was improper about lots of things. I’m often mistaken about numerous things. Like last week apparently I stated, “if David had performed an idol at tribal, Wentworth additionally would have,” forgetting that when David DID play his idol, Wentworth simply… truly didn’t. I’m unsure what I used to be considering.

ALI: You’re fallacious about loads of things, however you positive have been proper about me. DAWWWWW!!!

GUS: By the by, people, we’re gonna try to reduce the “we received engaged this week” gushiness in this article, however we’re really excited, so it’d seep out a bit. Sorry about that.


GUS: Anyway. Are you completed murdering me with phrases?

ALI: Stab stab stab!


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GUS: We could progress to our disagreements for this week? There aren’t many. We appeared to have the same opinion about everyone making the mistaken decisions throughout the board. I feel we have been scrambling to provide minimum Hots.

ALI: Everybody made some weird decisions this week. Individuals who should maintain threats in the recreation have been campaigning to get them out. Kelley wanted to maintain David within the recreation, and yet he went. Then, she went right after. It’s super entertaining though! But I wouldn’t say that individuals are enjoying “Scorching.” But when that transfer finally ends up understanding for Wardog, he’s a god.

GUS: I really like the Wardog. He’s enjoying so onerous, and if he wins he’s going to be a god-tier winner. It’s a really harmful playstyle, nevertheless. I do like how we each gave Wardog a Not this week regardless of his boldness. Or I assume because of his boldness.

ALI: I just assume it will take hella gameplay to convince this savvy forged to keep him round after that. If he does it though, I’ll adore him.

GUS: Sufficient about what we agree on. We disagree this week on Rick Devens and Julie Rosenberg. Who do you need to begin with?

ALI: Let’s begin with Julie as a result of I have little to say aside from I don’t assume it’ll be her this week and I used to be out of Nots to offer. Your silly rule has screwed me but once more. I assume the thing with Julie that I will say is that I feel that the transfer from this week advantages her finally probably the most as a result of it eliminates an enormous menace that might have been in her approach. As time goes by, it’s wanting increasingly more probably that she’s going to be within the finals, and that’s closer to profitable than most get. Who is going to eliminate Julie when there are so many others in the recreation? And I feel realizing that she shouldn’t be dependent on Ron for steerage within the recreation may truly profit Julie going ahead. I feel we might have a Julie break-out episode on our arms, so I felt of everyone, she had probably the most to realize from this week, even if she was omitted of it.

GUS: Okay, I can get behind that, but I feel we will additionally each agree that Laurel was guaranteed to make Ultimate Tribal of Ghost Island, yet I might have never given her a Scorching. Julie is also advancing virtually accidentally – she’s been overlooked of a plan with the only allies that she had left, and she or he’s primarily floundering for some buy. That helps her so far as it makes her a desirable commodity as a stray vote, however I can’t say it provides her any degree of win potential or helps her when it comes to making her a desirable ally beyond her one vote.


Photograph: CBS

ALI: I feel Julie is a better participant than Laurel, although. I’m not saying she essentially deserves a Scorching by advantage of her own gameplay, however I feel she deserves a Scorching greater than the individuals I gave a Not.

GUS: Ehh. I understand what you mean, and I can sympathize with you. I simply felt like there have been others who have been extra deserving of that Scorching. Resembling Devens. Though truthfully even he doesn’t REALLY deserve one which a lot. He’s simply type of bobbing and weaving effectively, and Wardog is absorbing plenty of the warmth he may in any other case be taking.

ALI: Okay, then let’s speak about Rick. I really feel like more individuals have a propensity to work with Julie than with Rick. Each have been unnoticed of votes this week. How do you justify giving Rick a Scorching over Julie? Rick lost his closest ally. Julie lost… Kelley? Who she didn’t really appear to love within the first place. She just didn’t get to eliminate her weird nemesis, Aurora.

GUS: Julie has to KEEP Aurora, and cope with Ron going towards her. We’ve got already seen how Julie deals with what she views as betrayal – she goes full “I’m gonna leap ship.” What alliance does she have left? Conversely, Rick is able to work a lot more with Wardog, and he’s obtained others placing themselves out ahead of him, and he’s ALSO obtained a man on the surface feeding him a stream of papers and benefits. It’s virtually unfair. You saw his immunity challenge thing this week – it was an unlimited benefit. I feel that it’s truthful to imagine that David goes to offer ANYTHING that he finds to Rick. And I fear that each one of which may just shove Rick all the best way along – supposing David finds more things.

ALI: Though, Rick’s target is growing, and it seems like Wardog might implode subsequent week. Where does that depart him then?

GUS: Reliant on Kama being a total wreck, as they have proven themselves typically enough to be.

ALI: You could be proper about Rick. I just felt like Julie may need a greater shot of staying in the recreation at this level, especially when he was neglected of a huge majority vote.

GUS: Definitely she does. I feel Rick’s received a much more clear shot for the Sole Survivor, though, and he wasn’t ever going to vote David. I feel that was only a foregone conclusion. He should have recognized the vote was towards David that night time and he selected to hang together with his ally for one vote.

ALI: But why single himself out like that?

GUS: I don’t assume it was all that damning. It’s a matter of principle. It’s foolish, nevertheless it keeps him in David’s good graces. And I mean it’s really not so uncommon of a voting method.

ALI: Positive, and I assume it might get him some advantages from Extinction (which is already understanding).

GUS: Pretty topsy-turvy episode across the board. Are we all good for debate?


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ALI: Alright, who’s going this week? I feel it’s Ron.

GUS: I feel it’s Wardog. He’s too good proper now. But who’s protected? I haven’t a clue… however let’s simply say Victoria.

ALI: I’ll say… Eek… This is onerous… Let’s go together with Julie. Alright, who’s profitable? I feel it’s Rick.

GUS: Yeah, it’s in all probability Rick. If I needed to decide a special individual I’d say Wardog ought to he escape elimination at this Tribal. However it’s a troublesome proposition.

ALI: I feel it’s Rick or Wardog, with Victoria and Lauren as long photographs… Barring whoever comes again from Extinction.

GUS: Proper, yeah. Extinction throws a number of wrenches round. How about we predict the EoE returner? I feel it’ll be Aubry.

ALI: I was going to say Aubry, however I read American Woman Magazine rising up and I dare to be totally different so… I’m going to say Kelley. Khaleesi goes to rain down hearth on these newbie hineys.

GUS: That’s bold. And I like it. So, I feel that’s all for this week?

ALI: Wait, have we talked about we’re engaged?

GUS: Unsure. Just in case… we obtained engaged.

ALI: To wed. Speaking of Wed, pleased Survivor Wednesday y’all! I’m Ali Shields, signing out. Ba Na Na Na Na!

GUS: Later!