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“Strangers Things 3: The Game” (Xbox One) Review – A Retro Tribute to Netflix’s Hit Show – Fan Fest

"Strangers Things 3: The Game" (Xbox One) Review - A Retro Tribute to Netflix's Hit Show - Fan Fest

Stranger Issues 3: The Recreation by BonusXP in collaboration with Netflix, is a fun, albeit typically irritating, journey via the newest season of the wildly well-liked TV Show.


For worry of spoilers I gained’t go a lot into the storyline – when you’ve watched the current season then there’s nothing new right here; it is principally a precise play by play of the season with sure sequences prolonged while others are omitted for the sake of gameplay circulate. Primarily you’re taking the reins of Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Eleven, and other members of the present’s great forged as they try to seek out and destroy the Thoughts Flayer whereas concurrently trying to crack a mysterious Russian Code and infiltrate a scientific base.

To say extra would destroy the show and the game. Truthfully, I consider gamers ought to watch Season 3 before enjoying because it helps the player to completely perceive the scope of the varied events which happen during gameplay, and I consider that it increased my enjoyment of the sport to play via memorable elements of the episodes.


The gameplay is separated into 8 chapters that includes the identical names and story beats as their TV counterpart and begins with only two characters unlocked: Mike and Lucas. Whereas different characters are round and might be interacted with, they won’t be a part of your celebration until the chapter where they turn into wanted as a gameplay mechanic.

Each character has distinctive attributes including their type of attack and their special talents. Some characters punch, kick, or swing weapons – unleashing impressive amounts  of bodily injury towards the ever growing hordes of enemies – whereas others launch projectiles or, in Eleven’s case, use psychic talents to hurt enemies from afar. These characters do not trigger as much injury per hit, but the injury loss is offset by the power to attack from afar and keep away from taking injury.

Each character that you simply unlock turns into a everlasting member of your get together and may be cycled by way of on demand despite being in circumstances where their character was not present in the show. This can be a welcome addition to the gameplay and really lets you mess around with every character’s talents with out the worry of being caught with them do you have to determine they don’t go well with the occasion. Biking between characters is so simple as pressing the left or right trigger and you may have two gamers lively at any second which might be switched between by merely pressing down on the d-pad.

Some characters have special talents which solely can be used in particular events. Dustin can hack into doorways and loot packing containers, Joyce can break via chained gates, and Erica can crawl by means of tight areas. In the event you run into an space requiring a selected means the game will either inform you that you simply need a selected merchandise or attribute to proceed, i.e. “This requires a tiny individual”, or – if you have already got that specific character unlocked – the game will routinely change to that character to permit you to cross. This can be a delicate but extraordinarily useful gameplay addition that takes the guess work out for determining which character can handle certain duties and prevents the wasted time of cycling by means of characters just to select the one essential for the moment which is extremely helpful during disturbing fights or situations.

The game itself is a mix of beat em’ up gameplay and puzzles. A majority of the game focuses on you both preventing rats, mind flayer victims, Russians, scientists, or other enemies with the occasional boss struggle thrown in. While a lot of the regular preventing is straight forward, bosses typically function secondary aims, i.e. turning on the facility or holding two characters separated, before you’ll be able to achieve the upper hand. Don’t let the sooner chapters idiot you, the sport shortly ramps up its problem as you progress and by the top you’ll be alarmed by the sheer variety of enemies thrown at you in some situations.

I used to be stunned by the variety of puzzles scattered all through the sport and the way frustratingly troublesome they have been. While many have clues scattered throughout an space as to the best way to full them, these may be obscure and require out of the field options that some – including myself – didn’t all the time contemplate. The puzzles typically contain strain plates which have to be stood on in a selected order and thankfully you possibly can tell the other characters when to attend in a selected spot or to comply with you, which tremendously helps when needing your two characters to be unfold out to unravel a puzzle. I’m not afraid to confess that on multiple occasion I had to take to the web in hopes of discovering the solution so the frustration of not fixing a very nasty puzzle didn’t trigger me to lose interest within the recreation.

That stated, I recognize the work that BonusXP put into the puzzles and after figuring out the answer it was typically virtually laughable as to what I missed, although there are still a couple of puzzles that I do not know the way you’d work out from clues alone with out loads of trial and error. Still I loved the fact that the puzzles allowed a break from the repetitive preventing.

The game is separated by way of a world map which allows you to hop between open areas at will. In fact, you begin with little or no obtainable to you however as you progress you’ll achieve access to just about every essential location from the TV collection.  There are eleven areas obtainable to discover, every that includes expansive areas to look with hidden gadgets and multiple hidden rooms. Once inside an area you possibly can open a map which can present you what you’ve uncovered and an exclamation mark designating quests. A yellow exclamation mark means it is referencing a important story quest, while a blue exclamation mark designates a aspect quest or an errand.

There are quite a couple of errands out there to you which of them haven’t any effect on the primary storyline however typically do reward the player with numerous helpful gadgets. Speaking of things, there are tons within the recreation and an fascinating, if not all the time essential, crafting choice. By way of crafting you’ll be able to create numerous trinkets which might be hooked up to your celebration to extend numerous stats resembling hit factors and attack energy. As much as 5 trinkets may be lively directly and might be swapped at any time to raised cope with particular conditions. These trinkets vary from gadgets which might be spread throughout all celebration members, to gadgets that cope with specific assaults. I mainly stuck with trinkets that elevated my general well being and assault powers, regardless of the big choice.

There are 12 playable characters in the recreation, however a number of gained’t be unlocked until Chapter 7 or so, so don’t anticipate to have entry to every thing shortly. Nonetheless, the fun of discovering new characters after which enjoying round with their numerous talents by no means wore off and by the point I was sick of using the characters I had unlocked one other would come alongside and ramp up my enjoyment significantly. Also, since I mainly stuck with projectile weapons, one late showing character undoubtedly made me pleased as that they had top-of-the-line projectile assaults within the recreation.

General I enjoyed the combination of retro beat em’ up fashion and puzzles and despite a couple of frustrating areas I nonetheless loved my time operating around Hawkins.


Stranger Things 3: The Recreation opts for Super NES fashion graphics, which is a bit odd considering NES fashion would have fit the show’s aesthic a bit better, however still the game appears nice for what it’s and features some artistic makes use of of the sprites to inform the story. I notably like how the Thoughts Flayer segments have been handled.

That stated, don’t go into Stranger Issues three: The Recreation anticipating something more than retro graphics and gameplay options. There isn’t any voice appearing, all dialogue is introduced on display, and there are retro versions of the show’s theme and other songs all through slightly than the complete fledged orchestrations.

I’m a sucker for Super NES and days previous, so I loved the nostalgia the sport’s graphics brought, virtually reminding me of Zombies Ate My Neighbors.  Additionally, you’ll be able to play the game in split-screen sofa co-op, which is all the time a plus!

Replayability and Size:

Stranger Things 3: The Recreation is surprisingly lengthy. I expected no more than 4 or 5 hours however clocked my time at round 11 Hours, although the sport clocked me at 9 and a half. I’m assuming the sport’s clock froze every time I used to be crafting or during minimize scenes, and so forth whereas I timed thouse as nicely. Nonetheless, you get quite a bit of gameplay on your buck.

When you full the sport you possibly can proceed exploring, utilizing all 12 characters to go to every inch of the map, proceed to craft new gadgets, and to seek out the 50 gnomes hidden throughout the world. Should you’d quite start over, you’ll be able to attempt another problem choice, of which there are three: Story, which allows you to play by means of the game with little problem, Commonplace, which is regular problem and can current a little bit of a problem, or Master, which is the onerous mode and will in all probability be dealt with on a second playthrough only.

Or, for those who actually need a challenge, after completion you unlock Eliminator mode which allows you to start the sport with all 12 characters unlocked but when any character dies throughout your playthrough they’ll stay lifeless the rest of the game – so you’ll lose any talents pertaining to that character. The objective is to outlive the sport with a minimum of one character remaining.

How a lot you enjoyed the puzzles and beat em’ up motion your first time by means of will finally determine the replaybility issue of the game, however I feel that most people will at the very least take the time to discover the world after completion in hopes of discovering all of the areas they could have missed.

Remaining Ideas:

I loved my time with Stranger Issues 3: The Recreation, however I’d be lying if I stated that I didn’t get bored at occasions or downright annoyed at others. Nonetheless, I endured, and that reality alone signifies that the game held my attention despite the considerably repetitive nature of the gameplay.

I’m an enormous fan of both retro gaming and the Stranger Issues television present, so attending to spend a little bit of time in Hakwins with these characters was a welcome expertise and made me much more excited for the what the longer term holds. For those who’re a fan of the present, beat em’ ups, artistic however typically frustrating puzzles, or Stranger Issues, then this can be a recreation value your time.

Stranger Issues 3: The Recreation is on the market now on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Change, and PC for an MSRP of $19.99. A evaluation code for the Xbox One was offered to Fan Fest Information by BonusXP for the purpose of this evaluation.


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