Paid Airport Security Agent Training, How to Find it?

Paid airport security agent training, how to find it?

For more than 15 years, the profession of airport security officer has been constantly evolving to meet the increasingly important needs of the sector.

If this job is likely to interest you at the end of your studies or if you wish to retrain yourself, following a paid airport security agent training course interests you most likely, but how do you find it?

The daily life of the airport security officer

Before going deeper into the subject relating to the integration of paid or unpaid airport security officer training , let us first come back to what the job consists of, the qualities required to integrate this sector, the working conditions and hours at work. plan, essential physical aptitudes, etc.

Let’s start with the daily life of the airport security officer and more particularly, his missions.

The missions of the airport security officer

The main mission of the armed security guards los angeles officer is to ensure the security of any person circulating within the perimeter of the airport. These are both transit passengers and staff working within the airport, or air teams such as pilots and flight attendants and flight attendants. To do this, he is responsible in particular for checks at the security gates where he must detect any suspicious behavior and apprehend all the personal effects that are not authorized on board the aircraft: that is to say anything that can potentially serve as weapons or what can help to camouflage them. The officer uses ultra-sophisticated scanners to be able to see what’s in the baggage without having to open it. Excavations, pat-downs and documentary checks are sometimes necessary, in case of doubt. Apaid airport security officer training allows you to learn all the techniques necessary to identify these elements.

Required qualities

The paid airport security officer training in itself is not sufficient. To practice the profession, it is strongly recommended to have certain predispositions such as developed vigilance and excellent concentration skills. It is just as essential to always respect and follow the procedures. The job requires rigor and careful presentation, an inclination to be of service, an ability to control oneself whatever the situation.

Physical skills required

Physical skills are not part of the paid airport security officer training . However, to consider this profession, you must have excellent eyesight, not having problems with distinguishing colors in particular. It is also essential not to experience any problem in standing for long periods, since the airport security officer, depending on his guard post can remain standing for extended periods.


The airport security officer works as a team within a larger or smaller airport. His hours are often staggered. He may thus be required to work at night, on weekends or on public holidays. This is why he must show great availability. In small airports, its schedules are adapted according to the arrival of planes: in low season, there is sometimes only one plane per day.

Diplomas and certifications

To be able to exercise this profession, a certain certification is necessary, without which it is impossible to become a security guard in an airport. Some organizations provide training that provides access to this certification in different areas of security. An agent forming paid airport security is especially proposed. It is also possible to become a canine agent and join the gendarmerie, or the army. Fire and monetary security are also provided. To become an airport security guard, the ASA CQP must be obtained: this is the airport security agent professional qualification certificate. This certification allows any learner to become the holder of a professional card allowing them to practice the profession.

Airport security officer training

The training of airport security officer prepares candidates to exercise their future profession relating to airport security. It aims to teach the different techniques of inspection and screening of passengers and their luggage. The aim of the training is to make candidates quickly operational in a sector that is recruiting. This justifies the short duration of the training which is, on the other hand, intensive.

How to find paid training?

Although the training is relatively short, you probably won’t have the time to work on the side to earn a salary that you may need, especially if you have a family to support. And over several months, this can be a problem. If this is your case, know that, in order to follow an airport security officer training , it is possible to benefit from aid, not only for the financing of the training itself, but also cumulative with possible unemployment benefits, in particular.

The prerequisites for integrating the training

The paid airport security officer training is open to both men and women who are over the age of 62 and under 62 years of age. If a clean criminal record is compulsory, no level of education is required. As for nationality, to exercise the profession, it is imperative to be French or a national of a member country of the European Union. Having your driver’s license is a plus but not compulsory.

Which statuses are affected?

Whether you are a private individual or a business owner, whether you are currently an employee or now a job seeker, or whether you are a student, taking paid airport security agent training is possible. However, each statute calls for a different type of aid. Depending on yours, you can get information from one of the following organizations about the financing of your training: Pole employ for job seekers, the Regional Council, your current employer, the OPACIF (for an individual training leave) or your personal training account (CPF). And there are many more.

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