Extracurricular Activities You Can Include In Your Medical School Personal Statement

Extracurricular Activities You Can Include In Your Medical School Personal Statement

When you are writing a medical school personal statement, try to reflect your passion for the profession and serving the community. When you are applying for a medical school or any other program, you need strong grades, leadership experience, good scores and an impressive resume. Every profession requires responsible individuals. However, when it comes to medicine, you are going to take the responsibility of improving health and saving lives. The medical school admission committee judges you on the basis of your academic performance, extracurricular activities, research, clinical experience and the way you respond to questions in the medical school admission interview. 

What does the admission committee see in an applicant? 


Modern medicine has made many ground-breaking developments for improved health results and saving more lives. Total elimination of diseases through vaccination campaigns, development of new surgical devices, and all other developments did not happen without systematic efforts and commitment. Every development in the field of medicine requires research. Therefore, when it comes to extracurricular activities, you can make your medical school personal statement more impressive by including research. There are many research opportunities available to individuals who want to get into medical schools.

Your research experience shows that you have a desire to discover better solutions to health problems. This shows that you are committed. Your research during undergrad demonstrates that you have the potential to change the future of medicine. This also gives you the early exposure that you need in medical school and in the field as a physician.


While writing your medical school personal statement, identify your extracurricular activities that show that you are passionate to help others. This is what doctors do. Doctors are available 24 X 7 when there is a medical emergency. Make sure that your personal statement shows your desire to serve people. Volunteering is the best way to show that you have the desire to serve the community. You can work with an organization helping an underserved community. 

When it comes to volunteering, you must have an achievement to share in the personal statement. This achievement can be the funds you raised, people you treated or some numbers that reflect the improvements you have made in others’ lives as a volunteer. Show that your contribution was significant. Serving the community just for one or two weeks doesn’t count. You should volunteer for a significant period of time.

Internship experience

Medical schools invest time, money and other resources to make you a successful physician. For this reason, the medical school admission committee tries to figure out what kind of individual you are. The committee wants to know about the skills, knowledge, experience and values you will bring. They don’t want any wrong candidate to get into the school. They expect the highest level of commitment from an applicant. To show this commitment, you can work as an intern at a hospital, work at a clinic, work as a scribe or shadow a doctor.

You can also include teaching experience to show that you have the good communication skills required to be a physician.

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