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Interview: ‘Captain Marvel’s’ Sharon Blynn… Bald, Bold & Beautiful! – Fan Fest

Sharon Blynn

Marvel’s first female-led superhero film Captain Marvel lastly made its blockbuster debut on March eighth. The star-studded, action-packed film delighted followers across the universe and continues to soar at the box office! With an intergalactic battle waging on, comic connoisseurs have been treated to new additions amongst their beloved characters. Soren, played by actress Sharon Blynn, is a part of an extraterrestrial humanoid race referred to as the Skrulls… bringing forth a heaping portion of perplexity to our superheroes. Fan Fest Information had the pleasure to talk with Ms. Blynn as she discussed her exciting new position and the superb journey that acquired her there.

Image: Alexis Dickey Images

Linda: Welcome to the Marvel Universe!

Sharon: Thank you.

Linda: I lastly had an opportunity to see Captain Marvel over the weekend. I used to be excited to see you as Soren. How has the expertise been for you?

Sharon: It’s been unimaginable. I’m nonetheless floating within the clouds about it.

Linda: I read that you are a massive Marvel fan. How did this position come about?

Sharon: Magic, cosmic intervention. But here on Earth, just a common previous audition truly. My reps sent me out for the audition. The call again was a director session, after which a number of days after that, we acquired the decision, that I received the job.

Linda: Looks like it was meant to be. Did you need to do a lot research? Being an enormous fan, have been you acquainted with the storyline?

Sharon: I used to be extra acquainted with Captain Marvel, less so with the Skrulls. They’re just a little bit extra obscure they usually’ve only been in the comedian books … and I feel there was a cartoon sooner or later. So, their look has been far more difficult. This is the primary time they’re appearing in a film. So Skrull-wise, not as a lot. Truly, until I received the position and received more info, I didn’t even actually have a robust sense of what I used to be going to be doing. They have been very tight-lipped. Even the audition didn’t have much info, just a description of a state of affairs. No words, no story, no context. I didn’t even know I was auditioning for Captain Marvel! (laughs)

Captain MarvelPicture: Walt Disney Studios

Linda: Oh wow! (laughs)

Sharon: Yeah. I knew the Marvel movie and other common stuff, but nothing specific. So, it was all this type of sluggish rollout of data on a need-to-know foundation. And all the things I discovered alongside the best way was even more exciting than the subsequent.

Linda: That’s awesome. Marvel is understood to be fairly properly tight-lipped. You’re undoubtedly not the primary actor or actress that has stated virtually that very thing.

Sharon: Yeah.

Linda: What would you say is probably the most challenging, relating to your portrayal of Soren? What did you’re keen on probably the most about it?

Sharon: I truthfully liked every single little factor about it. As you stated, I’m a fan. From the start and pre-shooting process, the prosthetics fittings and getting to be within the inside sanctum of the legacy effects shop. Assembly all the individuals who make this magic occur, that all of us get to take pleasure in on the display was extraordinary. Then, being part of getting all that stuff carried out within the makeup chair. Just working with such a variety of wonderful artists, I imply. Once you [are involved in] appearing obviously there are make-up artists, but this is type of a complete different degree of artistry at every stage of the sport. That was unimaginable.

“The most important challenge for me was just studying how one can physically move and emote from behind all these prosthetics.”

Inside the first day, I came up with the time period ‘Skrulltox’, which was type of like having Botox. I couldn’t transfer my brow. I imply I might, however my normal movements weren’t enough for it to return by means of. I truly practiced within the mirror once I had all that stuff on. And with the lenses and all the things, it sounds corny, but I literally practiced within the mirror. “Okay, if I move my eyebrows this a lot, what does that seem like?” Having to type of create new muscle reminiscences of exaggerated movements that may translate as normal, the best way I often emote and never excessive. It was discovering that stability. So, that was the most important problem, when it comes to physicality. All the things else, emotionally speaking and connecting with Ben (Mendelsohn) and Brie (Larson)… especially Ben I assume, for that pivotal scene… Any appearing job would have often been simply connecting with the individual I’m working with and the individuals I’m working with, you recognize, telling a story.

Linda: That’s great. I was going to ask you concerning the make-up process. How long did the transition take?

Sharon: From the time I sat within the chair, it was about two hours, which isn’t too dangerous.

Linda: No. I might assume much more. You all seemed superb. Wow, two hours. That’s truly not too dangerous.

Sharon: Yeah, they have been unimaginable. They do it and … I don’t know if I’m making a gift of trade secrets, however they make them in items that just type of get glued on and then painted over. There was not only the physical prosthetics however actual tattooing and portray and stuff to put on all the small print. For me particularly, my guys, Chris and Mike and in addition Carly on one of the days, they determined to make me ‘The Pretty One.’ So I obtained somewhat additional zhoosh, and Mike gave me a Cindy Crawford beauty mark.

Linda: That’s really candy.

Sharon: We had fun truly, it was great. They stored considering, “Oh, you’re going to get irritated by the second, third time we do this.” So daily I walked in simply complete giddy, like a child in a sweet retailer. “Okay guys! Let’s do this!”

Linda: Since you’re new coming into the Marvel Universe, did Ben or Brie have any advice for you?

Sharon: No, truly. Like I stated, we just kind of hit the ground operating as actors doing our job. It was very straightforward, fortunately. I feel there in all probability was some intimidation on my half. Not just because of the enormity of the undertaking, Marvel and every thing, then working with Ben Mendelsohn, just all this stuff of, “Oh, what is the power and the vibe going to be like?” Simply strolling on set and meeting everyone was … It was very ‘family’, a direct welcoming setting.

Linda: That’s nice. I do know we will’t talk about spoilers however I do hope there is a future for Soren.

Sharon: That I can’t say, really and figuratively. I actually loved it. I feel some of that basically is dependent upon how the audiences continue to answer the Skrulls. Being that is the primary time that they’re showing in films. I feel with the story and with Ben particularly, and hopefully with myself as nicely, I feel we introduced emotional depth to the characters. I feel in the Marvel Universe all characters are written in this specific means, the place it’s not one dimensional. Each character alongside the spectrum of excellent and evil isn’t just flat. You need to know more about them it doesn’t matter what state of affairs is occurring and what position they’re enjoying. So, I just assume, hopefully, all that richness comes throughout in all the relationships between all the characters. It’s kind of an enormous thriller as to the place issues go from here.

Linda: We’re all wanting forward to it! Now that we’ve discussed a bit of Marvel, we must talk about your inspirational life. Most cancers activist … I wasn’t going to let you get away with out speaking about this. What you do is superb!  I feel like cancer is one thing that has touched everyone’s lives, together with myself. Are you able to speak to me somewhat bit about your Bald is Lovely campaign? How did the connection between appearing and activist come about?

Sharon: Something I all the time speak about [is that] it by no means goes wider than two levels of separation between you and cancer. So, both you have got it, or you recognize someone who has it, or you understand someone who is aware of someone. That’s the widest the web goes pretty much. I feel like everyone on the planet is along for that experience sooner or later, unfortunately. I had not completed appearing, previous to that [diagnosis]. My twin sister is an actor, and she or he’s been doing it for a very long time, again residence in New York. It was something I by no means, ever, ever thought I might ever do.

Linda: Actually?!

Sharon: I needed to remain behind the scenes, magic maker. I worked in the music enterprise and I used to be about promoting artists making these individuals shine, and bringing nice artwork and artists to the world. Doing it very much behind the scenes. So to step out in entrance was an entire paradigm shift for me. It started with dropping my hair, and the chemo, and in addition dropping my ovaries. The questions that it raised in myself about how I used to be taking a look at myself in my womanhood, my beauty, and my id actually. Who am I?

“I was out of the blue without my trademark long, hippy jazz chic hair. Who am I?”

I used to be working in the Jazz enterprise in New York at Verve Data and Blue Word Data. That was my life, within the jazz clubs till 5 or 6 o’clock within the morning each night time, doing my day job, in fact, as properly. Then I left the business. A couple of months after that is once I was recognized, on a trip to Miami to go to my mother and father. That one week trip turned a three-year medical thriller tour of one other nature. All of this was just … I don’t understand how you name it, the universe, whatever, life shift. “No, you’re not going anyplace, that is now what you’re going to be doing.” Then dropping my hair, and the ovaries, and all these questions. I met a variety of ladies who struggled a lot with the query about femininity, our wholeness as a lady, whereas we’re preventing to truly simply reside. I felt like,

“We’re already going by means of Hell, why are we carrying society’s baggage with us alongside the best way? We have to drop these luggage off.”

I needed to do one thing to vary that. I recognized at a certain level the facility of the visual media, be it print, TV, or movie to actually change and impression our notion of ourselves. And even the cancer expertise, if it’s depicted in a movie, I by no means saw anybody on display or in print who appeared like me. When cancer was portrayed on TV it was this … to begin with, older. I was 28 on the time, so it was older individuals. So that was like, “I’m too younger for this.” And then additionally, all the time masking up their head, which is ok if the power beneath it’s nonetheless from the place of affection. However it all the time felt like disgrace to me, like I’m masking this up to shield others about my disease or my state of affairs. Or, “I don’t really feel lovely, I need to cover up.” I didn’t experience that. So I just didn’t see myself in all these pictures which are saturating our consciousness and basically.

“As ladies, we are barraged with photographs of those unattainable standards or what we’re imagined to reside as much as, to be thought-about engaging and entire and delightful. I all the time sort of rebelled towards that anyway, so it was already in me. I just type of amped it as much as an exponential diploma of, “You recognize what? Bleep that.”

Linda: Good for you!

Sharon: I have to do one thing to vary that. So if working with particular person media is how I’m going to do it, then that’s what I’m going to do. I had some headshots taken and I slapped my mission statement on the again. My sister gave me plenty of steerage about what I can do to start out pounding the pavement in New York, and I just type of went from there.

Linda: That’s unimaginable. I feel you’re proper, I feel there’s a specific amount of shame. You’re making an attempt to battle disease… It’s loopy to me, how ladies are made to really feel.

Sharon: Yeah. The humorous factor is, I chose to not cover up so just strolling out on the earth as a smooth-crowned bald chic. Lots of people would come up to me, just individuals saying “Aw, I wish I might do this,” funny sufficient. Ladies saying, “I wish I might do this.” I might feel all the societal strain conformity that they feel they need to do, oozing out of them every time. And I used to be like, “Properly you possibly can, give it a shot. It’ll grow again when you actually don’t prefer it.” I simply type of felt like it made individuals type of look … I turned a bit of little bit of a mirror. It made individuals lookup a variety of occasions, particularly in this digital age. Their heads are down of their units even. So walking round in the street, individuals would type of lookup out of the blue.

I began doing that myself too. My time in New York Metropolis, I just realized that after a certain point, not because of this, just at a sure level of my time in New York I noticed, “You recognize what? I’m simply shifting so fast. Let me lookup on the skyline here. Let me lookup at the horizon here,” as I’m walking down these concrete jungle streets. It had that impact on individuals. And in addition, I acquired a whole lot of free head massages, which was great. It was identical to the pregnant belly factor, everyone needs to the touch it. Most people ask permission, which is great that they should ask.

Linda: I hope so.

Sharon: Yeah. Some individuals although, they could simply reach out and do it. It’s like, “Eh, thanks and don’t do this.”

Linda: Yeah, please cease. (laughs) You look lovely by the best way. I see you’ve chosen to remain bald, it really works. I feel it’s superb.

Sharon: Yeah, because I felt like once I acquired the precise, concrete concept of what I was going to do, I wasn’t quite completed with most cancers remedy, I just determined, “Okay, once I finish this little cancer venture factor that I’m doing-

Linda: Right, ‘little venture’.

Sharon: (laughs) … this little venture, this little aspect job that I’m doing. I’m going to do Bald is Lovely.” So I felt like I actually needed to commit to it. I had loads of ideas throughout my music business days that I put aside, type of out of worry. I’ve this nice job, it’s plenty of hours, but I really like what I’m doing, I consider in what I’m doing however I don’t need to lose the safety of a job, all that type of stuff. I just decided, “You understand what? I’m not working right now. I’ve this idea. I need to go for it.” So I committed at first, “Okay, I’m going to stay bald for a yr.” I had this mission statement. I’m going to see what occurs and I’m going to verify in with myself after a yr. Things started building. So I stated, “Okay, I’ll give myself until my five-year cancer-free anniversary to determine on what I need to do about my hair,” and all that. By not even close to that, 5 years was type of like, “Nah, that is undoubtedly my calling. That is what I need to do. This is my path and I’m very completely satisfied about it.” Despite the fact that appearing, at first, was terrifying.

Embed from Getty Photographs

My sister, truly, is the one who gave me my first appearing alternative. She put together an ensemble of girls referred to as Off the Muff, her response to The Vagina Monologues. It was eight ladies, all auto-biographical, first individual, current tense monologues. She invited me because I was doing a number of writing and journaling round my ovaries. She invited me to discuss my ovaries, and discuss what I was going by means of at the time. I white-knuckled it by way of all the performance, that first one. At the finish she stated, “You recognize, you need to actually do this.” Her opinion … Not just because she’s an actor, but clearly as my twin. Her encouragement meant every thing to me. So I just charged ahead like, “Okay, I’m doing this. I’m gonna go for it.”

Linda: I just love how you’re empowering ladies! Even within the entertainment business, females are lastly rising to the top. The ladies are making their superhero mark in films like Captain Marvel, Marvel Lady, Darkish Phoenix and Black Widow in addition to displaying off increasingly more expertise behind the digital camera. I really feel like the whole lot is coming collectively. Do you are feeling we’re shifting in the appropriate course?

Sharon: Oh undoubtedly. For me, that’s why this works for me on so many levels, being a part of this film is complete, “Sharon Blynn within the pocket!”

Linda: That’s nice!

Sharon: It’s Marvel, which is Stan Lee, which is, “Oh my gosh!” Nerdtastically great! As an actor and the level of the individuals, I get to work with, superb. And then also, this female-centric factor, not only generally, however it’s the primary feminine lead superhero within the Marvel Universe. It’s the first feminine director, Anna Boden, with our companion Ryan Fleck. Anna is the first feminine director in the MCU, which is superb. And then, all the messaging throughout the movie about our power and owning our power and our voices as ladies. Not in an anti-guy thing, more just in a constructive, empowering approach for everyone really.

“And so, it’s my jam on every personal degree. So, it simply couldn’t be more good. I hate using the phrase good, however it actually is simply in my groove.”

Linda: Nicely yeah. It seemed prefer it was that good fit.

Sharon: Even my haircut is ideal proper? (laughs)

Linda: (laughs) I was already excited to talk to you, however as I stored learning extra I simply … I really like shedding mild on some of these issues. I want individuals would do it extra, however we’re heading there, we’re getting there. That’s very exciting.

Sharon: It’s why I began doing what I do. I used to be like, “Okay, the more visibility I have the extra the picture is out there.” These interviews are superb, nice, and simply visually that just says so much with out having to say something. So it’s a mixture of the two and getting to do both. Especially now at this degree, that I hope continues. I imply, I’ve been doing this since 2002, so it’s been quite some years since I started it to be at this point. And so, I’m thrilled, I’m thrilled.

Linda: That’s awesome. Are there different future tasks that you’ve arising that you simply’d like to talk about? Do you see yourself behind the digital camera?

Sharon: You recognize, I’ve by no means had any behind the digital camera aspirations … Properly, I can’t say that really. For me, it’s type of if the thought comes I attempt to make it occur. I did shoot this kind of conceptual music video factor, which might take approach too lengthy to inform you about. It’s in the can, and I conceived it, [and told] my boyfriend. I used to be like, “I have this idea and I don’t know.” He stated, “Properly, storyboard it.” I stated, “I don’t understand how to draw.” He stated, “Sharon, you’re keen on comic books, right? Okay, draw some squares and stick figures, and just get it on paper and begin it.” And I did it. I used to be challenged by a pal of mine who I used to be joking with about this idea I had. She stated, “Okay, I’m not letting you get away with not doing it.”

So the expertise of truly having an concept, conception, then producing it, directing it. Additionally, I did star in it. I had associates round me. It was an incredible feeling. I assume it’s type of just like my work in the music business. I had a vision about being in the music enterprise and I took the steps I wanted to take. I used to be working at my dream jobs at Verve and Blue Notice, and meeting all these artists that I’d listened to on LPs and CDs my entire life. Then, I had this concept about this crazy Bald is Lovely factor that I’m going to do, I just sort of charged forward. I assume I appear to try this. I don’t know. Who is aware of? There’s stuff within the works I assume. No particulars yet, however individuals can comply with me on social media, as issues come up I will make bulletins. I’m simply actually excited about the whole lot that would probably come out of this.

Linda: That’s superior.

Sharon: I’d love to do extra movies, however I’d love to be in my humanoid type, as a biped, I might love to do a few of those. Who is aware of what doors and home windows and other issues are opened from this excellent film (Captain Marvel) that I get to be a part of.

Linda: Properly, I’m undoubtedly going to keep monitor of your social media feed, so I can find out what’s happening. I don’t need to take up an excessive amount of of your time but I do should ask you … As a Marvel fan who’s your favourite superhero? Do you’ve got one?

Sharon: That is likely one of the most challenging questions. (laughs)

Linda: I know it is! I know. (laughs)

Sharon: How do you decide one, to start with? As we grow and change and other people and are uncovered to extra on the earth, various things resonate with us, as we modify as human beings. Proper?

Linda: It’s true.

Sharon: So I mean, God, it’s so exhausting.

Linda: Did you’ve got one if you have been younger that’s totally different from now?

Sharon: Ah, that’s so humorous. As a result of now I’m an enormous child, nothing’s actually modified as far as that goes. I undoubtedly beloved Spider-Man, but then Silver Surfer was all the time … I just felt like, “Gosh, that just seems like a lot enjoyable!” As a child, because I could not rollerskate or skateboard or do all these. So I used to be like, “Man, I wish I might do this.” But I also really liked The Hulk. A few of the characters also resonate with me, as a result of rising up I was sort of a nerd. I used to be a nerd and then later I played music, so I used to be a band geek too. All those issues I wear proudly, however other youngsters didn’t exactly deal with it that means. So I all the time felt like I had kind of an outsider feeling. But these have been my superpowers… that’s what all the time resonates with me with Marvel.

“It’s those issues which might be thought-about deficits or things that you simply’re type of made enjoyable of for, are the things that make you highly effective and nice.”

With The Hulk, it’s type of like, he’s this regular individual. Clearly having to be mad brings out this drive. He’s this Hulk but he’s good, inside he’s still this drive for good and he’s protecting individuals. I all the time felt various things I went via in my life… I began out quiet and reserved however solely in sure selective moments. If pushed exhausting sufficient, I’d say something. Someone would finally ask, “What do you assume?” And I might say this factor and it will stop individuals of their tracks. Like, “Where have you ever been this complete time?” “Oh, I’ve simply been watching, just sitting watching.” You understand? That type of power resonates with me. I additionally did have slightly crush on Invoice Bixby. I did love the TV collection. The evolution of The Hulk, I don’t know. Then, thrilling issues are perhaps occurring with The Hulk on this movie Marvel storyline. So who knows what’s going to happen with him. I found The Avengers: Infinity Conflict story with The Hulk was type of hilarious. It’s fascinating. Okay, what’s going to happen now with this one?

Linda: I feel we’re all eagerly anticipating, that’s for positive.

Sharon: Sure, yes. And Black Panther, I didn’t know a lot about that entire factor at all. I just beloved every little factor about it. All the women, by the best way, woohoo!

Linda: Lovely! Oh my gosh.

Sharon: It was superior.

Linda: Properly like I stated, I don’t need to take up an excessive amount of of your time. Thank you so much for chatting with me. It was fantastic. I want you continued success. Benefit from the experience. I hope to see far more of you!

Sharon: Thanks.

Be sure you catch Captain Marvel in theaters proper now! Comply with Sharon Blynn to maintain up with all her thrilling news and updates… Facebook: Sharon Blynn Instagram: @Bald.Is.Lovely Twitter: @sharonblynn Study extra about her inspiring mission at Bald is Lovely!




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