Instagram Development Guide In 2021

Instagram development guide

To create a successful business Instagram account, you need to take into account audience preferences, which change every year. 2020 was no exception, so some niches have become more in demand, and some areas, on the contrary, have faded into the background.

The capabilities of Instagram are really amazing – here you can promote your account in several directions simultaneously:

But the most important thing is to decide on your niche, that is, choose a topic or category that interests you and in which you feel like an expert. And the Already the niche you have chosen, the easier it will be to determine the preferences and profile of your audience and form a promotion strategy.

What is important to know about promotion on Instagram, depending on the niche?

Many beginners to promote their Instagram account users make a common mistake trying to cover several directions at once. But this only dissipates efforts and prevents you from concentrating on what you really are an expert in. The most important points to remember are that you need to be well versed in “your” topic and constantly monitor the latest trends in your chosen niche.

The topic of health and sports continues to be one of the lucrative niches in 2020. After all, the number of people who want to look good and get sick less is only increasing every year. If you preach a healthy lifestyle, cannot live without sports, and can give useful advice to others, feel free to monetize your experience. You can:

Sell your own workout series;

Advertise sporting goods;

Launch campaigns to sell the books you write.

The food and culinary niche is also steadily popular. The number of users who like to follow the preparation of main courses and desserts is constantly growing. Earnings in this niche can be obtained if:

The audience of the beauty industry on Instagram is steadily increasing. At the same time, the most active representatives of the younger generation learn about new means for skin care, hair care, as well as all modern cosmetics from the Web. Become the face of a fashionable beauty brand, advertise beauty products, or share your experiences with a particular product.

Content stop list or what doesn’t work on Instagram

Not just a photo

Despite the fact that Instagram was originally created as a photo blog, today it is no longer enough to periodically upload bright photos to the page for successful account promotion. Users appreciate thematic photo captions, short and long posts, lively discussion and comments on posts. And don’t forget the video!

Stop plagiarism

Before posting any content on Instagram, be sure to make sure that you have not previously posted the same post on Facebook or another social network. Photo captions and posts themselves must be unique and correspond to the topic of the page.

Illiteracy – fight!

Another important requirement that aspiring bloggers may not be ready for is spellcheck. By making your first post and making many mistakes in it, you can immediately create a negative impression on your potential audience. Illiteracy in Internet messages is often associated with general carelessness or lack of expertise in a chosen topic.

Brevity or…?

According to world research, the degree of audience engagement also depends on the length of the post. Determine which countries you will be targeting users, and depending on this, build a strategy for further promotion. For example, if in the USA and many European countries short messages and captions to photos of up to 250 characters work well, then on the Russian-speaking Internet space, users love rather complex, expert content, with posts of up to 500 characters or more.

Follow hashtags

Don’t oversaturate your Instagram pages with hashtags. This tool works really well on the visual web, but if the number of words and phrases with the # sign in one of your posts approaches 30, it threatens audience fatigue from ads and a gradual loss of interest.

Don’t get carried away with collages

It has long been verified that this type of content does not work on Instagram. Many small photos in one image will look like a big incomprehensible spot on the page, so it is better to use large and “catchy” images for new publications, and hide the rest of the related pictures in the gallery.

What did the author want to say?

Do not publish a photo without signatures on your page – such content is minimally popular with the audience, in contrast to a photo with a small description that accurately characterizes it. And don’t confuse image captions and videos with hashtags – they’re not at all interchangeable.

Development stop list – what doesn’t work?

In order not to hack to the root of promoting your own brand or Instagram account, you must immediately come up with a short and well-remembered name for the page , up to 7-8 characters long. Complex and longer words cause confusion among the audience and reduce the level of interest in new publications.

What else does not have a positive effect on the development of the account is the same type of content or repeated captions to the photo. Fill short posts with lively and interesting information and do not post only advertising messages, this quickly scares off even interested users. Alternate content on your page – Instagram allows you to publish not only photos and videos, but also Stories with the most relevant messages, which are guaranteed to attract additional attention.

When drawing up a development strategy, pay due attention to working out the content plan. Your posts, as interesting and exciting as they are, should not appear randomly. The key to success is regularity. Users equally dislike accounts with hundreds of posts a day and pages that have to wait weeks for another manifestation of activity. It is recommended to publish 3-4 posts a week, and at different times – Instagram is often accessed from mobile devices, which are always at hand, so regularity does not play such an important role as, for example, Facebook.

Don’t forget about hashtags and goats on your pages, as these are powerful tools for promoting on Instagram. It is enough to place up to 5 hashtags in one post so as not to scare away a potential audience.

Specialists in SMM promotion categorically do not recommend using methods of artificial cheating of subscribers and services of bots. Constant friendship offers are quite annoying for visitors, so the best way to expand your audience is to thoroughly study their interests and offer interesting content. And don’t forget about targeted advertising.

Are such promotion methods as cooperation and barter relevant?

Collaboration as a way to promote is an especially important step in the early stages of account development. This method became even more relevant during the period of world quarantine, when the size of advertising budgets was significantly reduced even for large brands.

Another way to get the audience’s attention is to negotiate barter with a famous blogger. For example, if you have an online sporting goods store, but your advertising budget is extremely limited, you can connect with one or more influencers who are interested in your products. As a result, you send the blogger a product, he tests it and expresses his opinion on his blog, thereby directing the attention of part of his audience to your page.

An important point when planning barter transactions on Instagram is to correctly determine the target audience from which you will choose the right influencer. Determine the segment in which the blogger should work and study the nature of his followers. Analyze what comments users leave under his posts and videos, and whether there are bots among them.

It is also worth understanding in which segment the blogger’s audience coverage is greater – in posts or stories. Stories are of more lively interest, and if the number of blogger subscribers has exceeded 10,000, the publication in his stories can be supplemented with an active link that will attract interested followers. Here we suggest you some best Instagram service provider company. is the best site to Buy Instagram Followers Canada at a very cheap rate.

If your interests with a potential barter partner coincide, feel free to send an offer of cooperation. And do not forget to send in the first letter or message interesting and high-quality photos with the goods or services that you plan to promote. A few beautiful pictures can interest you much more than many interesting proposals.

Actual ways of promotion in 2020

Regardless of this year’s trends, keep in mind that Instagram is a visual social network, so post more portraits, selfies, and other people’s photos. According to statistics, content with faces gets 35% more likes than other types of images.

No – trash!

Regularly clean your profile of spam and junk comments – all this unnecessary content simply distracts the audience from the really important information. In addition, a large amount of inappropriate content in the comments that went unanswered can give the impression that your account is simply abandoned.

Full involvement

One of the most important things to consider when promoting an account is the constant engagement with your audience. Respond immediately to all comments from your followers and feel free to ask questions. Pay attention to attracting new people who might want to comment on your posts, photos, or stories. Seek support on other accounts – leave your comments there to draw attention to your product or service.

Content that boosts your mood

One of the main purposes of the Instagram visual network is to give positive emotions when viewing photos and videos. Do not forget about this and try to create more positive content that will not only delight subscribers, but also motivate them to new achievements. And at the same time, make sure that conflicts do not flare up in the comments – just a few such verbal skirmishes can scare off a potential audience and create the impression of your account toxicity.

Mutually beneficial cooperation

Don’t shut yourself out of cross-promotion – as mentioned earlier, collaboration works just as well on Instagram as it does on other social media platforms. Look for support on other accounts of similar topics, and together you can quickly expand the reach of your publications. Do not be afraid to experiment, because part of your target audience may be very close, just temporarily in the shadows.

Hype – is it useful?

Artificial excitement around a currently mega-popular personality, thing, event or event can significantly expand your audience. But before focusing on any HYIP topic, it is worth considering several important points.

Hype-based promotion methods don’t always work. For example, if you decide to take advantage of a trend when the wave of interest in an event, person, or meme begins to decline. By posting on your page information that is already on all other platforms and social networks, you irritate and diminish interest in your account among subscribers.

Another situation – you have chosen trending news in order to stir up interest in your page, but simply did not fall into the preferences of your potential audience with the topic of the event. In this case, the number of subscribers will not increase, and the growth of visitors may even slow down for some time.

So, if we summarize the basic principles of promotion in 2020, they will remain unchanged – publish content in the niche in which you consider yourself an expert, adhere to the developed content plan, do not forget to communicate with the audience, follow the trends and do not forget about advertising!

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