The Cost Reduction Of Incorporating Industrial Automation Machinery

The Cost Reduction Of Incorporating Industrial Automation Machinery

With the trend towards end-to-end automation in full swing, we are seeing an increasing number of companies and factories relying on industrial automation machinery to carry out their processes. In an industrial environment, this offers the opportunity not only for greater efficiency, but also for greater savings. As M2M (“machine to machine”) technology becomes smarter, safer and more self-sufficient, companies can increasingly reap its benefits. In this article we will talk precisely about the cost reduction of incorporating industrial automation machinery.

What is industrial automation?

The automation relates to the automatic production process goods by using control systems and machinery another robotic operation with minimal human direct.

Within manufacturing industries, automation has led to increased labor productivity, as fewer workers are needed to produce the same number of manufactured goods. Automation also allows a greater economy of scope, that is, a factory can produce a greater range of goods, and this diversity and differentiation of products is as important for companies as the reduction of costs that, in general, it implies.

The cost reduction of incorporating industrial automation machinery

The economic benefit that the incorporation of industrial machinery entails thanks to the reduction of costs that it supposes is given by several aspects:

Reduction of production and contracting costs thanks to industrial automation machinery

Since a machine can sometimes do the work of an operator with greater speed and precision, automation allows companies to produce more goods at a lower cost and can allow shorter lead times, faster delivery and a more efficient use of resources and cash flow.

On the other hand, the use of industrial automation machinery means that it is not the presence of so many workers in the factory, since much of the work can be carried out mechanically, which implies significant savings by not having to pay so many salaries to different workers.

Productivity improvement thanks to integrated management systems

One of the first ways in which the incorporation of industrial automation machinery can reduce costs is in its ability to improve productivity through a central and integrated management system. When machines can communicate with each other using real-time data, they can fully automate the supply chain.

This type of automation allows companies to control their equipment even from remote locations through a central system, using sensors, video surveillance. In addition, industrial equipment can be integrated with environmental and safety controls, reducing overall costs.

Minimization of losses in the factory floor and in transit

With industrial automation, losses can be reduced or even virtually eliminated. Problems with the supply chain or individual products can be detected immediately, so no time is wasted.

Early problem detection

When using industrial automation machinery, production equipment and individual products can be fully automated to send an alert when regular maintenance is needed, without the need to wait for the machine to fail or break down to repair it. Machines, plants and computers can be closely monitored remotely, optimizing their performance. Implementing this type of solution can significantly reduce technician on-site visits, making it one of the biggest benefits of industrial automation.

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