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Howard’s Story + The 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Adopting a Dog

Howard's Story + The 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Adopting a Dog

ALRIGHT- so you guys really got here via onerous for me when we misplaced our sweet Bitzy. That was a day I dreaded for YEARS & it was such a monumental loss. She was not just my canine, she was my whole world & dropping her was so far the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with. I had (& still have) a Bitzy formed gap in my heart.

& I did NOT need another canine… ever again.

I obtained Bitzy after dropping my puppy Chihuahua (Coco Chanel) in a reasonably tragic approach & Bitzy actually did help me get well from that loss… however I had only had that sweet puppy for 6 months & though I liked her, 13 years with a canine is an entire different story. Everybody advised I get a pet to help distract me from my ache of dropping Bitzy, however I was not down. Zack & I even went to take a look at a pet however I simply could not imagine ever loving a dog as a lot as Bitzy, & if I did- I by no means needed to really feel that loss again. Taking a look at that pet, though a VERY cute Frenchie, made me not need a canine much more.

& then probably the most sudden thing happened EVER… let me see if I could make this VERY long story brief. 

REWIND TO FEBRUARY 15TH. Zack referred to as in sick for work so we decided to go on a bit lunch date. On our method house I was checking emails on my telephone whereas Zack was driving. Out of nowhere, he SLAMS on the brakes & screams “SHIT”. I look as much as see what the hell happened & there’s a raggedy canine is in the midst of the busy street. I jumped out of the automotive & Zack throws at me a magical field of treats by way of the window. I shook the box & the canine came operating right to me, dodging honking automobiles (individuals are SUCH dicks) & actually jumped into my arms. He was visibly SO SCARED.

We had Ruby, our frenchie, in the automotive, & she sometimes gets overly excited with canine. I thought-about taking an Uber but Zack just stated we get in the automotive & get to the vet ASAP. It had been raining for DAYS, he was a scorching mess, & we didn’t know if he was okay. Your complete drive to the vet, Ruby just checked out him & did NOTHING. It was the primary time in my life I saw seen empathy in one other dog.

Once we obtained to the vet, he was taken again instantly & advised us the Humane Society would come to get him & hopefully find an proprietor. He wasn’t microchipped & they asked if we needed to be put down as the finders hold. In the 10 minute drive to the vet, this dog stared at me with probably the most insane look of love you will have ever seen & it was then we both fell in love with this guy. SO YES- we needed the finders hold.

THAT SAID- our important objective was that if somebody is lacking this little man, they find him. He wanted to go to Humane so that he might probably discover his method residence… however he was in dangerous form & when he received to Humane, that they had stated if anyone comes to say him they will need to meet with an animal officer first. The hold would last four days & all we might do was wait. I referred to as every day.

I used to be informed over & over once more that he wasn’t ready & after the stray maintain was up he would grow to be property of the Humane Society. Then he can be on a LONG waiting listing for a medical verify/to get fastened. My assumption was it will be two weeks or extra & I was beginning to actually annoy them with all my calls, so over the weekend, I gave it a break.

Come Monday, I awakened & decided to call to examine on him. I was put on maintain, which was bizarre cause they’ve by no means carried out that before, & they came again to say he was prepared. I WAS SHOCKED & not ready. I referred to as Zack, who was at jury obligation (or so I assumed) & we determined we go at four when Zack was accomplished with “jury obligation”.

Zack wasn’t truly at jury obligation & earlier than we went to select him up, HE PROPOSED!! You’ll be able to learn the proposal story right here to tie all of it collectively… but right after he proposed we went straight to the Humane Society to select up our candy 5 yr old-ish Mini Schnauzer, Howard Idaho (named after the cross streets we discovered him at!)

& though it has been the BIGGEST blessing ever, there was lots of totally different challenges with adopting a dog that I didn’t anticipate & also, I didn’t need to adopt in the first place. 

I feel HORRIBLE saying this, particularly now that we’ve got Howard, however adoption wasn’t something I ever thought I’d do. Zack had adopted a canine once we first met & that canine, though SO candy, virtually killed Bitzy (literally, bit her in the throat 2cm from her major artery & she was in ICU with drains in her neck for weeks). Plus, I am simply used to the thought of getting a puppy that I selected.

THAT SAID, adoption really modified our lives for the higher & I needed to share with you guys what I wish I knew before getting a rescue as a result of I hope that you are either reading this interested by adopting & this submit provides you the push/helps you put together OR it provides you a new outlook on adoption!!

1. IF YOU FIND A LOST DOG, & you need to undertake it:

In case you find a misplaced dog & you have an interest in adopting it, 100000% flip it in to the Humane Society first. DO NOT take the dog residence & just make it yours. There could possibly be someone on the lookout for their beloved pet. SECONDLY- don’t go to your vet. In the event you take the dog to your vet they n         may give you a finders hold to signal however what I discovered from this course of, until you’re taking the dog DIRECTLY to Humane Society, you truly don’t get the finders maintain. This was a NIGHTMARE for us & I needed to leap by way of numerous hoops to have the Humane Society concern me the Finders Hold. With out that hold they will & will put the dog on the adoption flooring with out informing you first.

2. Respect the process

I’m not gonna lie, there were a number of occasions I received annoyed with the process. I have SO a lot respect for what the Humane Society does, however the individuals on the telephone might be very brief with you. My frustration was that this dog had a heat mattress to sleep in with us & they weren’t giving me answers. They noted on my file that I appeared “agitated” & at occasions, I was. I regret this. Not only as a result of they’ve onerous jobs & I was not being patient, but as a result of it might have effected my probabilities of getting Howard. The process could be a little annoying, especially for those who FIND the dog, however simply respect it & know that they need the dog re-homed as a lot as you do.

3. It isn’t Neccesarily CHEAP (nevertheless it’s not expensive + you get free stuff!)

It isn’t costly, especially compared to shopping for a canine from a breeder, however just so you know- it does value cash. I knew there can be an adoption charge & I used to be totally advantageous with that. It was about $150 to undertake & then they ask for a donation. For us- a steal of deal because they neutered Howard on the Humane Society & also you get a number of stuff at no cost as properly: your first vet appointment is free, you get a month of free pet insurance coverage (sign up for this AS SOON as you get residence!!), & you get reductions at PetSmart. The primary value that got here for us was his first dental cleaning by way of our vet. His breath was lethal & we needed to get that dealt with… after spending a REAL fairly penny.

4. Be Prepared for an “Adjustment Period” with a Rescue

Right here is where things acquired tough for us. Once we introduced Howard residence & during that first week, I wasn’t connecting & was scared it wasn’t an excellent fit. I assumed perhaps I wasn’t ready after Bitzy, he wouldn’t eat, he just needed to be in his crate all day, & he wouldn’t show affection. I cried & cried, however we did hire a coach (another factor I HIGHLY advocate) & she insisted we wait & that he’ll come out of his shell. She was SO proper!! Give the canine time to adjust, they’ll come out of their shell with time & it is going to be AMAZING to observe.

Also, if in case you have another canine, ensure that to introduce them to your new rescue the fitting means!! You want them to satisfy on mutual ground, outdoors of the house, & once you convey the new dog IN your own home, deliver them in a crate & maintain the rescue within the crate for a short while till your other dog appears to be feeling tremendous snug.

5. Don’t Examine your New Canine to your Previous Canine(s)

A rescue canine could be very totally different from the canine you’ve raised as a puppy who has been spoiled since day one. I don’t know Howard’s life before us & I by no means will, however whatever it was, it was a very totally different life from our canine. Once I wasn’t connecting with Howard at first, I in contrast him to Bitzy so much & then after every week or two, I compared him to Ruby. This obtained us NOWHERE, a rescue is an entire totally different breed. He wanted help adjusting to dwelling indoors (we’re pretty confident he was a road dog) & needed to relearn lots of stuff. He is a brilliant boy & discovered shortly, but he just has totally different wants & now that we know what these needs are, we will absolutely embrace who he is/meet his wants.

6. You Will Have Less Freedom, for just a little

this is is with ALL canine, however extra so with a rescue. In a variety of instances, rescues have been deserted, so whenever you convey your new pup residence you really need to decide to spending lots of time with them. Howard really needed to adjust to human interaction & he still does. He’s VERY needy/clingy for human contact & though sweet, it was one thing we would have liked to help him with. I am in a fortunate place where I might be house all day if I would like, & for the primary three weeks, I was. He didn’t do nicely with being left alone & though he’s MUCH higher now, we actually never depart him for greater than 2 hours. Two issues I recommend: ROVER for canine sitters/canine walkers & a dog monitor (it was $30 on Amazon & provides us peace of thoughts when I am out of the home longer than anticipated).


In case you are on the fence of whether or not it is best to adopt, can I just say, the gratitude you’ll receive out of your dog will be the most fantastic life altering factor you ever experience. Ruby loves us to no finish & Bitzy was glued to my aspect, but Howard’s love could be very totally different. He not solely wants us, however he appreciates us & it’s visible in ALL of his actions. Everybody informed me there was something that may click on with this canine that may be totally different than any dog I’ve ever had, & everyone was proper. It’s the weirdest most fantastic factor that you simply’d never anticipate. It’s like we hung the moon with Howard. He must be touching me at virtually all occasions, he sleeps together with his paw on my HEART every night time, & he exhibits a love that no other dog has shown us before. It’s the primary most rewarding factor we’ve ever executed & as I am TYPING this proper this very moment he just lifted up his paw & put it on my coronary heart.

SO- just for a quick replace on where Howard is at now, after a month of being with us:

He is the the king of the citadel, he’s getting more & more assured by the day, he potty educated HIMSELF trigger he is just so damn sensible, he has gotten used to home life (no more operating into the glass slider or being frightened of his reflection in the mirror!), he eats SO good, he provides huge REAL hugs aka HOWARD HUGS, he steals hearts wherever we go, he loves to look into peoples eyes, & he REALLY REALLY loves his sister! Bitzy & Ruby had a rocky relationship as two dominant bitches, however Howard & Ruby are two peas in a pod.


1. every little thing occurs for a cause… simply imagine if that exact day, February 15th, Zack went to work or we didn’t go to lunch. We might by no means have our Howard! I actually consider in destiny now.

2. ADOPT > SHOP actually is the best way & in case you are considering a dog, please think about adoption. You won’t get your designer dog, but I promise, you’ll get one thing far more priceless!! For those who can’t undertake, I GET IT…. however hold studying for tactics you’ll be able to help!

+ Street Canine Rescue: we’ve a french bulldog & by way of her Instagram, we discovered Street Canine Rescue. They are a bulldog rescue & they do SUCH fantastic issues for any & all bulldogs. Bulldogs can are often VERY inbred & with that can come some critical issues that can be an excessive amount of for individuals to cope with. Street Canine takes these canine in, rehabilitates them, & then puts them up for adoption. If we had a much bigger home I might be making use of to undertake Ellery Max, a 5 legged frenchie who I have been following because the beginning of his journey with Street Canine. She is so cute, sweet, & I really like her additional little leg.

+ Animal Hope & Wellness: I’m going to warn you, their Instagram is tough to take a look at, but you must look. I feel everyone ought to be aware with what is occurring to canine in China/the dog meat trade/different dog slaughterhouses & thank god for Marc Cheng who has dedicated his LIFE to getting these canine out of these DIRE conditions. The work he does is something I couldn’t think about & I am so grateful there are individuals like Marc & everyone at Animal Hope & Wellness out there doing absolutely the MOST to save lots of canine everywhere in the world.

+ FITBULLS Rescue: my good friend lately started Fitbulls Rescue & I am simply so pleased with him for doing this, shoutout to RANDY!!! Pitbulls have a nasty popularity & are WAY TOO typically educated to struggle (TALKING TO YOU MICHAEL VICK!!) & due to this, they typically end up abandoned. I actually consider all canine deserve a to be liked & a few of the sweetest canine I have met are Pitbulls. Not everyone can undertake a rescue Pitbull as a result of there’s the prospect they have been taught to battle & I get that, but you DEFINITELY may also help Randy at Fitbull Rescue give these canine the prospect they deserve.