How to Incorporate Your Brand into Custom Rigid Boxes?

How to Incorporate Your Brand into Custom Rigid Boxes?

The customer experience can sink or swim any new business venture. That’s true, from the minutest details of your web design to social media posts and the custom rigid boxes you use for your products. Tiffany’s is a wonderful example. In many instances, it brings back the nostalgia of unboxing your Christmas gifts or surprise gifts from someone special. 

Nevertheless, it’s an exciting experience that starts the minute you walk into Tiffany’s store and continues all the way down to opening their packaging to access the sparkling gems. And this doesn’t happen by chance. It was designed that way. To tell you the truth, Tiffany’s has spent years perfecting the brand so they can deliver a seamless customer experience every time. 

This shows that even the top brands ensure consistency to create a base of loyal customers who eagerly await their next experience. While Tiffany’s may have a massive marketing budget and teams to help it out, you can follow suit. Even if you are a solopreneur or a startup, it’s more significant if you are. However, if you are struggling to find consistency in branding and packaging, the following pro-tips that will allow you to incorporate your brand into your bespoke wholesale rigid boxes

Know the Purpose of Using Custom Rigid Boxes 

Are you leveraging custom rigid boxes for a product that will sit on the shelf or something that needs to be shipped in the mail? This is one of the essential elements to consider before anything else. We all know that e-commerce products need more protection because they often get tossed around during shipping. 

Moreover, they also face elements like heat, cold, and rain, so you need to comprehend how you will keep the contents of the box safe from external hazards. That said, the unboxing experience is often the last touchpoint, so make sure to leave a positive and lasting impression on the buyers. Of course, having something sturdy is a must, but apart from that, you must consider how it will be displayed in the store and craft something that instantly catches the eye. 

Branding and Packaging Should be Consistent 

Unique branding colors are often the immediate identifiers of a brand together with its logo. So, don’t be shy to use your branding color schemes in custom rigid boxes. Take T-Mobile, for example. Thanks to the hot and bold pink color, one can instantly recognize the brand. Due to the vibrant color scheme, one won’t have to guess who’s behind the product. 

To create the feeling of irresistible excitement, several brands use the same colors on their social media channels and website. Resultantly, you get to create an incredibly cohesive experience right from the first touchpoint to the last. 

Make Packaging Instantly Recognizable 

If you have a unique logo or a signature typeface that instantly identifies who you are, then don’t be anxious to show it off through your custom rigid box packaging, irrespective of the fact whether it will go on the shelf or make its way through the mail. Creating instant recognition doesn’t solely take place through colors. It could be literally anything that makes your brand noticeable.  

When you do that, your prospective customers will get excited the minute they lay their eyes on your product boxes. However, you need high-quality packaging and printing to bring such ideas to life. Without these two essential elements, you will end up having lackluster packaging, no matter how terrific your design is. Work with rigid box manufacturers in the USA like the Packaging Republic and carve a beautiful encasing for your products. 

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