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Goodreads Book Giveaways Ending Everyday in February

Goodreads Book Giveaways Ending Everyday in February

Enter each Goodreads Ebook giveaway one time in your probability to win a brand new ebook so as to add to your assortment. With so many guide giveaways on a regular basis by way of the top of February you’d sure to discover a guide that fits your style.

Eligibility for all Goodreads Giveaways: Open to US residents, 18 and older. You have to have a Goodreads and an account in an effort to enter or obtain a prize. Each are free to hitch. Restrict one entry per individual and family utilizing just one Goodreads/ account per Sweepstakes.

You’ll be able to enter every giveaway solely as soon as.

Print Books

Ends February 11

Courting Mr. Lincoln by Louis Bayard 50 copies

The Good Date by Evelyn Lozada 100 copies

Gimme Some Sugar (Southern Eclectic #three) by Molly Harper 50 copies

Into the Jungle by Erica Ferencik 50 copies

Sundown Seashore by Mary Kay Andrews 100 copies

XL by Scott Brown 50 copies

The Daughter’s Story by Armando Lucas Correa 100 copies

Campusland by Scott Johnston 100 copies

Ends February 12

The Lacking Years by Lexie Elliott 100 copies

If, Then by Kate Hope Day 50 copies

Ends February 13

Mom Nation by Irina Reyen 100 copies

In One other Life by C.C. Hunter 100 copies

Ends February 14

The Confessions of Frannie Langton by Sara Collins 100 copies

Tightrope (Burning Cove #three) by Amanda Fast 100 copies

The Lengthy Flight Residence (John Scognamiglio #1) by  Alan Hlad 100 copies

Twisted Household Values by V.C. Chickering 100 copies

No Different Duke However You (Playful Brides #11) by Valerie Bowman 100 copies

Ignite: A Darkish King Novel (Darkish Kings #15) by Donna Grant 100 copies

Getting Scorching With The Scot (Typically in Love #1) by Melonie  Johnson 100 copies

The Night time Earlier than by Wendy Walker 100 copies

Ends February 15 

Metropolis of Women by Elizabeth Gilbert 100 copies

The Final Day by Domenica Ruta 50 copies

Rayne & Delilah’s Midnight Matinee by Jeff Zentner 50 copies

Montauk by Nicola Harrison 100 copies

The Bride Check by Helen Hoang 50 copies

Ready For Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey 100 copies

The Favourite Daughter by Patti Callahan Henry 50 copies

Natalie Tan’s E-book of Luck and Fortune by Roselle Lim 100 copies

Not Dangerous Individuals by Brandy Scott 100 copies

Resistance Ladies by Jennifer Chiaverini 100 copies

My Ex-Greatest Pal’s Wedding ceremony by Wendy Wax 50 copies

Meet Me In Monaco by Hazel Gaynor 100 copies

Ends February 16

Igist by L.S. Larson 100 copies

Ends February 17

Cemetery Street by Greg Iles 100 copies

Again to You (Coming House #2) by Jessica Scott 100 copies

Saving Meghan by D.J. Palmer 100 copies

Ends February 18

The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Women by Anissa Grey 50 copies

The Deepest Blue (Tales of Renthia) by Sarah Beth Durst 50 copies

Don’t Cease Believin’ by Olivia Newton-John 100 copies

Subject Notes on Love by Jennifer E. Smith  50 copies

The Southern Aspect of Paradise (Peachtree Bluff #three) by Krist oodson Harvey 100 copies

The Misplaced Night time by Andrea Bartz 100 copies

Ends February 19

The Bookish Lifetime of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman 100 copies

The Editor by Steven Rowley 50 copies

Gingerbread by Oyeyemi Helen  50 copies

Ends February 20

The Familiars by Stacey Halls 75 copies

Milady by Laura L. Sullivan 100 copies

Ends February 21

Salvation Day by Kali Wallace 50 copies

The Woman In Pink by Christina Henry 50 copies

The Inn At Hidden Run by Olivai Newport 50 copies

The Hazel Wooden (The Hazel Wooden, #1) by Melissa Albert 50 copies

Ends February 22

I Know Who You Are by  Alice Feeney 100 copies

A Hearth Story by Brian Fies 50 copies

The ABC Murders (Hercule Poirot #13) by Agatha Christie 100 copies

The Municipalists by Seth Fried 100 copies

Satisfaction, Prejudice, and Different Flavors (The Rajes #1) by Sonali Dev 50 copies

Throughout the Void by S.Okay. Vaughn 50 copies

Ends February 24

Kessy Lane by Don R. Gobel 50 copies

By no means Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson 100 copies

A Fantastic Stroke of Luck by Ann Beattie 50 copies

Ends February 25

Westside by W.M. Akers 50 copies

The Me I Used To Be by Jennifer Ryan 100 copies

Maintain You Shut by Karen Cleveland 75 copies

Shield the Prince (Crown of Shards #2) by Jennifer Estep 50 copies

The Floating Feldmans by Elyssa Friedland 100 copies

Misplaced and Needed by Nell Freudenberger  50 copies

Looking for Sylvie Lee by Jean Kwok 100 copies

Pricey Haiti, Love Alaine by Maika Moulite 50 copies

Lot: Tales by Bryan Washington 100 copies

A Good Sufficient Mom by Bev Thomas 100 copies

Ends February 26

No one’s Idiot: The Life and Occasions of Schlitzie the Pinhead by Invoice Griffith 50 copies

Ends February 27

Underneath the Desk by Stephanie Evanovich 100 copies

Ends February 28

The Chopping Room by Ashley Dyer 100 copies

Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams 100 copies

Lovely Dangerous by Annie Ward 50 copies

The Favourite Daughter by Kaira Rouda 50 copies

Mistress of the Ritz by Melanie Benjamin 50 copies

The Marvel of Misplaced Causes by Nick Trout 100 copies


Ends February 11

No Panties Fridays (Novel) by Sean H. Robinson 100 copies

The Governess (Depraved Wallflowers, #three) by Christi Caldwell 100 copies

Killer Thriller (Ian Ludlow Thrillers #2) by Lee Goldberg 100

The Victory Backyard by Rhys Bowen 100 copies

Woman Gone Rogue  (Dominique Wolfe #1) by Forrest Kane 100 copies

Ends February 12

The Different Aspect by Alan Hotchkiss 100 copies

The Guess Between Us by Brandon Moore 100 copies

Burning Bridges Alongside The Susquehanna by Paul C. Nelson 100 copies

The Little King of Crooked Issues by Jud Widing 100 copies

Reaching For A Star (Diana’s Love Story) by Debbie Devlin Zook 50 copies

Ends February 13

The Madonna Mannequin by T.L. Ashton 100 copies

As soon as Upon A Woman by Katie Keridan 100 copies

Lethal Vows (A Britton Bay Thriller #2) by Jodi Holford 100 copies

The Ghosts of Nagasaki by Daniel Clausen 100 copies

Jack Jetstark’s Interrelation Freakshow by Jennifer Lee Rossman 100 copies

An Unbelievable Paring by Gary Dickson 100 copies

Drops of Cerulean by Daybreak Adams Cole 100 copies

Hohenstaufen: Mark of the Beast by Daniel R. Hopkins 100 copies

Ends on February 14

On Burning Mirrors by Jamie Klinger-Krebs 100 copies

Dying of the Republic (Urizen Collection #1) by F. Scott Andison 100 copies

A Lady Named Bagoo by T.E. Antonino 100 copies

Journey Man (The Richard Carter Novels #11) by A.R. Simmons 100 copies

Lexie Monarch (The Winged #2) by T. Okay. Perry 100 copies

Coronary heart of the Storm: A Sister’s Revenge by Claudia Barcelo 100 copies

Ends February 15

Jocki MacTavish by Albert Marsolais 100 copies

Previous Crimes (Van Shaw #1) by Glen Erik Hamilton 100 copes

No one I Know by John J. Gaynard 100 copies

A Psychic With Catitude (Reg Rawlins, Psychic Detective Ebook 2) by  P.D. Workman 100 copies

The Kortelisy Escape by Leonard Rosen 100 copies

The Witch’s Variety by Louisa Morgan 100 copies

A Soldier’s Return The Ladies of Brambleberry Home #four) by  RaeAnne Thayne 100 copies

The Scribe’s Deceit by Michael Berens 100 copies

The Biggest Recreation by Malcolm Little 100 copies

Ends February 16

Satan Wind Dance by Tracy Thorne 100 copies

Run Away by Harlan Coben 50 copies

Lure by Jeff Marschall 100 copies

Ends February 17

The Black Growth of Cyrenaica by Bruce McCandless III 100 copies

Cordelia Lionheart by Ron Fritsch 100 copies

Longevity by Rolf Margenau 100 copies

Alongside The Darksome Street by J.J.Maxwell 50 copies

Homicide on the Run: a gripping crime thriller with a sinister twist (Detective Inspector Skelgill Investigates Ebook 12) by Bruce Beckham 100 copies

Dressing Stone: A Publish-Postmodern Picaresque by Scott Freero 100 copies

The Braille Killer by Daniel Kuhlney 100 copies

Jagged Ink (Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs #three) by Carrie Ann Ryan 100 copies

Ends February 18

Blood Echo (Burning Woman #2) by Christopher Rice 100 copies

A Killer’s Alibi (Philadelphia Authorized #three) by William L. Myers Jr. 100 copies

The (Half) Fact by Leddy Harper 100 copies

Loving Liberty Levine by Colin Falconer 100 copies

Brunch at Bittersweet Café (Supper Membership #2) by Carla Laureano 100 copies

Ain’t No Messiah (Tales of the Blessed and Damaged #1) by Mark Tullius 100 copies

Tabula Rasa (The Amber Group, #1) by Filip Forsberg 100 copies

Ends February 19

The Sixth Choir (The Willow Blue Trilogy #2) by M.J. Labrooy 100 copies

Ends February 20

Diondray’s Roundabout (Kammbia #three) by Marlon Hill 100 copies

Lords of the Black Sands by J. Edward Neill 100 copies

One thing (Wisteria #1) by Shelby Lamb 100 copies

Inside the Darkness (Wisteria E-book 2): A Darkish Fantasy Dystopian With Demons and Monsters – Mature Content material (Wisteria #2) by Shelby Lamb 100 copies

The Mild of Supremazia ((After)life Classes #1) by Alana (Siegel) Magazine 100 copies

Ends February 21

Primed for Revenge by Carolyn M. Bowen 100 copies

Damaged Justice (Justice Brothers #1) by Suzzane Halliday 100 copies

Good (Secret Collection Guide 2) by Emily Evans 100 copies

Kill Me Why?: Grey James Detective Homicide Thriller and Suspense (Chief Inspector Grey James #2) by Ritu Sethi 100 copies

Ends February 22

The Metronome ( The Counterpoint Trilogy #1) by D.R. Bell 100 copies

Please Disappear    byM.Okay. Shivakoti 100 copies

Cyber Countdown (James Jordan #1) by Terrance Flynn 100 copies

Seven Blades in Black (The Grave of Empires #1) by Sam Sykes 100 copies

Ends February 24

Trvgg the Dinosaur by Paula Louise Salvador 100 copies

Twisted Destiny: the Starting by C.G. Nguyen 100 copies

CeeGee’s Present by Pleasure H. Selak 100 copies

Reamde by Neal Stephenson 100 copies

Shaker by C.C. Prestel 100 copies

The Crowns Of Croswald (The Crowns of Croswald #1) by D.E. Night time 100 copies

By The Mud Range by Divya Tombran 100 copies

Time’s Up.: She’s Breaking the Ice. (First. E-book 1) by Craig Steele 100 copies

Coronary heart Of Mine (Colorado Hearts #three) by Caroline Fyffe 100 copies

The Spitfire Women by Soraya M. Lane 100 copies

The Shadow Agent (The Agent #three) by Daniel Judson 100 copies

Tumble (Dogwood Lane #1) by Adriana Locke 100 copies

Superbly Damaged Items (Sutter Lake, #1) by Catherine Cowles 100 copies

Ends February 26

Depraved Night time: A Warrior’s Promise Collection by Evi Rhodes 100 copies

The Keeper by T.F. Allen 100 copies

Apprehension (Jayce & Sabrina #1) by Okay.D. Clark 100 copies

Ends February 27

Samsara: Wolf Howling by Brian Van Brunt 100 copies

Ends February 28

The Cameron Ladies by Susan Lovell 50 copies

Thomas Wildus and The Guide of Sorrows by J.M. Bergen 100 copies

A Boy and His Canine on the Finish of the World by C.A. Fletcher 100 copies

The Good Youngster by Lucinda Berry 100 copies

What The Wind Is aware of by Amy Harmon 100 copies

The Fever King (Feverwake #1) by Victoria Lee 100 copies

The place the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah 100 copies

The Shade by Thomas Blanks 100 copies

The River of Cattle (The Will & Buck Collection E-book 1) by Alice V. Brock 100 copies

Animal Killer by B. Lee Baker 100 copies

The Firm Of Demons by Michael Jordan

The Gray Ones (The Path of the Maiden, #1) by Yvonne J. Smit 100 copies

The Path Divided (Risking Publicity E-book 2) by Jeanne Moran 100 copies

Omega by by Elizabeth Hudson 100 copies

The Forgiving Jar (The Prayer Jars #2) by Wanda E. Brunstetter 100 copies

Women of Intrigue: three Tales of 19th-Century Romance with a Sprint of Thriller by Michelle Griep 100 copies

Whereas the Duke Was Sleeping (The Rogue Information #1) by Sophie Jordan 100 copies

Convergence by Ginny L Yttrup 100 copies

The Ten Thousand Doorways of January by Alix E. Harrow 100 copies

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