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Defending Julian Assange, defending the truth

Defending Julian Assange, defending the truth

By Robert J. Burrowes

On 11 April 2019, WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange was dragged from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London by UK police and arrested for breaching a bail situation. See ‘Arrest update – SW1’. Upon arrival at a London police station, Julian was ‘additional arrested’ on behalf of the USA authorities to satisfy an extradition warrant underneath Part 73 of the UK Extradition Act. See ‘UPDATE: Arrest of Julian Assange’.

Following a quick courtroom listening to during which the extraordinary prejudice of the district decide was on clear show – see ‘Chelsea and Julian Are in Jail. Historical past Trembles’– Julian is now imprisoned in south London’s most security Belmarsh Jail. He will appear in custody at Westminster Magistrates’ Courtroom for a preliminary extradition hearing on 2 Might and the US must produce its case for requesting Julian’s extradition from the UK by 12 June however, as Nicholas Weaver stories, Julian might be in UK custody for years as the extradition is contested in courtroom. See ‘The Wikileaks Case Is Simply Starting’.

Previous to his arrest, Julian had been dwelling within the Ecuadorian Embassy since 2012, having been granted citizenship of Ecuador and asylum by that country because many individuals have been nicely conscious of the danger he confronted if he was tried in a kangaroo courtroom in america. This asylum, to which Julian was entitled underneath long-standing provisions of worldwide regulation, had been granted by earlier Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, who clearly understood this regulation (and the moral rules on which it’s based mostly).

Because of his current arrest nevertheless, Julian is underneath menace of extradition to america so that he can face felony prosecution/persecution – see the US indictment of Julian Assangeor ‘Read the Julian Assange indictment’– for his position in exposing the truth about US struggle crimes in Afghanistan (the Afghan Warfare Diary) and Iraq (the Iraq Conflict Logs), as did The Guardianand The New York Occasions, by publishing leaked proof of those crimes – together with the ‘Collateral Murder’video – in addition to publishing proof of widespread authorities corruption on the WikiLeakswebsite. It was this menace of persecution by US authorities that led Julian to hunt asylum within the Ecuadorian Embassy in the first place.

Nevertheless, because the election in Ecuador on 24 Might 2017 of the legal and cowardly president Lenín Moreno, Julian’s asylum has been beneath menace and the circumstances of his stay in the Embassy have rapidly deteriorated. It’s because Moreno has been anxious to divert public consideration from the highlight of corruption presently shining instantly on him – see ‘Ecuador National Meeting to Begin Corruption Probe of Moreno’– and to safe the loans provided as bribes by US officers while capitulating to US government strain to illegally terminate Julian’s political asylum. See‘Ecuador Bowed to US Strain, Violated Regulation – Assange’s Affiliate’and ‘WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Arrested, Activists Rally to Cease US Extradition’.

In fact, the felony and cowardly nature of Moreno’s action is highlighted by the fact that the choice of the Ecuadorian authorities to terminate Julian’s asylum was executed in violation of article 79 of Ecuador’s constitution which forbids extradition of its personal residents. See ‘Republic of Ecuador Constitution of 2008’. As Moreno’s predecessor, Rafael Correa noted merely in one Facebook publish: ‘Moreno is a corrupt man’. See ‘Fb Removes Page of Ecuador’s Former President on Similar Day as Assange’s Arrest’.

Sadly, as further evidence of its perform as an elite agent, fairly than facilitating free speech, Fb promptly ‘unpublished’ Correa’s Facebook web page. Clearly, Moreno’s corruption just isn’t a topic that Facebook needs advertised. See ‘Fb Removes Web page of Ecuador’s Former President on Similar Day as Assange’s Arrest’. Still, it ought to be identified, Twitter’s perform as an elite agent is not any totally different. See ‘Twitter Restricts Account of Julian Assange’s Mom’.

Naturally enough, despite elite efforts to regulate the narrative, many individuals and organizations all over the world have been outraged on the remedy of Julian (in addition to other truthful journalists and whistleblowers reminiscent of Chelsea Manning, who has just lately been imprisoned but once more, and Edward Snowden) who act courageously on the idea that the public has a proper to know concerning the criminality of their governments as well as to know the truth usually.

As long ago as 5 February 2016, the Workplace of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) at the United Nations issued a press release through which they ‘referred to as on the Swedish and British authorities to end Mr. Assange’s deprivation of liberty, respect his bodily integrity and freedom of motion, and afford him the suitable to compensation’ noting that its opinions are ‘legally-binding to the extent that they are based mostly on binding worldwide human rights regulation, such as the Worldwide Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)’. See ‘Julian Assange arbitrarily detained by Sweden and the UK, UN skilled panel finds’.

Moreover, in current days, UN officers have spoken brazenly of their critical concern if Julian’s asylum was illegally revoked. See ‘UN professional on privateness plans to visit Julian Assange’ and ‘Two UN Rapporteurs Are Involved About Julian Assanges’ State of affairs’.

A crowd of Julian Assange supporters outdoors the Embassy of Ecuador in London in 2013 (Photograph: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

And only recently, on 11 April 2019, the American Civil Liberties Union issued its response to Julian’s arrest, noting that ‘Criminally prosecuting a writer for the publication of truthful info can be a first in American historical past, and unconstitutional.’ The report added that ‘Any prosecution by america of Mr. Assange for Wikileaks’ publishing operations can be unprecedented and unconstitutional, and would open the door to legal investigations of different information organizations. Moreover, prosecuting a overseas writer for violating U.S. secrecy laws would set an especially dangerous precedent for U.S. journalists, who routinely violate overseas secrecy laws to ship info very important to the public’s interest.’ See ‘ACLU Comment on Julian Assange Arrest’.

So once extradited, would Julian have any probability of defending himself with the truth? As US lawyer Bill Simpich explains, Julian shall be prevented from presenting the important parts of his defense because ‘The [US] authorities doesn’t need a truthful struggle. In a good battle, the federal government will lose.’ See ‘The Julian Assange Case: Revealing Conflict Crimes Is Not a Crime’.

More bluntly, Jonathan Turley factors out:

‘[T]he Justice Department is more likely to transfer aggressively to strip Assange of his core defenses. By means of what known as a movement in limine, the federal government will ask the courtroom to declare that the disclosure of intelligence controversies is immaterial. This would go away Assange with only the power to challenge whether he helped with passwords and little or no alternative to current evidence of his motivations or the menace to privateness.

‘The key to prosecuting Assange has all the time been to punish him with out again embarrassing the powerful figures made mockeries by his disclosures. Meaning to keep him from discussing how the U.S. government hid assaults and large civilian losses, the type of disclosures that have been made in the well-known Pentagon Papers case. He can’t talk about how Democratic and Republican members both have been complicit or incompetent of their oversight. He can’t talk about how the public was lied to about this system.’ See ‘Julian Assange Will Be Punished for Embarrassing the DC Establishment’.

Hence, while the Ecuadorian, British and US governments are flagrantly violating the regulation in persecuting Julian, it’s being left to people and civil society organizations to defend him and lots of are mobilizing to take action already.

In consequence, individuals have signed petitions – see ‘Don’t extradite Assange!’and ‘Block Extradition & Prosecution of Julian Assange for First Amendment-Protected Journalism’– some have participated in demonstrations at UK embassies and consulates around the globe – see, for instance, ‘Protesters Name on UK to #FreeAssange Outdoors British Embassy in DC’– and others have engaged in other acts of solidarity as prompt, for example, by Julian’s mother Christine or on the web site ‘Defend WikiLeaks’and on this article: ‘Julian Assange Arrested, Take Motion Now’.

Given the significance of defending our access to correct information about our world, slightly than the propaganda marketed as ‘information’ by the company media, it is value reflecting on how greatest we will do this and, in doing so, defend individuals like Julian and Chelsea (who play such an important position in giving us entry to the reality particularly contexts) on the similar time.

Hence, due to my own longstanding curiosity in creating thoughtfully-designed nonviolent methods in our wrestle to make our world considered one of peace, justice and ecological sustainability, let me recommend a strategic means ahead that may honor the braveness of Julian and Chelsea by maximizing the impression of their truth-telling on the longer-term struggles simply mentioned whereas additionally taking separate action to offer some further strain to assist them within the brief and medium terms.

With a purpose to design this strategy properly, allow us to first analyze the difficulty of why those who inform the truth are persecuted. If we don’t perceive, exactly, why this occurs, we can’t respond powerfully.

Accurate Strategic Analysis Will depend on Understanding the Fact

If we’re to know, precisely, the context and structural dimensions of a battle (that is, the ‘massive image’ through which it is contained) in order that we will determine and analyze the underlying drivers of the battle as a way to develop a coherent strategy to deal with these drivers, then the very first prerequisite is that we have now truthful info. With out this truthful info, activists have zero prospect of accurately understanding and analyzing what is occurring on the planet (reminiscent of in relation to conflict and the climate disaster, for instance).

Because the worldwide elite is very aware of the significance of the truth, it goes to monumental effort to make it troublesome, if not unattainable, to entry the reality, notably in certain essential contexts. And there are some basic historical examples, amongst many others, the place not figuring out the truth has allowed elites to inflict monumental atrocities in our identify whereas crippling efforts to strategically mobilize opposition to those atrocities.

The obvious examples of this phenomenon embrace ‘false flag’ assaults comparable to those carried out by US authorities and their allies on 9/11 as the prelude to launching their ‘conflict on terror’ which has prompted immeasurable injury to, if not nearly destroyed, whole nations across west Asia and north Africa. If the reality about those behind the 9/11 attacks had been instantly out there, relatively than nonetheless ‘dribbling out’  almost 20 years later, then it will have been far easier to mobilize resistance to the US-led wars on other nations and to marketing campaign, strategically, for the profound modifications wanted to make sure that our world is spared the scourge of such atrocities in future. To access the definitive account of the overwhelming proof in relation to 9/11 as a false flag attack, see 9/11 Unmasked: An International Evaluation Panel Investigationwhich is reviewed in ‘The Fakest Pretend Information: The U.S. Authorities’s 9/11 Conspiracy Principle’. For an extended but incomplete listing of false flag attacks, see ‘The Ever-Growing Record of ADMITTED False Flag Attacks’.

So if we ask the question ‘Who performed the first position in deceiving us about 9/11 and molding the desired public response?’, the answer is that it was some key authorities, company, army and bureaucratic spokespeople and, notably, the corporate media projecting the words of those official spokespeople far and large. But when we ask the question ‘Who was controlling these spokespeople and the corporate media?’ the answer is ‘the global elite’.

It’s because a main perform of the global elite, which it has lengthy understood, is to create (using individuals employed inside its assume tanks in addition to compliant teachers) and keep (by means of schooling techniques, the entertainment business and the company media) the dominant narrative in society in order that the knowledge obtainable to the general public is the knowledge that the elite needs to form public notion in favor of elite pursuits, similar to perpetual warfare and continual over-consumption, which guarantee perpetuation of elite power, profit and privilege.

Therefore, as you possibly can see, individuals like Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning and organizations like WikiLeaksrepresent a elementary menace to elite power, revenue and privilege precisely because their truth-telling functionally undermines the elite narrative, for instance, that our ‘enemy’ is a bunch of terrorists somewhere somewhat than the global elite itself.

Whereas the false flag examples provided above spotlight how suppression of the truth disempowers activists and populations thus helping to attenuate any efficient mobilization in response, there are additionally an ideal many examples where the truth was crucial to informing and serving to to mobilize activists to resist injustice, in a single type or another. For example, Kevin Zeese fantastically illustrates the crucial significance of WikiLeaks in facilitating consciousness of the reality through the uprisings in 2011 throughout north Africa and west Asia. See ‘Julian Assange: At the Forefront of 21st Century Journalism’.

In essence then, it’s individuals like Julian and Chelsea, slightly than the sycophantic editors, reporters and journalists working for the corporate media, who give us the knowledge we have to know so that we will better perceive how our dysfunctional and violent world works and marketing campaign effectively to vary it.

And so they are enemies of the elite who have to be silenced and discredited, legally or in any other case.

If you need to learn other accounts by individuals who astutely warn us of the deeper implications of what’s occurring to Julian, see the current articles by Chris Hedges ‘The Martyrdom of Julian Assange’and John Pilger ‘The Assange Arrest Is a Warning from Historical past’.

So what can we do?

Nicely, I consider we honor individuals like Julian and Chelsea through the use of the truths they divulge to us to develop and implement thoughtfully-designed nonviolent methods to make our world one among peace, justice and ecological sustainability. For this reason they danger paying (and at the moment are paying) such a high personal worth to get us the truth that must inform these struggles. But we will also help courageous individuals like Julian and Chelsea within the short-term too. So let me additionally add to the strategies made by others mentioned above.

If we are to take advantage of use of the reality that Julian and Chelsea have risked (and paid) a lot to get to us, then we should campaign strategically. By doing this, as I simply talked about, we really honor their efforts and sacrifice. So, for example, if you want to campaign to finish the elite’s wars and destruction of our climate from which it income so enormously, then think about doing it strategically. See Nonviolent Marketing campaign Technique. This website identifies, among different key parts of technique, the two strategic goals and the essential listing of strategic objectives crucial to realize these outcomes. See ‘Campaign Strategic Goals’.

Regardless of whether or not you’re eager on campaigning on this means, there’s a fifteen-year strategy for tackling all parts of our environmental disaster in ‘The Flame Tree Challenge to Save Life on Earth’.

If you need to deal with the issue at its core, think about making ‘My Promise to Youngsters’in order that your youngsters develop up with the conscience and courage of Julian and Chelsea. Sadly, people of their conscience and braveness are extremely rare in our world: not a strong place to start out in tackling a worldwide elite that’s completely insane.

‘Insane?’ you may ask. Keep in mind this: the global elite and lots of of its political, company, bureaucratic, army and educational agents, spend their time planning and implementing methods to kill individuals (using army violence and economic exploitation) to make a profit. Do you actually consider that that is one thing that a sane individual would spend their time doing? I do know you’ve got been inundated with propaganda all through your life to make you accept (or ignore) the violence in our world without query but pause and ponder it now: is it actually sane? Are we not succesful, as a species, of organizing our world to realize peace, justice and ecological sustainability? See ‘The International Elite is Insane Revisited’with much more element in ‘Why Violence?’and ‘Fearless Psychology and Fearful Psychology: Rules and Follow’.

Furthermore, individuals who aren’t extremely psychologically damaged do not manipulate elite institutions – such because the authorized system: see ‘The Rule of Regulation: Unjust and Violent’– to persecute highly effective individuals like Julian and Chelsea. The conscience and braveness of Julian and Chelsea are readily acknowledged by those that usually are not psychologically broken: they are qualities of outstanding people whom we should always honor.

If you need to hitch the worldwide motion to finish all violence, you’re welcome to sign the web pledge of ‘The Individuals’s Constitution to Create a Nonviolent World’.

However we do not have to confine our acts of solidarity with Julian and Chelsea to these relating to strategies for profound change or the others talked about above both. If you wish to act powerfully in their help, contemplate the next 5 choices as properly and do as many as you possibly can:

1. Boycott The Guardianand The New York Occasions(as a result of they have been two of the original retailers that revealed materials sourced from WikiLeaks but now hypocritically interact within the persecution of Julian and Chelsea). And recommend to others that additionally they boycott these media retailers.

2. Boycott all media retailers (anyplace on the earth) that advocate or help the arrest, trial and/or imprisonment of Julian and/or Chelsea. And recommend to others that they boycott these media retailers too. If you would like the reality about our world, get it from news retailers like the one you’re reading now.

3. Boycott Facebook. And recommend to others that they boycott this medium too.

4. Boycott Twitter. And recommend to others that they boycott this medium too.

5. Write letters of solidarity to Julian and Chelsea. Inform them what you’re doing to make greatest use of the truths they have revealed.

Given elite management of all political, financial, business, legal, social and media institutions of any consequence in our world, it won’t be straightforward to liberate Julian (and, perhaps, even Chelsea) in the brief term. UK and US elites might even conspire to secretly put Julian on a rendition flight to the US or simply be content material with a protracted legal wrestle which distracts many people from the issues that Julian and Chelsea so courageously put in the highlight.For that purpose, whereas we wrestle to liberate them we will also wrestle to liberate the vast variety of different people who endure the elite’s army violence and economic exploitation so that the efforts of Julian and Chelsea aren’t in useless.

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