How To Choose The Right Insulated Bag: Practical Advice

insulated cooler bags

A large number of useful and practical things have been created for the convenience and comfort of a person in various situations. Among such products are insulated cooler bags, which have become extremely popular and are not going to give up their positions. However, to take full advantage of such things, you must be able to choose the right model and generally understand what it is and why it is needed.

When purchasing insulated cooler bags, you need to pay attention to many parameters at once. Therefore, we prepared 10 tips for those who decided to purchase such products. 

First advice. Suitable purpose of the thermal bag

This is the most important criterion since it determines what exactly can be placed inside the container. For example, models for baby food are not very convenient for storing bottles of drinks in them, simply because their shape and internal structure are designed for other tasks.

Second advice. Cooling bag capacity

It is the spaciousness that decides how much food and water you can take with you. If a bag is most often needed for walking to the beach for one or two, then a model with soft walls for 14-17 liters is quite enough – a snack and a bottle of water can easily fit inside also there are other models available in insulated cooler lunch gas especially designed for often use. 

Third advice. Thermal insulation value

The thicker the layer that prevents heat transfer, the longer the temperature of the internal contents will remain as desired by the user. It is for this reason that between two bags, preference should be given to the one where the walls are thicker. It should be noted that even a couple of extra millimeters can add an hour or two to the time the temperature is maintained.

Fourth advice. Insulating layer material

Most often, insulation is made of polyurethane foam to prevent thermal exchange. It is an excellent material with good thermal insulation properties, which guarantees the user cool drinks or hot meals even a few hours after they are placed in an insulated bag. Many manufacturers additionally use aluminum foil. Bags with such a composition of insulation are even more preferable since their temperature retention rates are higher.

Fifth advice. Interior decoration

If the inside of the thermal bag is trimmed with polyethylene, even very durable, it is a product of poor quality. In such a container, food will lose its freshness extremely quickly. The best interior finish is considered to be polyvinyl chloride with light-reflecting properties, which guarantees the storage of products without compromising their quality for up to 12 hours without a temperature battery.

Sixth tip. Outer casing of an isothermal product

For the outer part, synthetic fabric is usually used, which is easily cleaned of dirt, does not get wet, and resists mechanical damage. It can be polyester, PVC, or nylon. Among the huge assortment, you can also find a leather or suede model, but they are not so practical, although they have a more attractive appearance.

Seventh advice. Construction type

Thermal bags can be with soft or hard walls. Not only their cost depends on this, but also the convenience of use. For example, beverage bottles do not need to be stored upright or protected from impact. And when it comes to drugs, their integrity is extremely important, and it is better to give preference to a solid-walled container.

Eighth advice. Thermal bag functionality

Many models can be supplemented with various accessories. They will make the use of the product comfortable and practical. For example, it can be:

  • Small rollers and shoulder straps for comfortable movement of the bag;
  • Built-in locks to protect content;
  • Handles for easy transportation;
  • Special dishes included for long-term storage of food;
  • Accumulators of heat and cold to prolong the preservation of the desired temperature regime.

Ninth advice. Availability of documents for the product

Good thermal bags are accompanied by quality certificates certifying that the products meet the required standards. Also, a thermos bag from a reliable developer always has an official guarantee. For this reason, it is worth paying attention to the availability of documents for the purchased product.

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