Are CBD Vape Oil and CBD Oil the Same? Nope!

Are CBD Vape Oil and CBD Oil the Same

Taking CBD through CBD vaping is the most effective way that has a much greater impact. But you must buy a specific CBD vape oil if you go this route as you cannot just vape a CBD oil. 

In this post we will go over the differences: 

You can determine the effectiveness of CBD by the format you administer it. The fastest and the most effective way of taking CBD is vaping. This is because the highest concentration of CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream at the quickest rate. If you take CBD via any CBD oil for sale it takes a bit longer to take effect and less of the CBD is absorbed. This is because, since it is ingested, the CBD has to pass through your digestive system before it is absorbed. However, in comparison to other edible formats, CBD oil is the most effective as it is more concentrated (not mixed with other ingredients) and some of the CBD is absorbed before you swallow. 

The onset time of the CBD may determine how you choose to take it. For example, if you take CBD to counteract a symptom or condition then you will need the CBD to work quickly which is why you might go with vaping.

Where some people get confused. If you decide to vape, you cannot just use any old CBD oil for sale. You must choose a specific CBD vape oil. Normal CBD oils have MCT oil or another carrier oil mixed in with it which if used to vape would break your vaping device. Even thinner CBD e liquids are mixed with specific carrier agents that can be safely vaped. 

A CBD vape oil however is much more viscous than normal CBD oil or a CBD e liquid (also designed for vaping). It is CBD in its purest form being just hemp extract mixed with natural terpenes for flavour. This means CBD vape oil tends to be much stronger than a CBD oil as it is much more concentrated. Plus the format means a higher amount is processed and used by the body. 

If you are not sure which is best for you go with a brand that has both like Paso. Then you can see which you prefer between the delivery formats. Of course, taking CBD as an oil via your mouth is the healthiest format, but if you need it to work faster then go with a CBD vape oil as this is the healthiest option within the vaping category. 

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