Budget Tips: The Best Living Room Curtains for Every Budget and Style

Best Living Room Curtains

Your living room is a reflection of your personality, taste, and fashion sense. By just the sight of it, your guests can easily conclude what you do and what you love. Besides that, it also plays an important role in creating a relaxing and vibrant environment where you and your friends can bond comfortably. If you are not satisfied by the looks of your living room, might as well do something about it. You can’t stay there forever knowing that it can no longer set the right tone for your home’s style and your personal tastes. Are you looking for the easiest, quickest, and cheapest way to makeover the place?

The majority of homeowners usually buy new pieces of furniture with the hopes of making the living room look better. However, this option entails a large sum of money. For others, they decide to change the color of the walls because of its great transformational impact. The downside of this is that it is too time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. How about you utilize window treatments, such as roman shades and classic curtains to reimagine the space? It is considered an instant solution since it is affordable and easy to install. Don’t underestimate its power because it can increase the visual interest in the space and at the same time it can better express personal style while providing privacy for your family. Are you now convinced that living room curtains are must-haves? If yes, then check out the window treatments below best for every budget and style.

  • Luxe Luster curtain panels

This luxe luster curtain panel is made of thick fabric with a high-sheen finish for ultimate aesthetics. It is 60% cotton and 40% viscose in Pewter. It is an instant window treatment for your living room but it can also be used in your bedroom and other parts of the house. It is best to place in spaces that receive too much sunlight. It is because its fabric is opaque which can block most light and helps insulate windows. You can never go wrong with its weighty drapes and smokey tone that can exude drama. You can purchase it for $129 but it can be as low as $40 during sales season.

  • Textured roman shades

If you think heavy drapes are not for you, you might want to consider these textured roman shades that can make your window frames more interesting. It is made out of natural materials making it ecologically friendly. Don’t worry because it can provide the same privacy and cover that you expect from the classic curtains and blinds. The only difference is that it is shorter in length and can provide more warmth and dimension in your living room. You can have it for only $54.99. 

  • Pompom curtain in a pear

The pompom curtain in pear is beautifully crafted from soft woven cotton composed of its playful pom-poms on the side. It is perfect for houses with a bohemian-themed interior design. Aside from that, it can make your living room more fun to bond and watch TV together with your friends because of its cheerful color and more vibrant tone. Get this curtain now for $69.

  • Vertical stripe curtain

Dress up your living room windows with this elegantly looking vertical stripe curtain. Its name was derived from its design wherein the white curtain is partnered with gray vertical stripes. It can make the light that is penetrating the living room flow gently because of its sheer fabric. To add to this, it can also add instant style into the room. You will not have any difficulties in hanging the curtain as it comes with a rod pocket and back tab. You will always enjoy seeing neat hanging and elegant pleats in your living room. Its price ranges from $24.99 to $34.99.

In a Nutshell

Decorating your windows in the living room can have beneficial impacts on your overall mood and mental health. They can add style and personality to space. You also have a wide range of options since curtains come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. From the listed curtains above, identify what suits the style of your room and fashion style. Once you are decided, you can head over to the nearest store to purchase one for your windows!

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