How to Choose the Best Dab Pen

Best Dab Pen

The market is currently flooded with a variety of dab pens. Brands are working day and night to come up with unique and interesting dab pens. This makes it very difficult when it comes to selecting the best dab pen for your dabbing experience. A dabbing experience is indeed determined by the kind of dab pen you choose.

Taking your time to select the best will do you good. But the big question is, how do you select the best out of the rest? We are here to help you understand the basics of a dab pen and how to get the best. Let’s get started;

What to Look For

Generally, a dab pen should be smooth, unconscious, and easy to use. But that is not enough to select a dab pen. What are other qualities to look for?

Long-Lasting Battery

This is the most delicate part of a dab pen when it comes to wearing out. For this reason, you will find most companies offering a warranty that covers the battery. Every vaper dreams of having a dab pen with a good battery. Talking of a good battery, we mean a battery that will give you several puffs before going dead. We recommend that you look for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries starting from 240mAh.

Have a Quality Airflow

Dabbing is supposed to be cool and smooth. It would be best if you never settled for anything less. A quality best dab pen allows increased airflow, produces more vapor, enhances cooler draws, and smooths down the throat. While checking for this, look at the mouthpiece’s shape and size.

Look at Style and Warranty

For style, choose the one with aesthetic features and a good design to offer you an excellent dabbing experience. A well-designed pen has a good charging status, power settings, a battery with long life.

We already mentioned that the battery is among the parts of a dab pen that wears out quickly. Getting a brand like Dr. Dabber and the rest offering a warranty on their products will give you the confidence to purchase their products. Always read the terms to understand what the warrant covers. In some brands, the warranty covers replacement and repair, while others will offer only one of them.

Check the Heating Mode

We have three main modes of heating; induction, convection, and conduction. Induction is a rare method that works through the use of magnetic fields. For conduction, the vaping materials are heated directly. This is a method that is loved by those who want instant vapor on pressing the button. Finally, we have convection; the vaping materials are heated indirectly. This method reduces the risk of wasting vaping materials and direct combustion.

Consider the Budget

In whatever you do, especially where the money is involved, a budget is important. Dab pens vary significantly depending on the brand and features. Some are extremely expensive, while others are cheap. Firstly, come up with a budget; this is just an estimated value of the amount you want to spend. Secondly, do market research comparing prices of dab pens from reputable companies like Dr. Dabber, CBDFx, CBDistillery, etc. The final step is to look for your desired specifications.

How to Hit a Dab Pen

After selecting your best dab pen, how do you hit it? Here is a step by step guide on how to hit your dab pen;

It would help if you had a paperclip or a dab tool. Ensure your battery is fully charged before beginning your dabbing experience. The first step is to turn the dab pen on and then remove the mouthpiece to expose it. 

Using a paperclip or dab tool, scoop your favorite concentrate. Place the concentrate slowly and carefully on the chamber to avoid breaking it with force. Put the mouthpiece and press the power button or firing button to heat the concentrate. Lastly, place your mouth over the mouthpiece to take deep hits.

After your dabbing session, note that it is important always to keep your dab pen clean. Make sure there are no clogs, and your battery is always fully-charged before dabbing. To clean your dab pen is easy since it is a small device. It is easy to dismantle and reassemble the parts. When cleaning, disassemble all the parts. Remove all the residues from the chamber and brush off dry particles. Now use water to clean it up and then dry it before reassembling the parts together. You are good to go again.

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