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Australian Survivor 2019 Episode 23 Recap : Inside Survivor

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Tonight, we witnessed a gorgeous send off to one among Survivor’s biggest characters and gameplayers. There have been no blindsides, no surprises, no idols, no twists, and by the top of it, there were no dry eyes in sight. This episode made no secret of the end result and as an alternative prioritised giving one in every of its most beloved characters the respect they deserved and an exit match for a king.

Australian Survivor has been wonderful at giving the contestants (those they like at the least) a narrative that they take together with them and build upon throughout their time on the season. Luke represents the on a regular basis great Aussie battler from the suburbs that so many viewers can relate to. Everyone knows anyone like Luke. There isn’t a filter with Luke; he can’t assist but be anybody else than himself. Throughout his first season, it was straightforward to guage him based mostly off of the questionable tattoos and loud and cocky persona, however beneath it all is an intelligent man with a coronary heart of gold. 

Tonight’s episode could be greatest cut up into two elements. The first being the heartbreaking finish of Luke Toki’s superb story and the second being the establishing of the final three contestants heading into the finale.

Tugging at the Heartstrings

Luke was red-hot from last episode’s Tribal Council. The followers on social media praised Luke for his strategic brilliance, and Jonathan labelled the previous Tribal as the most effective of the season. With a charismatic social recreation, a strategic resume, four Immunity wins, and an emotional backstory, Luke was an impenetrable drive if he have been to make it to the Last 2. As such, he stood out as the most important menace in the recreation, and Harry was the primary driving drive behind his exit, finally being the one to stop Luke from profitable a record-breaking fifth particular person Immunity. When Luke lost the extreme Immunity problem, the writing was on the wall, until he managed to get himself into a fire-making tiebreak challenge—something that proved to be an unbelievable feat.

For as simple as the episode ended up being, it was enveloped in so much emotion that every moment felt vital. The challenge felt do-or-die and weighted. Luke’s emotional conversations with Baden and Pia and tear-provoking confessionals felt so profound. Each moment the King of the Jungle was on-screen felt like there was so much on the line. So many contestants come into the sport feeling glad by even getting onto the present. Some will fall on their sword for what they assume is true, and some will lay down and take the game as a right. Nothing about Luke’s experience has ever been taken as a right, and that was superbly proven this episode. Even when he was at his lowest, he remained constructive and promised that he wouldn’t cease trying to find a approach to keep.

Tonight, the orchestral backing monitor went into overdrive to ship as much environment and emotion as attainable. Each time Luke spoke, he was met with an exquisite piano arrangement, and the music through the Immunity challenge highlighted that the main target was on Luke dropping greater than Harry profitable. Harry’s victory wasn’t met with a cheerful and cheerful music but as an alternative one that denoted nervousness and pressure. Because the digital camera targeted on Luke crouched on the sand gasping for air, the dissonant choir that performed in the background only intensified. Harry was, in fact, met with the devilish music that Network 10 makes use of for all their reality exhibits. Dirty Harry is the evil maniacal man who obtained in the best way of the “individuals’s champion” and his shot at profitable the game.

At Tribal, Luke laid his heart utterly naked. He went out on a limb and informed everyone that he was going to vote for Baden, leaving Pia as the swing vote to determine if he would go to fireside or not. Luke wasn’t pushy in his pitch or aggressive, he simply laid it out on the line and knew that Pia was sensible sufficient to make the decision that may be greatest for her. There was so much authenticity and keenness in what he was saying, and the emotion was palpable. You may see and really feel how a lot the game meant to him, which solely made you need to help him to succeed. There’s typically this unfavourable sentiment in Survivor toward anybody who preaches why they deserve to win and whose video games are dictated, not by their strategic acumen, however moderately by who they are on the surface world and what hardships they’ve gone by means of in life. 

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Luke’s edit has not been deprived of such a factor, with mentions of how a lot the money would change his family’s life and how troublesome it has been for him to go away behind his new child youngster who was recognized with cystic fibrosis. But, watching him doesn’t really feel such as you’re being emotionally guilt-tripped as a result of Luke all the time goals to channel his emotional hardships into his strategic gameplay. Luke has been unimaginable at utilizing his family to encourage him to play a stronger recreation. Each time his back was up towards the wall, he managed to remind himself why he was on the island and find a solution to keep protected. It’s an exquisite trait to see in a participant when so many occasions we’re victim to watching contestants play complacently or be glad with simply making the jury or household visit.

It’d appear to be I’m being overly dramatic to be eulogising Luke and his recreation the best way that I’m, but that’s only because the episode went out of its strategy to make his exit so damn heartbreaking! He cried just as much as he laughed and we, along with most of the contestants and jurors, cried and laughed together with him. Luke was greater than a competitor and somebody to beat. He was a beacon of light that made the Survivor expertise so much more pleasant for the contestants. As Pia stated during their dialog, she couldn’t have made it this far with out him. Pia had all the time stated that she was going to play together with her head and never her coronary heart, but that didn’t make her choice to finally vote Luke out any simpler.

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With that out of the best way, the rest of the episode was pretty much dedicated to establishing each contestant’s stories heading into the final episode tomorrow night time. So, let’s get into where each of them stands.

Hanging by a Thread

At present learning his PhD on the physics of the ionosphere, Baden has the entire world forward of him. After initially struggling together with his confidence and being a goal early on for being a perceived bodily legal responsibility, Baden has grown into his own pores and skin before our very eyes and shown everybody that he has a lot more to offer than his intelligence and quirky tendencies. His recreation heading into the finale is hanging on by a thread as he is the perceived goat. As Harry places it, Baden is the perfect quantity two as he hasn’t carried out anything to excel socially or strategically. Apparently, Harry doesn’t utterly discredit Baden’s recreation but says that if he has been enjoying the sport arduous, he hasn’t achieved a superb job at making anyone aware of it. As Aubry Bracco once put it, there isn’t any level pulling the strings in case you are backstage the place no-one can see you. 

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Baden had a extra optimistic view of his recreation and informed us that his capacity to create relationships stored him in the loop and is what acquired him to the ultimate four. Baden had a robust friendship with Luke, and now that he is within the jury, will probably be fascinating to see if he will vouch for him and give him some extra credibility among the jurors. Additionally it is necessary to recollect how articulate, intelligent, and charismatic Baden is. He might do some major injury together with his ultimate tribal council speech.

Slicing the String

Pia is an actress who has had a profitable profession. Her story revolves round eager to be a task mannequin for her youngsters. Nicknamed the “smiling assassin,” Pia is described as a terrific actress, an astute reader of the game and the strategic mastermind behind the Champions alliance. Despite being meek and beneath the radar, she has not been invisible sufficient to the point that she gained’t be given credit score for the strikes that she has made. It seems that everybody is totally aware of her influence over Janine and the Champions strategically. Pia was also not shy this episode to tell us that she believed she had the sport to beat Harry in the long run. An enormous call given how a lot of a flashy participant and large character Harry has been all through the season. 

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Tonight, Pia had the scissors in her palms and determined the minimize the string to Luke’s recreation. If there were any doubts that she was enjoying together with her head and not her coronary heart, then this episode certainly crushed them. Admittedly, Pia’s largest weapon within the recreation is her relationship with Janine. Janine has been Pia’s largest cheerleader and will little question proceed to push for her victory within the jury if she have been to make it to the Last 2. At the beginning of the season, Pia stated that she all the time believed that she would either be voted out first or make all of it the best way to the top and win. Now that she is on the Remaining 3, we’ll see if that prophecy comes true.

Pulling the Strings

Harry is the Survivor superfan who performed his greatest recreation earlier than the merge. Having initially been on the profitable tribe earlier than the swap, Harry discovered himself falling victim to one of the many swings of momentum in the recreation. It was when his back was towards the wall in the course of the tribe swap did he handle to play his most crafty and ruthless recreation. Though, it’s essential to notice that Harry’s recreation was saved by Ross’ medical evacuation, as he was the sure-fire target heading into that Tribal Council had Ross not been evacuated.

Dirty Harry, the God-Killer, the King-Killer, whatever you need to call him (just call him Harry) you’ll be able to’t deny that Harry has been one of many larger characters this season and a advertising government’s moist dream. Although he didn’t should do a lot convincing to vote Luke out tonight, the episode and the plan to eliminate Luke was framed from his perspective. His capability to win Immunity in an effort to lastly make Luke weak at Tribal was one thing credit to him. He gained Immunity when he wanted it probably the most. 

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With clichés popping out of his mouth left, proper and centre, Harry has been a participant that has had one of the greater roller-coaster rides within the recreation. He managed to seek out several immunity idols when he was on the underside of his swap tribe and lied about having a kid and managed to stroll away from it scot-free and with the nickname Dirty Harry! His journey has been insane, and the fact that he has made it to the Ultimate three is a testomony to his recreation. The one thing I consider is holding Harry again is the truth that he performed his greatest recreation pre-merge. Because the merge, Harry has virtually pale into the background. If he have been to make it to the Remaining 2, it might be fascinating to see how the jury reacts to him.

All of it comes to a head tomorrow night time. Who will win? Baden, Pia, or Harry? Tell us your ideas under!