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5 Productivity Killing Habits (and How to Fix Them) –

productivity killing habits

Determine those habits which might be killing your productivity and remove them.

Being productive signifies that you get extra of the fitting issues completed within the least period of time. We all want this.

Nonetheless, typically we do issues within the identify of productivity which are actually making us much less productive. And to make matters worse, plenty of this stuff are achieved on automated. That is, they’re habits. To be extra particular, they’re productivity killing habits.

In this publish I’m going to share with you 5 of probably the most insidious and harmful of those productiveness killing habits, as well as a technique for breaking every of them.

1. Checking Your E-mail Always

Checking your e-mail always all through the day, which is one thing that a whole lot of us are guilty of, is a productivity killing behavior for several reasons.

onehouradayformula banner longFirst, checking your e-mail when you’re engaged on something else is usually referred to as multitasking, Nevertheless, Earl Miller, a neuroscientist at MIT and one of many world specialists on divided consideration, explains that our brains are simply not wired to multitask nicely. He says the next:

“When individuals assume they’re multitasking, they’re truly simply switching from one process to a different very quickly. And every time they do, there’s a cognitive value in doing so.”

As well as, multitasking will increase the stress hormone cortisol, in addition to the fight-or-flight hormone adrenaline. This overstimulates your mind and causes psychological fog and cloudy considering.

And there are even more damaging effects to interrupting your work in an effort to examine your e mail. When you’ve checked your e-mail, you must make all types of selections, akin to the following:

  • Do you have to reply that e mail from a shopper? Or do you have to mark it as “unread” and reply it later?
  • In the event you determine to reply, what do you have to say?
  • Are there a number of emails it is best to simply delete?
  • Because you’ve opened your inbox, do you have to send out a couple of emails of your personal?

Making selections, even small ones, decreases the amount of glucose that’s out there in your mind. Because of this, your potential to focus diminishes, which makes you extra vulnerable to other distractions.

To make issues worse, each time that you simply examine your e-mail you get a bit hit of the feel-good hormone dopamine. Which means you’re rewarding your brain for dropping focus and looking for novelty.  And the extra you reward one thing, the more probably it is to proceed to occur.

And let’s not even go into what happens in case you get an e mail that irritates or annoys you. That may undoubtedly have a damaging influence in your capability to focus on the report you have been alleged to be engaged on in the first place.

productivity killing habits

The right way to Repair It

The best way to cease checking your e mail nonstop all through the day–like a mouse hitting a lever that releases food pellets– is by scheduling your e mail time. There are a number of methods to do that:

  • First, have time blocks all through the day for targeted work once you completely won’t verify your e mail.
  • Second, go cold turkey and determine on one or two occasions in the course of the day whenever you’ll verify your e mail. For instance, you might verify your e-mail at 10:00 am and at 5:00 pm. Then, verify your e-mail solely at those occasions.
  • Third, steadily decrease how typically you verify your e mail. As an illustration, for those who at present examine your e-mail once every fifteen minutes, begin checking it once every half-an-hour. Then, once every hour. After that, once each two hours. Proceed in this method till you’ve reached a frequency that works properly for you.

2. Creating Lengthy To-Do Lists

The subsequent behavior on this record of productivity killing habits is creating by no means ending to do lists.

People are likely to assume that their future selves will probably be very totally different from their present selves. This is so even when that future self is just twelve hours into the longer term. Perhaps at present you only managed to get seven issues executed in your complete day, but tomorrow. . . tomorrow might be totally different. Tomorrow you’ll be capable of cross 20 gadgets off your to do listing.

That wishful considering is what has us always creating extraordinarily lengthy to-do lists. But the identical factor occurs day after day: we by no means handle to get by way of that overly optimistic to-do listing. This makes us feel burdened and overwhelmed, that are emotions that aren’t conducive to remaining productive.

My nephew has a t-shirt that claims: “All the time be your self. Until you could be Batman. In that case, be Batman.” All of us need to return to terms with the fact that we’ll by no means be Batman, Superman, Marvel Lady, or another superhero for that matter. Which suggests we have to stop creating superhuman to-do lists.

productivity killing habits

The right way to Fix It

The solution that I’ve provide you with for finally eliminating the mile-long to-do lists I used to create for myself is something referred to as calendar blocking. That is, as an alternative of making a to-do listing, I take out my calendar, create time blocks, and write down what I’ll be doing during every time block.

Once I run out of time blocks, that’s it. Nothing else will get scheduled for that day. Why? Because there are not any more time blocks left over. See how that works?

three. Scheduling the Trivial Things First

Many of us take a look at what we need to do for the day and see one massive, bushy, troublesome (and essential) process, and four or 5 smaller ones. Then we tell ourselves that if we do the small stuff first, we get to knock four or five gadgets off our to-do record. That’s extra environment friendly than just finishing the one necessary process, right? Improper!

Scheduling the trivial issues first is among the productivity killing habits on this record for 2 causes. First, because you might have restricted willpower. And, second, as a result of you might have limited time.

As a way to concentrate and keep away from distractions, you want willpower. However willpower is sort of a muscle: it will get fatigued from overuse. Each time you employ somewhat bit of willpower—to cease your self from happening YouTube to observe animal movies or pop onto twitter to see what your mates are as much as—your capability to subdue your impulses lessens.

Right here’s willpower professional Roy Baumeister:

“The longer individuals have been awake, the extra self-control problems happen. Most issues go dangerous in the evening. Diets are damaged on the evening snack, not at breakfast or in the midst of the morning. Impulsive crimes are principally dedicated after midnight.”

productivity killing habits

This is likely one of the fundamental explanation why you need to do an important thing you have to get achieved every day first. That’s, when you’ve got probably the most willpower and are almost certainly to have the ability to concentrate on the duty at hand.

Also, should you do crucial factor first, you’ll be capable of say that you simply had a successful day. This is so even when you don’t have enough time to complete the other duties that you simply needed to get achieved that day.

The way to Repair It

Whenever you’re creating your schedule for the day, ask your self what your number one priority for the day is. Then, schedule that first. That method, you’ll deal with it when your willpower is at its peak.

In addition, even if the rest of your day doesn’t go as planned, at the least you’ll have gotten your most essential process for the day trip of the best way.

four. Working Nonstop Till You’re Executed

It might seem to make sense that the longer you’re employed, the more you will get completed. Using this logic, for those who begin working at eight:00 am and work nonstop till midday, you’ll have an incredibly productive morning. However this isn’t the case.

The best way to retain the very best degree of productiveness throughout the day is just not working longer but working smarter with well-timed breaks. It’s rather more effective to work for a short time period—many argue 52 minutes is the sweet spot—with a hundred percent focus, after which take a ten to fifteen minute break, than it’s to work for four unfocused hours nonstop.

Tips on how to Repair It

To cease the habit of working nonstop to exhaustion, set a timer for 52 minutes and focus utterly on the task at hand throughout that point. When the timer goes off, stop and take a short break.

Throughout your breaks you’ll be able to go outdoors and take a brief stroll; shut your eyes and meditate; and even do one thing playful like coloring or performing some origami.

productivity killing habits

5. The News Behavior (Insert Your Own Productiveness Killing Habit Here)

We all have that one habit that’s killing our productiveness, that perhaps other individuals don’t share. For me it’s checking the information always throughout the day. There’s a lot happening on the planet, and I can speak myself into believing that I’m not being unproductive, as a result of it’s necessary to know what’s occurring.

Right now, I can inform you—with an embarrassing quantity of detail–what’s happening within the US, Panama, Venezuela, Peru, Hong Kong, and Britain. And how does that assist me obtain my objectives? It doesn’t.

There’s nothing improper with checking the news a few occasions all through the day, however doing so always—like I do—is a terrible productiveness killing behavior. What’s the one factor that you end up doing always that’s killing your productiveness? How are you speaking your self into believing that what you’re doing is actually productive?

Listed here are some prospects:

  • Perhaps you’re continually logging on to social media, and you’ve convinced yourself that you simply’re building your model.
  • Maybe you’re enjoying video games greater than you need to, but you tell yourself that it’s necessary to have some downtime.
  • It could possibly be that you simply’re always chatting together with your coworkers, and you justify this to yourself by arguing that you simply’re creating good rapport and camaraderie together with your colleagues.

All the above is true: it’s a good suggestion to build your brand, have some downtime, and have an excellent relationship with the individuals you’re employed with. Nevertheless, none of this stuff should come on the expense of your productiveness.

How one can Fix It

My plan for controlling my information habit is to schedule once I can verify the information, in addition to restrict the amount of time that I spend reading, watching, and listening to the information.

You are able to do the same. Create particular time slots all through your day for happening social media, enjoying video games, and/or chatting with co-workers. Make it possible for the period of time that you simply give your self for each of these activities doesn’t intrude together with your capacity to get the really essential stuff completed.

productivity killing habits


Break the habits that I’ve listed above and watch how your productiveness skyrockets. Reside your greatest life by getting your productiveness killing habits beneath management.


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